Full Motion TV wall mount

10 Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Approximately 120 million families own a TV set, and the average time spent watching TV is about 5 hours daily. What’s a better way to improve your viewing experience other than getting the best full motion TV wall mount?

If you ever wonder how to achieve that tv built-in effect, you’ve got your answer! TV wall mount makes your tv appear like they’re part of your space’s architecture.

There are different types of TV Wall mounts including swivel tv wall mount, fixed wall mount, tilting wall mount, full-motion mount aka articulating tv mount, curved tv wall mount, tv wall mount with shelf; there are several mounts to select from.

Different wall mounts, serve different purposes. Although some are multifunctional. Want to enhance your TV’s aesthetic look? A full-motion mount will be an ideal option. With this mount, you can swivel, tilt, extend and retract your TV for the best visual experience.

This article reviews the best full motion TV wall mounts on the market. You also get a scoop on how to shop for a TV mount.

TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

Regardless of the type of screen, most wall mounts fit any flat-screen TV. There are factors to consider when buying a TV wall mount. They are:

Type of wall bracket

There are three major types of wall brackets: fixed wall mount, tilting TV wall mount, and articulating TV wall mount.

Fixed TV wall mount, commonly known as low profile TV wall mount, positions the mount closely to the wall, so it doesn’t extend.

While firmly fixed to the wall, tilting wall mount allows the screen to tilt up and down around angles 15 degrees. A tilting mount is better than a fixed bracket.

Articulating TV wall mounts allows a wide range of movement, from moving left to the right with tilting and swiveling. An example of an articulating wall mount is full motion TV mounts.

TV screen size

You need to determine your screen size before choosing a wall mount. If you’re uncertain, measure your TV screen diagonally from corner to corner.

Most importantly, consider the maximum supported weight and the available VESA patterns for the mount. Get a mount that can bear the weight of your TV.

Type of Wall

Lastly, you should consider the type of wall you’ll be mounting your TV on. Any wall bracket will fit well on a concrete wall, just make sure you have the correct fittings for the wall type.

Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount

1. AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating Wall Mount

AmazonBasics Full Motion TV Mount

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Optimize your TV viewing experience with this AmazonBasics Articulating Wall Mount.

The TV wall mount has lots of functionality- it tilts, extends, articulates, collapses and swivels.

Suitable for 32-inch to 80-inch flat-panel TVs, this mount has all that it’s needed for easy mounting.

Though it’s sturdy, the articulating wall mount is quite easy to install. Built from heavy-duty aluminum and powder-coated steel, the mount is made to last long, providing great support and strength.

The wall mount follows VESA standards, wherein TVs with mounting patterns will fit quite well.

Ensure you check the mounting interface on the back of the TV, TV weight, and wall stud location, to determine if the TV wall mount is compatible with your TV and wall location before making a purchase.


  • Can support up to 130 pounds
  • 15 degrees of Tilt for optimal viewing angle
  • Includes adapters and all the necessary mounting hardware

2. Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Mount for 26-55 Inch Flat Screen TV

Mounting Dream TV Mount

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If you’re looking for the best TV mount brand on the market, Mounting Dream ranks amongst the best brands.

While it extends 15.2″ from the wall for maximum flexibility, it retracts 3.1″ from the wall to save space.

With the +5°/-15° Tilt, +/-45° Swivel and +/-3° rotation adjustments, you can say goodbye to screen glare.

Installation becomes so easy with clear instruction and installation video, customer support, and universal hardware.

This full-motion TV wall mount fits TVs of 26-55 inch, which weighs less than 100 pounds.

Its unique 6-arm design makes it one of the sturdiest TV markets you can get for your television.

If you want to get a better view, you can swivel your TV with the articulating arms.


  • 6 articulating arms
  • Easy and sturdy installation
  • Available VESA patterns

3. Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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Designed for high performance and intended aesthetics, this Sanus full motion TV wall mount is a cutting-edge model that complements your TV, giving your home a modern look.

Featuring a high tensile steel frame that firmly holds the TV to the wall, this TV wall mount blends seamlessly with your home decor.

You can easily tilt, swivel, and extend your TVs irrespective of their size, thickness, or weight.

The mount has a steady set functionality which ensures TV screen stays in place without drifting or shifting.


  • Stylish brushed metal exterior
  • Solid steel frame
  • Fluid motion design

4. VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount

VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount

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This full motion wall mount is easy to install and makes it a favourite among many. Similar to Sanus mount, VideoSecu ML531BE2 has VESA patterns which work well with TV.

The low-profile full motion wall mount can hold weights up to 88lbs. For maximum viewing capacity, tilt mount 20″ from the wall.

Perfect choice for 26 -55 inches TVs, VideoSecu mount has a full-motion articulating extension arm that extends up to 20 inches from the wall.

The extended arm allows for maximum flexibility when positioning your TV, to fit your environment for a comfortable view.


  • Easy to install
  • Tilting and swivel capacity
  • VESA compatible

5. Kanto PDX650 Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Kanto PDX650 Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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If you want to save space in your home or office, Kanto PDX650 TV wall mount will be the best choice. You need not place your television on the table, just hang it on the wall.

Installable on both wooden and concrete walls, this solid steel mount has a sleek, integrated cable-management system that helps keep wires in place, giving your viewing area a neat and organized look.

With an online step-by-step instructional video, detailed manual, and cardboard template, you can easily set up your new wall mount.

This adjustable TV wall mount twirls up to 80° left and right, and tilts from 15° to –3° for best viewing position, boasting high durability and low weight.

Since it can extend up to 21. 8 inches, you need not sit too close to the screen anymore. Sitting 2 inches from the wall will just be fine for a convenient viewing experience.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Space-saving capacity
  • Convenient TV viewing

6. Everstone TV Wall Mount

Everstone TV Wall Mount

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Everstone TV wall mount is a mounting solution for 32″-65″ TVs. Equipped with 6 arms, this wall mount bears load and can firmly hold flat screen TVs.

With 2 optional locks on TV bracket, you can easily adjust the height between TV and the floor.

For wide-range viewing, you can tilt TV up 3° and down 15° or swivel TV left or right 180°. The TV wall mount can be mounted on wooden studs and concrete walls.

Ensure your TV is VESA compatible with this TV mount before purchasing it.


  • Maximum VESA capacity
  • Constructed from high-quality steel
  • Fully packed with mounting hardware

7. Perlegear TV Wall Mount

Perlegear TV Wall Mount

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This full-motion TV wall mount meets your different viewing needs. The wider rotation angle enables you to see videos visibly without having to sit in front of the TV.

Regardless of where you lie or sit, you can get the best view by swiveling your TV. Tilting TV 5° up and 12° down prevents neck or eye strain.

The low profile design allows TV to be folded 3.2 inches from the wall for a more harmonious and modern look.

Are you planning a birthday party or game session with friends? This wall mount will be an ideal choice since it saves space.

Having a 14.9 inch extension, you can move your TV to any position you want. Even if you’re cooking in the kitchen and you’re a bit far from the instructional video you’re watching, you can easily extend wall mount for optimum TV viewing.


  • Dual articulating 6 arms
  • Suitable for TVs with VESA standard mounting holes.
  • Easy installation

8. JUSTSTONE TV Wall Mount

JUSTSTONE Heavy Duty TV Wall Mount

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Having being engineered and carefully tested for reliable strength, this sturdy TV wall mount can bear load up to 110 pounds.

JUSTSTONE wall mount can extend up to 16 inches and retract back to 2 inches to save space. The +/-3°level adjustment helps in correcting errors when installing the brackets.

With the 15° degrees, you can easily watch TV while doing sports or yoga without looking up. Before purchasing a wall mount, ensure you check VESA compatibility, the weight of TV, and wall types.


  • Bears load up to 110 pounds
  • 10-year warranty coverage
  • Adjustable view with swivel and tilt capacity

9. FOZIMOA Full Motion TV Mount with Height Setting

FOZIMOA Full Motion TV Mount with Height Setting

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Featuring 2 level height setting, this TV wall mount enables you conveniently raise or lower your TV by 4″.

Fully equipped with all the needed mounting hardware and paper template for quick installation, FOZIMOA TV mount can be installed on wood studs, concrete, and brick walls.

If your TV isn’t balanced, turn the 4 leveling bolts and modify the bubble level. You need not remove the TV from the wall, just adjust the angle from +4° to -4°.

The TV mount has tilt and swivel feature for improved viewing.


  • Full motion adjustment
  • 2 levels height settings
  • Heavy-duty 6 arm

10. CHARMOUNT Full Motion TV Wall Mount

CHARMOUNT Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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Suitable for 26″ – 55″ TVs weighing up to 40 kg, CHARMOUNT mount has mounting hole patterns which work well with TVs.

You can tilt TV +/-15° to reduce glare and swivel 90° left or right based on your seating position. Hang your television like a pro with the 3-step installation guide and included hardware.


  • Durable TV mounting bracket
  • Universal design
  • 10-year guarantee

Now you know the best full motion TV wall mounts you can choose for your home. Be sure the mount’s VESA pattern is compatible with your television before buying the TV mount.

With several TV mounts on the market, consider your wall type, screen size, and type of wall bracket when making your choice.

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