10 Ways to Hide TV Wires

You’ve just gone through the pain of setting up your new television. You have successfully hanged it on the wall over the fireplace, and it perfectly blends with the coolness of your living space. The last thing you would want to see is the TV wires messing up the whole space.

It gets even worse if you have one or two entertainment devices connected to your television.

Don’t think you are weird if you don’t find the sight of cables and wires messing up the space designated for your entertainment devices fascinating.

No one likes to see wires around. That’s why we will be highlighting the ten best ways you can hide those wires from sight.

These are the best inexpensive methods that won’t leave a hole in your pocket.

10 best ways to hide TV wires

1. Pin the wires to the back of the furniture with Command cord clips

If you have furniture for some TV accessories like Dvd player, home theater, or any other entertainment device, you can safely pin the wires to the back of the furniture.

This method is one of the safest and less expensive.

You need to purchase command cord clips. With this clip, you can neatly hide the cord to the back of the furniture.

2. Channel wires through the back of the wall using Datacomm Cable Organizer Kit

The idea isn’t just to keep clumsy TV wires out of sight; you must also maintain the safety of those cables.

Another great way of hiding the wires is running them through the back of the wall. For this, you will need a Datacomm cable organizer.

With this kit, one might mistake your TV for a wireless screen.

3. Use Cable wrap

If you have too many wires and cables from your entertainment device floating around your space, you can minimize the mess by using a flexible cable wrap.

Pack all the cables carefully and put them in the wrap. An interesting thing about the wrap is that it is tastefully designed to give a pleasant look.

4. Keep cables in a drawer

You need to get creative with some particular objects in the house. The drawer could also serve storage purposes to keep those messy cables out of sight giving your entertainment space a better look.

Drill a hole at the back of the drawer; this is where the wires will be channeled. You must ensure that the desk is quite close to the power source.

5. Cover wires with duct tape

One of the importance of using this method is that it allows you to paint the tape to blend into the color of your space.

Gather the wires together and cover them with duct tape. The tape prevents the wires from becoming an eyesore.

After this, you can paint the duct tape with the color of your living space to make it blend in perfectly.

6. Use Cable ties

Cable ties don’t hide the wires from being seen. They only organize them neatly to avoid clumsiness.

Your living space gets a stylish look when wires are being arranged into one strand using cable ties.

7. Use artificial plants

If you like the aesthetic beauty of plants, you consider this option.

The exciting part of this option is that you don’t need to worry about nurturing the plant as it is entirely artificial.

These plants add style and beauty to the living room, especially to the space where the television is mounted. You can hide the TV wires in the plant.

8. Use Cloth

This method is not for you if you are faint-hearted or are not a DIY expert.

The fabric will take the place of a cable wrap. Get a fabric that has a similar color to the one in your living room.

Install the cloth from the ceiling, let it reach the ground. You may have to use wood to conform it to a spot to ensure neatness.

Cut a small hole on the cloth and run the wire through the hole.

9. Hide the wires in the book

The option works well if your TV is mounted to a library shelf. It allows you to make good use of the books.

Carefully line the TV wires in the books neatly. The books serve as a guide against the wire from being seen outside.

But beware, this could quickly be a fire hazard if wires are damaged.

10. Use TV Stand

Some TV stands are designed with an open back. If you have such a stand, press it against the wall and keep the clumsy TV wires in it to avoid being seen.

If you don’t have a TV stand with an open back, you can drill a hole to channel the TV wire.

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