How to Hang a TV Without a Mount

Smart Tv has become an essential item in every household. Everyone needs it for entertainment purposes. As fancy as they look after mounting, getting a TV set up and mounted is no easy task.

Plus you might also spend money on a mounting bracket alongside the new TV. Still, wall mounting secures your TV and saves space. But mounting brackets are expensive. It can cost up to $100 to $500 (the price is determined by the quality of the Mount bracket and TV weight) for a TV mount!

Whatever the case, we’ve come up with the solution to hang your TV without an expensive mount bracket in the easiest way. 

Best Way to Hang a TV without an Expensive Mount Bracket

TV Hanger

The tv hanger is a common and inexpensive alternative to the mount bracket. It’s a simple way to hang tv on the wall in half an hour. 

The best thing about these TV hangers is you don’t need extra tools like a Stud finder etc. What you need is a hammer and screwdrivers or drill, and that’s it. After getting these things, you can install the Hanging bracket in just some minutes. 

Read the instructional guide, which is written below and hang your TV without an expensive mount. 

How to use it:

  • Get your hanger from any online store or the local market. (Our suggestion is Hangman S2040-A UL)
  • You’ll get two brackets, one for a wall; another is for tv and bolts, washers, and security cables with the package. 
  • Lift your TV carefully and place it upside down on any smooth surface. 
  • Find the Vesa mount holes (you’ll see four holes in a square shape, but you’ve to use the top two holes) on the back of your TV.
  • Hold TV brackets, attach them to the top two TV VESA mount holes with bolts. 
  • Then for more safety, use a security cable that comes with the package and connects it with TV brackets. (Check the brackets. You’ll see a hole between two VESA mount holes insert security cable in it).
  • Then hold the wall bracket, attach it to a wall and connect it with the nail. Remember, before nailing the bracket into the wall, check the horizontal level of the bracket with the spirit level tool.
  • After that, hang your tv. 
  • Anchor the security cable with another part with a stud screw or toggle anchor.

Note: Check the description before buying any TV hanging bracket and make sure that the bracket can hold your TV size or not. 


No doubt, wall mounting brackets are one of the best and safest way to hang a TV. Despite that, this solution is a bit steep for many people. And that’s the primary reason I wrote this article to give you a reliable solution.

I know that many of you may watch some of the DIY mount wall videos but trust me, if you are not familiar with carpentry, your smart TV is likely to be damaged by your work.

So it’s my suggestion, keep away from any DIY project for your good if you don’t have previous experiences. If you’re hell-bent on DIY, you might want to try something safe like a tv stand.

The reason I only suggest a TV hanger because it is the safest and cheapest way for anyone who doesn’t want to hang tv for whatever reason with expensive mount brackets. You can easily buy it for under $100 (price depends on the TV size). 

However, you can also use TV stand furniture as a stand for your TV. But don’t rely on one piece of furniture. Use Anti-tip TV Straps for safety. 

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