How to View and Delete Hulu Viewing History

Hulu is a popular video-streaming service that offers a variety of TV episodes, series, and movies. It boasts a user-friendly layout and a plethora of useful functions. The Clear Hulu watch history option, for example, allows you to view and delete movies and series from your viewing library. 

Whatever reason you may have for viewing and deleting your watch history, it doesn’t matter. You can do it manually and in very easy steps. Keep reading to find out how.

How To View Your Hulu Watch History

As always, with any streaming platform, you have to be signed in before taking any action on the platform. So:

● Sign in to your Hulu account on your mobile phone, PC, or tablet. 

● Next, navigate to your Keep Watching section. 

● That is where you’ll find your Hulu watch history, and it contains a chronological list of movies, series, and TV shows you’ve watched recently. 

How To Delete or Remove Videos From Your Hulu Watch History

Deleting your entire Hulu watch history or removing only a couple of videos from it will affect the kind of movies that you’ll be recommended. 

The reason this happens is that Hulu uses your watch history to determine the kind of movies you like to watch. So altering it or deleting some movies in a particular genre will stop it from recommending videos in that genre. 

We’ll show you how to do so on the web and a mobile phone.

How To Delete or Remove Videos From Hulu Watch History On Web

● Go to Keep Watching and click on it.

● Click over the thumbnail of a show or movie for more information and options.

● To remove a title from your watch history, click the X icon.

● Click Done to finish the action or Undo to reverse it.

How To Delete or Remove Videos From Hulu Watch History On A Mobile Phone

● Select Keep Watching or All Watch History from the drop-down menu.

● To open a menu with more options, tap the three dots on a show or movie’s thumbnail.

● Remove from Watch History by tapping the Remove button.

● Confirm your choice or cancel to return to the previous page.

How To Delete or Remove Videos From Hulu Watch History On A Smart TV

● Go to the Details page for a show or movie.

● Choose either Manage Movies or Manage Series from the drop-down menus.

● Remove from Watch History is an option.

● Confirm your choice or cancel to return to the previous page.

If Hulu is not working on your smart TV, you might be interested in reading 5 Fixes for Hulu App Not Working On Smart TV.

If You Would Like To Delete or Remove Videos For All The Profiles Associated With Your House

● Open the web browser and go to your Account page.

● Under Privacy and Settings, select California Privacy Rights.

● Select Watch History and Clear Selected under Manage Activity.

How To Delete or Remove Videos From Other Sections Of Hulu

A show or movie will be removed from Keep Watching when you use the Remove from Watch History option, but it may remain in other places of the app. If you want to delete something from My Stuff, go to the Details page or the My Stuff hub to do so. 

You can also delete items from sections like HomeUp Next, and You Might Also Like by using the Dislike and Stop Suggesting features. Keep in mind that removed episodes and movies will remain in sections of the app like Search and the Guide when you utilize these various functionalities.

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