How to Fix Vizio Sound Bar HDMI Arc Not Working

There are several ways to connect the Vizio soundbar to your TV set. One of such ways is using an HDMI Arc. It is not uncommon to find that an HDMI ARC port connected to a Vizio sound bar is not functioning properly. 

The HDMI Arc on the Vizio sound bar might not work because you connect it to the wrong port. If your Vizio sound bar is not functioning properly when connected to an HDMI Arc, you can fix it yourself. Our guide will help you find easy and quick ways to solve the problem.

Common Ways to Fix Vizio Sound Bar HDMI Arc Not Working

Vizio Sound Bar

Encountering a Vizio Soundbar HDMI Arc problem could happen for various reasons. Below we examine some simple solutions that can be of assistance to you.

Properly Connect the Vizio Soundbar 

If your Soundbar is not functioning correctly, the problem could lie with its installation. When a Vizio Soundbar is not rightly fixed, there is a likelihood that it will not respond. You must carefully review the instructions if you have never installed a Vizio soundbar.

If you mount your Soundbar on the wall, check to see that there is nothing that will prevent the satellite speakers from producing sound. Following the setup instructions will help you do a proper installation.

Change HDMI Arc

There is a possibility that the issue you are facing lies with the HDMI cable you’re using. Carefully examine your cable to see if it reveals any indications of wear and tear. You might not be able to determine a faulty cable.

So, to check if it is functioning correctly, attempt to test it with another device. If you notice the cable is defective, you should purchase a new HDMI cable.

Disconnect Other HDMI Connections

Vizio Sound Bar HDMI

If you run a single HDMI cable from the Television to the Soundbar, you won’t have to worry about this problem. Ensure that your Television and Vizio sound bar are turned off before the disconnections.

After that, remove the HDMI cables from all devices connected to the TV. This eliminates the possibility of any problems being caused by other HDMI CEC devices. Turn on the TV and sound bar after you have reconnected the HDMI cable connecting the two devices. Doing this would solve the problem.

Restart the Soundbar

Restarting the Vizio Soundbar might solve the standing problem as with most technological appliances. To do this, turn off the Soundbar and remove it from the power socket. You need to press and hold the key on the Soundbar to release any remaining power. After a few seconds, plug the Soundbar into the electrical outlet and turn it on. 

Perform an Update

You may need to update a software function at an optimal level and ease connection. This means you need to check to see if there are any accessible software updates for your Vizio soundbar and TV and then download them.

It is important to remember that using outdated software can cause various problems, and the inability to use HDMI ARC may be one of them. Therefore, make sure to install available updates to help reduce problems.

Adjust Settings on TV and the sound bar To Accept HDMI ARC

After connecting your sound bar with HDMI ARC, you must adjust your device’s audio input and output settings. This also applies to the sound bar connected to your smart TV. The instructions on how to complete the task are included below. It varies depending on your TV brand. They are:

  • Press the MENU button on the remote.
  • Proceed to the settings.
  • Click the “Audio” option.
  • Select “Audio Output” using the mouse.
  • Select the HDMI ARC option.

To switch the input source on a Vizio sound bar, press the input button on the sound bar remote and choose the “HDMI ARC” option.

Ensure Compatibility

The first thing you should do upon purchase is to determine whether or not the TV and the Vizio sound bar are compatible. You would have to link the Soundbar to the Television. For this to be successful, both the Soundbar and the TV must be suitable for HDMI ARC use. 

Consequently, all you need to do is examine the TV’s specifications to determine whether or not it has an HDMI ARC connector. You will not be able to connect the Vizio soundbar with the TV if the TV does not have a port that is compatible with the Soundbar. 

How to Connect Vizio Soundbar with HDMI Cable

Vizio Soundbar with HDMI Cable

Using an HDMI cable, you can connect your Vizio Soundbar to your TV. Start the connection procedure by removing the Vizio Soundbar from its packaging. Check that you have removed all necessary accessories, such as mounts, screws, wires, etc. 

Locate the HDMI ARC cable and attach one end of the cable to the HDMI Out ARC port on the back of your Soundbar. Then, connect the other end of the cable to the HDMI port behind your Television.

Connecting the Soundbar to a power socket requires using the power cord available in the box for the Soundbar. After you have made every connection, you can switch on the Soundbar. 

Immediately after the Soundbar is turned on, you can adjust the position to “HDMI” by pressing the “Input” button on the Soundbar.

You will also need to go into the audio settings of your Television and adjust the output to “HDMI.” After you have finished these steps, the Soundbar will be linked to your TV, and you can enjoy the blaring sound.

A Vizio soundbar is unquestionably fantastic. Though connection problems with HDMI Arc might alter the unique experience you intend to get from a Vizio soundbar, there’s always a solution. Our guide will assist you in resolving any issues with a Vizio soundbar HDMI Arc connectivity.