Can You Jailbreak a Smart TV?

Modern Television has now been upgraded and now has significant changes and as such, your television can act the way you want it to, including working as a computer, you can enjoy watching a variety of content, movies and so much more.

What is Considered A Smart TV?

A Smart TV should not be interchanged with an Internet TV. A Smart TV is also called a connected TV but has not been upgraded so much that it now has an integrated internet feature and also an interactive web of 2.0.

The operating system of any Smart TV has beforehand installed a firearm that can digitally merge different technologies like digital media players, computers, televisions, and a lot more together. Also, it uses voice recognition like Amazon Alexa, Google assistance.

Also, other external devices allow the viewers to interact with the Smart TV, by this, they can search and play content, photos, videos from the internet, even access a local storage device, and even more.

The technologies that allow such interaction includes; smartphones, game consoles, digital media player, and other interactive devices that are connected to the internet so that you can surf the Internet as you want.

Can You Jailbreak Smart TV?

After discussing a little on what a Smart TV is, the crux of the matter is on how to jailbreak a Smart TV?

Jailbreak or rooting a Smart TV is the unlocking of a Smart TVs operating system so that you will be able to download apps, delete unwanted bloatware, replace the firmware, even customize anything you need.

To answer the main question, yes, you can Jailbreak your Smart TV, But depending on the type or brand of your Smart TV, you need different tools and procedures to jailbreak it.

So under this subhead different Smart TVs will be accessed and ways to jailbreak them.

Samsung Smart Tv

Linux operating system modifies a Samsung Smart TV. It has a kernel that helps in the interaction between the hardware and software of the computer. And as such to remove the kernel so as not to be restricted by it. First of you must check if it comes with a Built-ARM processor, with a firearm version less than 1018.0.

So these are the things you need to start with; Samsung SDK(SDK which means software development kit, toolchain, and GIT or XBMC(Xbox Media Center)

How to Jailbreak a Samsung TV

  • Turn on the Samsung TV
  • Find the setting menu using the remote
  • Go on to find and open the setup menu under the setting menu
  • A pin code will be required, and you can find it on the Manual of the device or you can resort to calling the Manufacturer’s customer care.
  • Next up, you will be asked to select a language, please select the language you understand.
  • Moving on you will need to select your country.
  • In another tab, you will be required to select an internet service location, do well to select the right one.
  • Next, select the aerial option and click on next.
  • Coming up will be a new window, and popping up will be an “Update now” option, click on it
  • After clicking on it, depending on your internet connection, your television will start updating.
  • After the update has been completed, the Smart Tv will ask you for permission to “Turn off”, tap on ” Yes” and it will be applied to the Smart Tv.
  • After turning it on, you will find it jailbroken as you can access and download stuff unrestricted, But if you turn off the smart tv again and some things are not there, you need to start the process all over again.

How To Jailbreak An Amazon Fire Tv

Here we will be looking deeply at how to jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick with ease.

  • Type downloader and download it, click on “open”, “allow” and “ok”.
  • Go back to Settings and click on the My Fire Tv section and click on the ” Developer option”.
  • Click on App from Unknown sources and turn it on
  • In the home button. Click on “preferences and move to “Data Monitoring” and turn it off, then off “Device usage data”, collect app Usage data
  • Go on to open “Developers Mode” from the “My Fire Tv” window and open the option “App from Unknown Source” click on the options and click on the turn on the option.
  • Your Fire Tv has been jailbroken and you can download an app for the Amazon App store with the downloader app you “Downloader”, to can download any app.

Can Kodi Be Used To Jailbreak a Smart TV?

Kodi is free, being open-source software, it supports both audio and video file formats from different sources. Being free, it can be installed on iOS, Linux, Windows, OXS, Android, TVOS

It can also be connected to the Internet wirelessly as your gadgets will be compared to being a streaming hub, by this, you can choose to watch movies, play music, watch different digital media files from either the internet, local or digital media file simultaneously even set out to live stream and record on your Smart TV, using your smartphone apps like as a remote. Originally known as Xbox Media Player when it came out in 2002, in 2004 it was named XBMC, and then in 2014, it was renamed Kodi.

Majorly, it has been distributed to be used on Linux, OSX, Android devices, Windows, and Amazon Fire Tv.

Download an Installer and then install it, whenever something new pops up, you will be given a mini tutorial to make it easier for you to understand the necessary basics.

Types of Smart TV That Use KodiSamsung Smart Tv:

Checking your Samsung Smart TV and it runs on Android TV Operating System then you would just have to open “Play Store” from your Television and search for the “Cetusplay” and then download and install it.

A permission request will be sent to allow “Unknown sources”, click on ” yes” and install Kodi from Cetusplay and after the installation has been made transfer the APK to your smart Tv, install the APK file using your “File manager”. And finally, it’s ready for use. But, on the other hand, if it runs on the Tizen Operating System, you cannot use the App on your television.

Sony Smart TV

Using Google play store, you can search, download and install the app. You can also choose to open the app using the Screen sharing option to screen share on another device, or you might as well choose to open the app from the apps tab.

Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking a Smart TV


  • You can enjoy watching premium for free which before jailbreaking you’ll have to pay
  • Also, games you would have to pay before gaining access will be given to you free of charge
  • You can access a lot of videos, music, podcasts, and lots more with just your internet access


  • Internet hackers are found their way into hacking Smart Tv this is simply because you are now open to being accessed by hackers
  • If Kodi has not been downloaded correctly or with a virus, then you will be having hard times with the internet as it would be slow.

Is the Internet Needed to Jailbreak?

There are so many Smart TV features that require an internet connection to function well while others do not.

For Live streaming services, an internet connection is needed. Some examples of these services include Hulu, Netflix, and many more. Also if you want to update your firmware for it to be up to date, then you need an internet connection to do that.

Also, using voice features like activating Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance you need an internet connection. Moreso, using Smart TVs to download apps needs an internet connection.


Conclusively with everything discussed, jailbreaking or rooting is a way of accessing or unlocking a Smart TV’s Operating System to enable you to access unlimited to surf the internet, download apps, and many more there are certain things needed to jailbreak a smart Vv. It was rightfully emphasized that jailbreaking a smart TV is technically wrong.