How To Fix HDMI Port Not Working On TV

When you suddenly can’t view a picture on your television or sound is no longer being transmitted on your Smart TV when using HDMI, it is an indication that the HDMI port is faulty. A fault with the HDMI cable or port could affect the television remote and stop it from functioning well when you use an HDMI connection.

How do you know if your HDMI is Bad? – 5 Signs

If you’re unsure whether or not your HDMI is faulty and causing problems with your TV, you should look out for the following common symptoms.

  1. Weird Picture display including fuzzy, blurry or sparkling picture display
  2. No picture or intermittent picture display
  3. No sound or intermittent sound
  4. Discolored Images on Screen or poor image resolution
  5. Remotes don’t work

When this happens, you have two options. You call the television manufacturer for a repair or change of the television. This is no doubt the best choice.

However, if your television is no longer under warranty, your only option could be to repair the faulty port. You can fix the HDMI port on the television, but you must have real patience for the technicalities.

Beyond the technical know-how, one thing you must have in abundance is patience. This is because the HDMI port is made up of different tiny parts. Soldering these minor parts together can be very stressful and time-demanding.

Nevertheless, if you are sure it is something you can comfortably do, you can repair the faulty port yourself.

DO NOT attempt this if you’re a novice. Electrical components are dangerous and could result in injuries or even death.

Let’s start with the easiest fix.

How to Fix a Loose HDMI Port

One of the causes of a gapping HDMI port is the use of a thick cable. A thick line would force pressure on the connection causing it to expand beyond the limit.

Interestingly, almost all HDMI ports are connected to the chassis the same way. This means you can safely use a screwdriver to tighten the port.

Step One

Place the television on a flat surface, let the screen face the ground so the back of the device can face you. This way, you can access the HDMI port.

Step Two

Find the HDMI port at the back of the television. Check to see if there is a cable inserted into it. Remove the line if there is any connection to the plug.

Step Three

You will find the small Phillips screw at the top or bottom of the port. Use the Phillips-head screwdriver to tighten the screw clockwise.

Now to the more complex solution…

How to Repair an HDMI Port on TV

Step One

First, you must unplug the television from the power source. Place the TV on a flat surface to avoid a broken screen during the process. If you are using a plasma TV, it must not be subjected to degrees beyond 45. You should lay down other forms of TV to have access to the HDMI port behind the device.

Step Two

As stated earlier, you will need more patience than technical know-how to repair a broken HDMI port. Remove the television casing if the television casing won’t remove easily. Remove the screws.

Step Three

Carefully look at the broken HDMI port. See if there are any broken parts. In most cases, the fault often occurs between the port and the circuit board. Check if there is any broken part between the port and the circuit board.

If you can’t spot any fault, use the continuity tester to examine the circuits. Usually, there are about nineteen pins on the HDMI port. In most cases, not all the nineteen will be connected to the TV’s circuits.

Step Four

If you find any broken connection, re-solder it back to the port where it is removed. At this point, you have to be careful not to further complicate issues with your television. After that, examine the port to properly ensure that pins from the port are connected to the circuit board.

Step Five

Suppose you find out that the port is physically broken de-solder the broken port. Before you do this, you must first examine the connection points on the circuit board. Let the broad side of the HDMI port facing the solder-side connections.

PIN 1 at the top left, PIN 2 can be found at the bottom left, while you can see PIN 3 from the left side at the top. You can find the pin alternate at the top and bottom to the right. Pin 18 can be found on the bottom right, but pin 19 at the top right. Remove the faulty HDMI port.

Step Six 

After removing the faulty HDMI port, you can proceed to solder the HDMI port to the circuit board. Ensure that it matches the pin connections.

Still unsure? Watch this video!

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  1. My brother was trying to hook a roku to his tv the other day and when he did the colors of the picture was all messed up (like everything was pink looking). It also had no sound. He told me that lightening had struck his hdmi ports and that the cable company he just cancelled his service to had hooked up (whatever he used to have hooked to his tv) with the component cables.
    Apparently one of this hdmi ports doesn’t even show it’s got a signal and the other one is like I said, messed up color picture and no sound.
    I’ve read on several sites basically the same thing you’ve said, but that has me wondering…
    If lightening did in fact mess his hmdi ports up, wouldnt that be more likely to have damaged some components on the circuit board as opposed to breaking a connection in the port itself?
    If so, do you know what the most likely culprit would be? Thx!


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