How to Get HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV

Learn how to watch Blockbuster movies and epic Originals on HBO Max with Vizio Smart TV.

Like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN+ and Peacock TV, HBO Max is a Video-on-Demand (VOD) streaming network that offers over 13,000 hours of pure entertainment.

With a lone subscription (now $9.99/mo) or bundled with other VOD services, you’re granted access to entertainment channels like Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, TCM, and Warner Bros. 2022 movies, at no extra cost; an accurate value for your money.

In this article, we’re looking at how to get HBO Max on a Vizio Smart TV.

How can I get HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV?

  1. Using HBO Streaming App on Vizio Smart TV
  2. Using HBO mobile app with Apple Airplay
  3. Using HBO mobile app with Google Chromecast
  4. Using Xbox Game consoles
  5. Using Digital streaming devices
  6. Using a laptop PC with HDMI

1. Get HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV using HBO Streaming App

Thanks to an important announcement made by Business wire in September 2021, you can now get HBO Max on your Vizio Smart TV by simply downloading the HBO streaming app.

This came as a relief to all HBO Max subscribers streaming on a Vizio Smartcast TV as it successfully eliminates the need for casting HBO Max to Vizio Smart TVs through mobile devices.

  • Select the Home (V) button on your Vizio Smart TV remote to set this up.
  • Head to Smartcast apps (Vizio Appstore) and select the HBO Max app from the list.
  • Choose ‘add to Home’ to include HBO Max in your app library
  • Save your selection and launch HBO Max.
  • Ensure your Vizio Smart TV firmware is recently updated and you have an active HBO Max subscription. Go to System > Check for updates to download and install recent updates on your Vizio Smart TV. 
  • You can sign up for an active HBO Max subscription here.

There’s a chance you may not find HBO Max in your Vizio Smart TV if you’re using a model before 2018. 

Vizio added HBO Max to their 4K UHD Smart TVs, which rolled out in 2016 and later in 2018. See a list of compatible Vizio Smart TVs.

The easy way around this limitation is by screencasting to Vizio Smart TV using the Vizio Smartcast app with Apple Airplay or Google Chromecast.

2. Watch HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV by using Apple Airplay

Apple Airplay is the standard protocol for casting from an Apple mobile device (MacBook, iPad, or iPhone) to a larger display screen.

Your Vizio Smartcast TV has Airplay pre-installed for casting from an iOS device.

  • Turn on airplay mode on your Vizio Smartcast TV. Select the Home (V) button on your Vizio Smart TV remote and go to the ‘Extras’ menu.
  • Choose the Airplay toggle to turn it on.
  • Ensure your Vizio Smart TV is updated. Now connect the Smart TV to a WiFi home network. Also, pair your iOS mobile device to the same wireless network.
  • Download and launch the HBO Max app on your iOS mobile device and log in with your HBO Max account details. 
  • Choose a video program to stream and while streaming, select the Airplay option and choose your Vizio Smart TV.

You need an active HBO Max subscription and a minimum of iOS 12 devices to cast HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV.

3. Watch HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV by using Google Chromecast

Your Vizio Smart TV also has Google Chromecast support pre-installed in it.

Follow the same process for pairing iOS mobile devices for Airplay.

Once HBO Max is installed and launched on your android device, sign in with your HBO Max account details (ensure there’s an active subscription).

Start streaming any show of your choice, then select Google Cast among the streaming options; choose your Vizio Smart TV to complete the set-up.

Ensure your Android device is connected to the same WiFi network as your Vizio Smart TV, and you’re using an android compatible device. 

4. Get HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV using Xbox Game consoles

HBO Max is now available on Xbox One and Xbox series S/X consoles.

  • Turn on your Xbox Console, head to the Xbox app store, and download the HBO Max app.
  • Once downloaded, head to My games and applications and select HBO Max to begin streaming.

5. Get HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV using Digital Streaming Media

You can subscribe for HBO Max via FireTV, Apple TV, Roku TV, or Hulu and enjoy unlimited entertainment streaming packages.

If you already have a Hulu monthly subscription for $6.99/mo, you can bundle it with HBO Max for $14/mo and enjoy a week of subscription-free streaming. 

6. Get HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV using a Laptop PC with HDMI

If you’re looking for a more creative way to stream HBO Max on your Vizio Smartcast TV, then streaming on a laptop PC connected with the Smart TV using an HDMI cable is the way to go.

  • Locate the HDMI port of the laptop and at the back of your Vizio Smart TV. 
  • Once the HDMI cable is inserted, log in to your HBO Max profile on your laptop PC and stream a video. 
  • Now set the input on your Smart TV to the HDMI source, and your TV begins to display your Laptop screen.

And that’s how you watch HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV. Let us know your experience trying these options out by leaving a comment below.