Is HBO Free with HBO Max?

HBO Max gives free access to those who already subscribed to HBO through a cable or AT&T. Interestingly, over 70 cable providers and online TV services offer free access to all HBO Max content if you already subscribed to HBO and any other TV service such as YouTube TV, Hulu TV, Spectrum, Apple TV, Verizon, and more.

Read through and find out the steps on how to successfully get all HBO Max content without renewing your subscription.

Is HBO Max Free?

Literally, nothing is entirely free in life. HBO Max subscription costs about $14.99 per month which is approximately the same price as the HBO streaming service.

If you subscribed to HBO Now, HBO Go, or HBO on a cable, you’ll be able to access HBO Max exclusive shows and films at no additional cost.

How to Get HBO Max To Free Through HBO Subscription

Follow the steps below to access HBO Max for free through your cable:

  • Download and install HBO Max on your iPhone or Android.
  • Click on the symbol that resembles a person on the bottom right corner of your main screen.
  • Log in using your cable subscription details.
  • Select ‘sign in’ directly beside ‘already subscribed’.
  • Then, click on ‘sign in through TV or mobile provider’.
  • Select your wireless provider. If you can’t find your cable provider on the list, you’ll have to pay for the HBO Max subscription differently.
  • However, if your cable provider is listed, click on the provider and sign in by entering your password and email.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is HBO Max Free For HBO Subscribers?

Normally, if you have already subscribed to HBO via your cable provider, you’ll be eligible to log in to HBO Max at no extra cost. However, the main issue lies in the fact that HBO has quite a number of deals with cable providers all over the country. Even though Warner Media put in all efforts to ensure that all HBO subscribers have full access to HBO Max, some cable providers didn’t agree to the deal.

If you get HBO via At&T, Optimum, Altice, DIRECTV, Spectrum, Suddenlink, and other independent broadband and cable providers, you’ll have automatic access to HBO Max once you authenticate your subscription. HBO Max is still striving to strike deals with many other cable providers. All you have to do is keep checking your local listings for the latest updates.

2. If I Have HBO Go Is HBO Max Free?

Having HBO Go is similar to subscribing to HBO through a cable provider. If you subscribe to HBO via any of the broadband providers that HBO (HBO Go) signed a deal with, you should be able to access HBO Max

3. Is HBO Max Free For HBO Now Subscribers?

Yes. But, if you signed in to HBO Now on Roku, you’ll not be able to access HBO Max since HBO hasn’t signed a deal with Roku. However, if you didn’t subscribe to HBO Now using your Roku account, you’ll be able to use your HBO Now login details to access HBO Max on other devices.

4. If I Have the HBO Hulu Add-on Is HBO Max Free?

Absolutely! If you subscribe to HBO as a Hulu add-on, you’ll encounter no issues when logging in to HBO Max. Hulu is among the cable providers that HBO was able to close a deal with to allow its subscribers to transit to HBO Max without paying a dime.

All you have to do is open the Hulu add-on and log in to HBO Max just as you’ve been doing in HBO, to stream HBO Max for free.

5. Is HBO Max Free If I Have the HBO Channel Add-on On Amazon Prime Video?

Unfortunately, HBO Prime Video channel subscribers cannot get full access to all HBO Max content on the HBO Prime Channel.

However, Amazon is looking forward to sealing the deal to ensure that the current HBO Prime Video subscribers have full access to all HBO Max content and get HBO Max to be available as an Amazon Prime Video Channel.

Currently, HBO subscribers can no longer watch their favorite shows for free, except they use the HBO channel add-on which won’t even give them full access to HBO Max. It’s either they buy or rent their favorite shows on Amazon Prime Video Channel or stream directly on an HBO Channel add-on.


It’s not such a herculean task to access all HBO Max content if you already have a paid cable subscription. All you have to do is follow all the steps highlighted above, and you’ll be able to stream all the TV shows and additional movies HBO Max offers without bothering about renewing your HBO subscription.

However, unlike Apple TV, some cable providers like Comcast do not offer free access to HBO Max content. In the meantime, have a fantastic experience streaming HBO Max content.

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