How to Hang a TV on a Brick Wall Without Drilling

Over the years, television has become an integral part of home entertainment devices. Modern television has gone through various technological advancements, making it a significant component of almost every home setup.

One downside, however, is that it occupies space due to its large size and that’s why mounting the TV on the wall is one of the most preferred ways of saving space in the living room. However, one of the questions you have to answer is how to hang it without ruining your wall.

It is common knowledge that if you must hang a TV on the wall, you have to drill a hole in the wall to install the TV mount. What if you want your TV hanged, but you also don’t want to drill the wall? Is there a way around this? Yes, you can hang your TV without drilling any holes on the wall.

We will highlight some of the ways you can achieve this. Interestingly, most of the methods explained in this blog are pretty simple, and you would not need to pay an expert to get it done.

Methods To Hang TV Without Drilling

1. Use Hybrid Stand – Best Solution

A hybrid stand is one of the best methods to hang your TV without drilling the wall and save enough space in your living room. The stand is such that it doesn’t require being tackled to the wall. You will only need to mount the TV directly on the stand.

Interestingly, the stand is built in a way that allows it to blend perfectly with your living space and makes it look like the TV is mounted on the wall. What’s more? This stand comes with a small shelve and spot where you can hide your TV wires. The small shelf can house some of your TV accessories.

2. Use a Ceiling TV Mount

Not many people know of the existence of ceiling TV mounts. It’s one of the best ways to mount your TV without drilling into your walls or taking up too much floor space.

However, a ceiling TV mount would require drilling into the ceiling but usually holes that are so small no one would probably notice. One of the greatest advantages of ceiling tv mounts is that it’s often multidirectional. SO you can view your tv from any position you wish!

3. Use Strong Tapes or Glue

Another excellent method of hanging your TV to the wall without drilling is using tapes or glue. As against popular opinion, tape and glue are usually used to mount objects of lesser weight to the wall. Numerous adhesives have proved to be very strong and reliable to mount heavy objects to the wall.

It keeps your TV glued to the wall without you drilling a hole on it. However, you might need professional advice on the best way to use tapes or glue to hang the TV on the wall without wrecking the device in the long run.

4. Use Rails

You can also use rails to mount your TV to the wall without drilling safely. For context, rails are used to mount artworks and pictures on the wall. However, they are sturdy enough to hold the TV to the wall.

Most modern TVs are only significant in size but very lightweight, so you don’t need to panic about adopting this option. One good thing about rails is that they are pretty much flexible. You can move your TV around even after it has been mounted.

5. Use Brick Clamps

Brick clamps are a conventional method of hanging an object to the wall without damaging the wall. It is a safe method of hanging the television to the wall without drilling. But your TV has to be pretty small and lightweight.

You need to take the measurements of your mortar so you can know the type of clip to purchase. Also, ascertain the height you want to hang the TV. Few clamps would hold the TV firmly to the wall. As stated earlier, most TVs are lightweight, so you need not worry about your TV falling off.

6. Use Hard wall hangers

If your brick wall is not in good shape, you may need a wall hanger. These hangers are relatively cheap and very strong. The only downside is that you will still need to tackle the nails into the wall. It will not leave an object mark on the wall as drilling would.

However, if you are unwilling to tamper with your wall, this option is not for you.

Final Thoughts

Hanging the TV to the wall is not uncommon, and if you don’t want to damage the wall with drilling, that is still achievable. One of the methods in this blog will work for you.

It is, however, essential to know that all the methods don’t work equally. Some are safer than others. You have the choice to make in determining what best works for you.