2 Ways to Program GE Universal Remote

If you own multiple home entertainment devices, using lots of different device remotes might confound you. You could misplace the remote to one of your home entertainment devices, and finding it at the right time might be difficult. Let’s not talk about the cost of purchasing batteries for the various devices. You can save yourself from all this stress by getting a GE universal remote that allows you to control all your home entertainment devices.

With the GE universal remote, you’re in control of all your home devices like television, home theater, cable TV, DVD player, streaming device, radio, and many more. You can control all these devices by connecting to a single control unit called the universal remote.

But first, you need to program all your home entertainment devices with the GE universal remote. If you don’t know how to do that, do not panic, we will explain how to get it done in this article.

There are several ways of programming the remote and devices together. You can do it through the use of code or automatically.

To program the home entertainment device and the GE universal remote together, follow these steps.

1. How to Program GE Remote Without Code

Step One

Grab the GE remote, flip it, remove the battery housing, insert batteries into it, and close the panel.

Step Two

Switch on the device you want to program with the GE universal remote. If you want to program your television with the remote, connect the television to a power source and turn it on.

Step Three

Point the remote directly towards the device you want to program with it. Ensure that the remote is close to the device to allow fast connectivity.

Step Four

Could you please locate the set-up button on the remote? Click and hold the set-up button until you see the tiny LED light on the GE universal remote turn on.

Step Five

Once the led light is on, find the right component button for the device you want to program on the remote. The GE universal remote is built with diverse component buttons for a different home entertainment device. For instance, if you want to program the television, you may have to locate the TV button on the remote.

However, if your remote doesn’t have a different component button, press any device button you find remote.

Step Six

Press and release the power button on the remote. You may have to continue to press and release the power button until the device you are trying to program goes off.

When you press the power button, the remote searches through the database to source the correct code for your device, you have to keep pressing the power button until the search process has been completed. You will know it is completed once your device goes off.

Step Seven

The next thing to do is save the code by clicking the enter button. This is to ensure that the connection that has been built is sustained over time.

2. How to Program GE Universal Remote With Code

Step One

Turn on the device you want to program with the remote. Grab the GE universal remote and point it directly at the device from a very close range.

Step Two

Locate the set-up button on the remote. Click and hold the button until the LED light on the remote is on.

Step Three

Find the right component button on the remote for the remote device you are trying to program with. The GE remote has a list of component buttons for different home entertainment devices. TV is for Television, DVD is for DVD player, CBL is for cable TV.

Once you find the button for the device you want to program, click on it.

Step Four

You will need to supply the correct code for your device and brand. Before any device can be programmed with the GE universal remote using a code, you have to get the correct code for your device and brand on the list of codes. Once you get the code, please enter it in the box made available for it, click the enter button after that.

If the code you supplied is correct, the tiny Led light will blink twice, and your device will go off. If this doesn’t happen, that means you have supplied the wrong code. Provide another code and try again.

Step Five

Once you have successfully programmed your device with the remote, the next thing is to save the code in the database. Click on the enter button on your remote. And you’re done setting up your GE Universal Remote.

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