3 Ways to Hook up a VCR to a Flat Screen TV

I understand how frustrating it can be to try without success to connect your VCR to your flat screen tv. Maybe you have many videotapes you have been looking forward to seeing but can’t seem to figure out how you can work your way around the connections. Rest easy because, in this article, you will get to know the various ways you can connect a VCR to your flat-screen TV.

The requirements for connecting your VCR to a flat-screen TV will depend on the type of VCR. Some VCRs have a single audio-out socket, while others have a double audio-out socket. So what are the different ways of carrying out this connection?

1. Connecting your VCR with the white, Yellow, and Red connectors

Most TVs require you to get a cable with these connectors before you can connect a VCR. However, if you have a VCR that is not made in Europe, you may have to get a cable with the connectors by the sides.

If the VCR you want to connect to a flat-screen is made in Europe, a SCART plug is required to make the connection. This SCART plug is hooked to the end of one side of the VCR while the connectors are plugged into the other end.

The white, red, and yellow cables have specific functions they perform.  While the white and red cable takes care of the audio signals, the yellow cable works to ensure that there is a video signal.

These plugs are popularly known as RCA. It is likely that your VCR already has these cables. If, however it doesn’t, you can get these cables online or at any electronic shop near you.


Most VCRs have these connecting points labeled though you may have to look closely to see it. With the labels, it becomes easy to figure out which cable goes into which socket. Most flat-screen TVs also have the rear fully labeled with the corresponding color for each cable.

All you have to do is to plug in the cable to the corresponding socket. If you can’t see the white, red, and yellow sockets, check the side of the television to be sure it is not hidden there.

2. Connecting through the green socket

Some TVs don’t make provision for the yellow, white, and red sockets. Instead, those televisions come with a green socket. If you check the rear of most new flat-screen TVs, you will see a green socket labeled “Video in.” It would be best to connect your VCR yellow lead to the green socket on the flat-screen TV rear.

Most new flat-screen TVs still have sockets where the white and red audio cables will go into. Locate them on the TV rear and plug in the cables. That will take care of the audio output.

There is also another red socket on the TV rear close to the other sockets. This is labeled “Pr.” If you plug the red lead from your VCR into this socket, the audio will not come up.

You have to note that not all TVs label sockets. Some TVs use the corresponding color to differentiate between the sockets.

3. Connecting VCR with the white audio out

Some VCRs come with a single audio out which is colored white. On such VCRs, you will not find any white and red output. Connecting VCRs with the mono channel to a flat-screen TV is relatively straightforward. To do this, connect from the VCR audio out socket.

How to connect VCR to a TV without mono output

The VCR connection to a TV is primarily dependent on the type of TV you are connecting to. The sockets of some TVs are on the back.  If your TV did not come with a mono output, you have two options available to you, which are:

  • Connect the mono out on your VCR to your flat-screen TV through the “left in.” Note that when you connect the VCR this way, you don’t need to connect the red cable anymore. All you have to do is let it hang loose on its own.
  • Connect the VCR using a stereo adapter cable. The adapter cable is plugged into the VCR’s white audio-out socket. Once you have done that, connect the white and red lead to the adapter cable before plugging it into the corresponding sockets on the TV.

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