12 Wall-Friendly Ways to Hide TV Wires

Visible wires can be a bit messy to look at, especially if you have carefully erected and designed your TV space. Generally, most people do not like to see wires lying around, making whatever space they are in messy.

Exposed TV wires can pose a tripping hazard to both adults and children especially. In the same light, concealing these wires can be tricky as you do not want to mess up your cable connection or dent your wall.

How to Hide TV Wires Without Cutting Wall

man hiding tv wires

Below are some creative ways to hide TV wires without leaving a dent or hole on your wall:

1. Construct a Wooden Frame

Constructing a wooden frame is an excellent way to hide TV wires without cutting the wall. To do this:

  • Get four studs and some fabrics
  • Attach each stud with a few screws or glue to get a rectangular shape
  • Attach the fabrics to the wooden frame with glue or staples
  • Cut a hole for the TV mount
  • Hang the frame on the wall using adhesive strips or hangers
  • Carefully tuck in all wires behind the frame

It is advisable to get a fabric that matches your home décor, so the frame fits into your home nicely.

2. Use a TV Stand

Most current TV stands come with an open back. You can place the TV stand against the wall and hide your cord at the back. However, if your TV stand does not have an open back, you can drill a hole for wires to pass through it.

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3. Use Duct Tape

If you are using a wall mount for your TV, you most likely have visible wires. Tie the wires and cover them in duct tape. Then proceed to paint the tape to blend with the wall.

4. Use a Drawer

You can use a drawer or a box to hide your TV wire. You can install a drawer or box to your TV mount to give it a room where you can carefully tuck in the wires. However, if your TV is on a stand or cabinet, you can use the drawer inside the stand or cabinet.

5. Wall Cord Raceway

A wall cord concealer is a great way to hide wires, especially if your TV is mounted. Usually, this concealer comes with an adhesive backing that allows it to stick to the wall without leaving a hole. You can then hide your TV wires inside the concealer before covering it.

Raceway concealer is very flexible; you can add or remove wire any time. In addition, you can use cut and reshape the size and length of the raceway since it is made of plastic. However, if you use this method to conceal your wires, the TV wires must be long enough.

6. BaseBoard Raceway

The baseboard raceway is suitable for TV stands without outlets. This type of concealer sits above your baseboard without looking out of place. It features an adhesive backing and is made of plastic.

7. Fabric Cord Concealer

A fabric cord concealer is suitable if your TV is in the middle of the room. This type of concealer comes with a zipper to keep your wires in place, and it is flexible and easy to use. In addition, it comes in different sizes and colours.

8. Behind PanelBoard

Panelboards are also a great way to hide your TV wires. You can put up a panelboard to hide the wires using a flashy or straightforward pattern, anything that matches your home décor. Generally, panelboards come in different sizes and designs. In addition, you can decide to paint the board or leave it.

9. Tubing

You can use a dangling tube to hide your TV wires creatively. These Tubes are made from foam and are easy to use.

10. Camouflage Technique

The camouflage technique gives you enough room to be flexible and creative. You can place different home décor in the line of sight of the wires. Strategically place the decors to conceal the TV wires.

11. Wall Trims

Wall trims are classy but pricey. You will hide the TV wires in the channels created within the wall trim’s slat with wall trims. Once you have safely placed the wires inside the slat, cover them with another slat.

You customize a wall to suit you by painting or designing it in the shapes you want. Note that once you conceal your wires inside a wall trim, it won’t be easy to get them out. Also, painting it won’t be accessible once it is installed on the wall.

12. Use a Furniture

This option is suitable if you are not mounting your TV or using a cabinet. You can use a piece of furniture to hide your TV wires. Generally, large pieces of furniture provide a silhouette; you can use a cord clip to hold together the wires and hide them behind the furniture.


As mentioned above, visible wires can be hazardous to both pets and children. In addition, they are not physically pleasing to see around the house. However, you can conceal your TV wires with ease without cutting your wall with the recommendations above.