Why Does HBO Max Keep Freezing? Fixes

HBO Max is a subscription video service similar to Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV. The video service provides its users with content from other subscription video service providers like TNT, CBX, Cinemax, etc. HBO Max offers up everything you can watch on HBO alongside a whole lot of Warner Brother’s content. It can be accessed from TV providers such as liberty TV, optimum TV, Verizon Flos, etc.

Many times situations arise where HBO Max users experience a sudden freeze which interrupts their streaming experience. If you often encounter this setback and keep wondering why this happens this article answers your question.

10 Possible Reasons Why HBO Max Keeps Freezing

1. You have not consulted the HBO Max online manual

Like most products, the HBO Max has an online manual available for access to users. A common practice among Nigerians is the disregard for the little information booklet (the manual) that accompanies any and every electronic product we purchase and because of this neglect we usually encounter so much difficulty and setbacks in the course of using the product. Setbacks which could have been very easily avoided if we had just paid attention to the little information booklet (the manual) that accompanies our electronic products.

The HBO Max manual can be accessed on the internet. It contains clear, accurate, and concise step-by-step details on what to do to avoid complications, what to do if you encounter difficulties, such as a glitch, freeze, etc, and what could be responsible for the same.

Steps to accessing the online HBO Max manual:

  • Go to any available web browser of your choosing.
  • Type “HBO Max manual” on your search space. (A rundown of items will appear)
  • On your browser, you’ll see the title “Using HBO Max”.
  • Click on the title so you can access the HBO Max online manual for any information you may seek.

2. Your HBO Max version is not up to date

Many times one of the many reasons your HBO Max keeps freezing may be because you’re using a version that is not up to date. HBO Max, like other streaming subscription services, regularly gets to upgrade or update their services. When this happens and you’re left behind in the older versions, you may begin to experience glitches or freeze while streaming a video.

The challenge is solved once you update your HBO Max application. Follow these steps if you want to update your application.

  • On your android device, open your android play store application.
  • Type in HBO Max in the search box provided.
  • Click on the HBO Max application icon that appears.
  • Click update.

3. Your network server may be experiencing some issues

A second reason your HBO Max keeps freezing while you’re streaming a video is possibly network server issues. A network server is a system or software that makes available data, resources, or programs to other systems, commonly referred to as clients over a network. Samples of network servers include both web servers and FTP servers.

The implication of servers as pertains to HBO Max is that they represent the enabling machines that facilitate a glitch/freeze-free stream. Whenever your server may be going through some issues this could result in your encountering a freeze while using HBO Max.

The alternative here could be to reboot your system. Another alternative that could be taken here is to re-start your HBO Max application.

4. Slow Network Connection

If your HBO Max keeps freezing another reason for this could be that your network connection is running very slowly. This interruption/setback in your network speed in turn affects your video stream.

To solve this problem, restart your router and then run a test on your network after this to see if it solves the problem. If the connection is still slow, contact your internet service provider to report the issue with their service.

The simple protocol to observe while doing this is to thoroughly make available all your important details. They include The system/device you are making use of and your account data/details.

5. Dis-alignment between bandwidth and video bitrate

Where the upload speed of your internet is slower than the streaming video’s bitrate, a freeze is usually the result. This amongst many reasons is usually a major reason for your HBO Max keeps freezing.

To solve this problem follow these steps:

i) Identify the upload speed of your internet. This is necessary as it is the path that your video stream is taking.

The easiest way to identify your computer’s upload speed is to go to speedtest.net and take a measurement. From this number, you can determine the bitrate that your internet connection will be able to sustain.

ii) Identify the bitrate that your internet connection will be able to sustain. From your already identified upload speed, divide the same by two, as your bitrate should always be half of your upload speed.

6. Multiple connections to HBO Max subscription

Many people share their HBO Max subscription with others and this is okay as it is a feature provided by HBO Max to its users. Nevertheless, your HBO Max begins to freeze and even experience glitches where the connections to your HBO Max become excess.

The alternative to this is just what you’re thinking. Reduce the limit of access people have to your HBO subscription to enjoy a glitch-free stream.

7. Streaming using a Wifi connection

To stream successfully on HBO Max, you need a constant and sustained flow of data. While wifi may advertise high bitrates, those are theoretical peak speeds and are not sustained.

Also, WiFi bandwidth is shared by the devices connected to the access point. Many other devices are interfering with your stream which will result in a stream freeze on your HBO Max.

8. Low RAM/CPU capacity

A low RAM/CPU capacity causes a glitch/freeze while streaming on HBO Max. If your system’s CPU/RAM is running high, you could either outrightly change it or you could opt for an alternative and follow any of the methods below to rectify the problem.

i) Stream at the resolution of the incoming video. For instance, if you want to stream at 830 resolution, make sure the incoming video resolution is 830, this way the system does not have to scale the video.

ii) Lower your bitrate. Just like your internet connection has to be able to sustain the throughput of data at the bit rate you set, so does your system. So lowering your bitrate could help your system by giving it fewer data to process.

iii) Ensure that your system is dedicated to the stream. Any other task is going to take the computer away from the continuous stream of video data that you’re asking it to process.

9. Temporary inaccessibility

Most times when a program your streaming on HBO Max is temporarily inaccessible or unavailable due to mechanical issues on the part of the service providers, your HBO Max may experience a freeze. The alternative here is to tune in to another program for the time being while the temporal mechanical issues are being resolved.

10. Unsupported systems

The final reason your HBO Max keeps freezing may be that you’re making use of an unsupported system or device. HBO Max has certain systems or devices which may not support its software.

If your device happens to fall in this category, you will be experiencing freezes and glitches from time to time. The alternative here is to acquire a device that supports HBO Max.


If it occurs, after trying out all the alternatives provided here, that your HBO Max still keeps freezing, then do well to consult with the HBO Max service providers.

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