How to Watch Hulu HBO Max

Hulu offers you online streaming services to gain access to your favourite content and shows. However, that’s not all they are about. Hulu also allows its subscribers to access premium add-ons of other streaming platforms like HBO Max for additional content including the very popular South Park.

HBO happens to be one of the streaming platforms that you can add to your Hulu account. This gives you access to all of your favourite shows and content in one central place. This article will take you through how to watch Hulu with HBO.

Can You Access HBO Content on Hulu?

Yes. It is possible to watch your favourite HBO content using your Hulu account through Hulu + HBO.

You can access the classic HBO content with your Hulu subscription, but it won’t give you access to HBO Max.

You can, however, select HBO Max as an add-on to your Hulu account for a fee of $14.99 monthly. This gives you access to HBO original and exclusive shows.

Hulu Subscription Plans

Let’s take a look at the current subscription plans available on Hulu before proceeding with how to watch HBO Max to your Hulu subscription.

Below are the available subscription plans on Hulu:

  • Hulu base plan (ad-supported)

Now $6.99 per month (was $5.99 before August 10, 2021). However, this plan comes with ads.

  • Hulu basic plan (no ads)

$11.99 monthly (will be increased to $12.99 by October 8, 2021)

  • Hulu + Live TV (with ads)

This plan allows you to stream live content from your favourite channels at $64.99 per month.

  • Hulu + Live TV (no ads)

The same as the previous plan but at$70.99 monthly and with no ads.

Available Streaming Platform on Hulu

Hulu only gives you five streaming platforms to select from as add-ons to your subscription at varying prices. They include;

  • HBO Max
  • Cinemax
  • Showtime
  • ESPN

With premium add-ons, there are no ad breaks except for promotional content once in a while.

How to Add HBO Max to your Hulu account

To add HBO Max to your Hulu account (if you are a new subscriber), take the following steps but first ensure that HBO Max is available in your region;

  • Create your Hulu account via the Hulu official website
  • Sign up for Hulu with HBO Max
  • Download the HBO Max app ( you can only access content on HBO Max via the website or the app)
  • Authenticate your HBO Max account by selecting Hulu as a provider under the provider option.
  • Log in with your Hulu account details
  • Create your HBO Max Profile
  • Search HBO Max on Hulu
  • Stream your HBO Max content

Again, you will have to subscribe to any Hulu subscription plans that suit you and still pay an additional $14.99 monthly to add HBO Max to your Hulu account. You will be billed for both payments by Hulu.

As a new subscriber, you get a free trial for one week. You can also cancel the subscription to the add-on at any time via Hulu’s website or calls.

You don’t get a free trial as an existing subscriber, but you can follow the abovementioned steps after subscribing to add to your Hulu account. With the steps above you can easily add HBO max to Hulu.

How much is HBO on Hulu?

To access HBO Max on your Hulu account, you will pay an additional $14.99 monthly, which is in addition to your Hulu subscription.

Supported Devices for Hulu + HBO Max

You can access your HBO max-content through Hulu whether you are at home or on the go only on supported devices like;

  • Apple iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 or a newer iOS
  • Roku TV
  • Fire TV and Fire Stick
  • Fourth-generation Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Playstation 3 and Playstation 4
  • Selected Samsung TV models

You can also Livestream your HBO Max content with Hulu on Supported devices. However, you can’t record live TV either from the HBO Max or from your Hulu account as the feature is yet to be available.

Number of HBO Max Screens Sharing on Hulu

There are a limited number of screens on which you can watch HBO Max on Hulu simultaneously. You can only stream on two screens simultaneously.

To change this, upgrade to the Hulu + Live TV plan with unlimited screens add-on to stream HBO Max content on as many as five screens simultaneously.

You will also pay an additional fee of $9.99 monthly for the upgrade. Three out of the five screens may be out-of-home mobile devices.

HBO Max titles missing on Hulu – User Complaints

After linking HBO Max to Hulu many users often complain of HBO max on Hulu missing content. If this happens, you might want to login directly into your HBO app or the HBO website to view the missing content.

You will only get regular HBO content on Hulu. To view missing content, choose Hulu as your provider in the HBO Max app or website and then login with your existing credentials.


You can have access to your favourite content and channels on Hulu as well as on HBO Max using your Hulu account.

All you have to do is subscribe to a Hulu plan that suits your budget and streaming needs and pay an additional fee to add HBO Max to your Hulu account.

However, you can only access HBO Max content through the app, but you would have subscribed to it on Hulu. There are supported devices and a limit to the number of screens you can stream on simultaneously.

With this, you have one less login credential to know by heart, and you will be paying less for more.