How to turn your cable back on after it has been disconnected

One of the most frustrating situations is losing your cable TV service. Although most of us do not watch tv that often due to having a busy schedule, having the freedom of watching your cable tv whenever you want is bliss.

And just in those moments when you can not seem to turn your cable back on see your favorite shows, you realize the importance of your cable network. So, in case you decided to cancel your service and looking for ways to turn your cable back on, we are here to help.

Below are the simple steps that you will have to follow to get back to watching your favorite show once again.

How to turn your cable back on

Step 1

So, this is the most crucial part of this process that needs help from the outside. Whether you canceled the cable yourself or the service was revoked due to the lack of payment, you need to contact your cable network provider.

If you have due bills, then you will have to complete the payment process before going to the next step. And if you are not an existing customer of their cable service, you will have to call them for assistance. In that case, the technician will come to your house and get you all set up.

So once the bills are paid or the technician hooked up the service, proceed to your TV and let us get started.

Step 2

You will find a coaxial cable jack that is used to provide the network. Now you have to press the connector inside the cable jack. After that, you will have to turn the retaining nut slowly so the cable is tightened and secured in its place.

Follow this process carefully, otherwise, you may face connection problems due to a loose cable jack.

Step 3

Now take the end of that cable wire and take it to your TV or cable vox. If you are using a cable box, you will have to make another connection from the cable box to the TV. If not, then you can simply plug that jack in onto your television.

In most television sets, the port is located on the side or bottom of the TV.

Step 4

Now turn on your TV and go to the Input option.

Once the cable is connected you will be able to choose the cable option from the TV and start watching right away.

In case you do not get a clear picture, check the connections again and make sure there is no lose connection.

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