How To Put LED Lights On TV

All over the world, LED lights are one of the most popular ways to adorn your home. And if you want to make your TV stand out, consider placing some LED strips on the back or around it.

This is a modern feature that goes with flat and curved screen Tvs and can be done relatively quickly.

How to Install a Led Strip behind your TV

1. Unroll the strip lights to turn them on.

When you buy LED lights, they are delivered to your home, and now you must go to the next stage. The first step is to unroll them to illuminate all of the LEDs! If the kit includes peripherals such as a remote control or a battery pack, now is a good time to charge those batteries before putting everything together.

2. Check to see if the back of your television is clean.

Make things easy on yourself by cleaning the back of your TV before attaching your LED strip lights to ensure they stay attached for a long time. If there’s too much dust or moisture in the region, they’ll slip off again and again after you stick them on. Make sure to clean it properly before moving to the next stage.

3. Set up the strip lights and double-check the location.

Because different households have varying televisions sizes, it’s best to measure yours before installing the strip lights. First, try to place them. Remove the baking sheet from the 3M double-sided tape and stick the LED strip lights for TV after making sure you’re comfortable with the positioning.

4. Connect the strip lights

Products like the Lepro USB TV LED strip lights come with a tiny controller and four individual strip lights. Three connection cords connect the four different strips. Carefully connect one end of the USB cable to the small controller and the other to the TV’s USB port. Now that you’ve successfully connected everything, you can use the remote control to change the color and brightness of the lights to create various visual effects.

How to Choose the Best TV LED Strip Lights

How do you choose the right LED strip light for your TV set among all the LED strip lights on the market? The following factors will help you in making your decision.

A variety of colors are available.

RGB LED strip lights will fit you well if you want to feel like you’re watching TV in a movie theatre. Different light colours can be selected for different movie genres. Whether you’re watching a romantic film, a humorous comedy, or a nail-biting thriller, LED lighting can help you create a better environment and have a more enjoyable experience.

Brightness can be adjusted.

This is also crucial because it allows you to create distinct lighting effects by adjusting brightness.

The Perfect Length

It’s advisable to measure the size of your TV set before going shopping for LED strip lights so you can get the proper length.

If you’re looking for strip lights for your 65-inch TV, the Lepro 6.5ft USB TV LED strip lights are a great option. Furthermore, because this product is made up of four independent strip lights of similar length, you can modify the positioning of each strip to fit different-sized TV screens.

You can buy a continuous strip; you can use it to wrap around the edge of your TV and cut off the excess (if any) at a “cut” mark.

WIFI Connection Enabled

WIFI networks can be used to link intelligent LED Lights On TV strips. You may manage the lighting effect with remote control, a smartphone app, or voice commands, but non-smart strip lights are usually controlled simply with remote control.

You can choose whether or not to buy a smart model based on your requirements. You can choose the more convenient innovative models if you already have a smart speaker at home or find it easier to manage via a mobile APP. If you think a remote control will suffice, you can save money by purchasing the standard strips.

USB Connection

In general, LED strip lights with a USB plug can operate better with televisions since they can be plugged directly into the port behind the televisions without needing an additional power outlet.

You can also use a power bank, a computer, a wall-mounted charger, and other devices to safely and conveniently power the LED strip lights.

How the best-LED lights for your TV can improve your home entertainment experience

The best-LED lights for your TV utilize technology adapted for commercial purposes and now allow anyone to experiment with light in various ways.

LED strip lights, which are essentially flexible circuit boards that glow, make up the majority of these lights. Consider how many times you’ve gone down an aisle in a movie theatre or been drawn to a specific portion of a store display; the same lighting that defined those spaces is now available at home. These lights are small enough, light enough, and brilliant to illuminate your space with nearly little weight and minimal power.

Are you ready to broaden your colour palette and explore new possibilities? Consider purchasing an HDMI Sync Box.

Consider an HDMI Sync Box if you want to set up an entertainment centre with several devices and possibly multiple smart lights. A Sync Box, also known as a hub, serves as the control centre for all of your LED lights and allows maximum lighting design flexibility.

Hubs can be used with LED lighting for televisions and any smart bulb or fixture. You can connect, sync, and operate various compatible devices via multiple connections, including your smart TV, streaming devices, Blu-ray player, and gaming system.

How to Keep LED Lights on When Tv is off

  • When you turn off your TV, it does not turn off the electricity to its USB port. This is the “problem” (not necessarily a flaw) of your television, not the product. To fix this, find a separate USB port on the TV that turns off and unplug it, or find an LED strip with a switch to turn on and off manually when you’re done.
  • Disable the QuickStart or Quick Turn On option if your TV has one in the TV settings. When you turn your TV off, the LEDs will turn off.
  • Another way to fix this is by disabling “wake on the wireless network,” the lights will turn off when the television is turned off.

Is it safe to install LED lights behind a television?

Yes, LED lights emit relatively little heat, making them perfectly safe to use behind your television. That way, you do not have to worry about direct light emissions to your eyes. 

Is it possible to cut LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights have cutting spots where you can cut them to make them shorter! Your strip lights should be labelled with them.

Is it possible to leave LED light strips turned on all night?

LED lights emit very little heat, making them safe to leave all night. However, it is highly recommended that you turn them off when not in use. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Is it possible to connect LED light strips?

Yes, an LED light connection strip is required. Kits like this TV backlight kit include all of the necessary connection strips.

What’s the best way to keep LED strips from falling off your TV?

If your LED strip lights lose their secure connection to the back of your TV, wipe it with a microfiber dust cloth while being careful not to get it wet. Once clean, 3M self-adhesive tape should do, or you can opt for foam tape if you need a firmer bond.


The most extraordinary LED TV lights transform your entertainment centre into an actual focal point.

They provide an immersive, customized environment via Wi-Fi connections, smart features available via voice and applications, and incredible effects that transport you to a movie theatre in your own house.

LED TV lights range from simple backlights to hubs that can control many lights and devices. They can add a lot of style and enjoyment to your gaming, movies, and music.

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