Upgrade Your Home Theater – The Top 4 LG 86-Inch TVs to Buy Now

LG is one of the leading producers of electronic devices in the world. Life is indeed good with an LG 86 Inch TV. This brand has continued to show that users can have the best cinematic experience within the four walls of their living room.

Having a spacious living room is no longer a burden. We have seen Samsung 85 inch Tv, Samsung 82 inch Tv and so many other big TV from diverse brands. You should consider having one of these larger size televisions hanging on the wall of your living room.

Besides the giant tv size that displays content in an exact crystal form, the screen’s ambient mode can blend well with your space to give your room an alluring look even when the TV is not in use.

If you are a big screen lover, below, you will find some of the most amazing LG 86 Inch TVs that were made in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

1. LG 86UN8570PUC Alexa BuiltIn UHD 85 Series

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LG 86UN8570PUC Alexa BuiltIn UHD 85 Series is one of the best giant size television produced by LG—it has an IPS display which makes it possible for it to transmit premium quality pictures that can be seen from all angles. With this TV, you don’t need to struggle to take the front seat before you can get a vivid look.

You may find smaller television screen sizes amazing, but I bet you will be stunned by this giant-size television made by LG. It has the capacity of transmitting content into upscaling 4K resolution. What’s more? It has an excellent feature of LG’s ThinQ AI.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get better, it has Alexa and Google Assistant built-in. This will alleviate the stress of using the remote every now and then.

The LG 86UN8570PUC automatically transforms your living room space into a smart home. With this, you can make changes on your television through voice control. Also, you can stream your favourite program, show or film from Netflix, YouTube and any other video viewing site of your choice.

Key Features

  • Real 4K IPS Display
  • High resolution audio
  • Premium picture quality
  • Smart TV option


  • It has an amazing user interface
  • Value for money


  • Not an option for smaller space owner

2. LG 86NANO90UNA Alexa Built-in NanoCell 90 Series 86″ 4K Smart UHD NanoCell TV

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LG 86NANO90UNA Alexa Built-in NanoCell 90 Series is a breakthrough in technology. You don’t need to be a videophile before you can attest to the wonders of this television screen. As long as you can tell between good and bad, you will know just how incredible this television is.

This 4K Smart UHD NanoCell TV transmits content into crystal clear images. With over 8.3 million active pixels, it’s video quality is far better than full HD. It produces top-notch pictures with vivid and exact colours. You don’t need to be so close to the TV to get a better view of the screen. You can see everything from almost any angle you are seated.

It has a Full Array Dimming. With this, it can transmit content, whether from your favourite film or video games, into a real lifelike view to give you a great viewing experience. What about its sound? It has Wireless Rear up firing surround speakers to produce great audio content.

Key Features

  • Wireless rear upfiring surround speakers
  • Full Array Dimming
  • Smart TV option
  • Alexa built-in
  • Webos And Magic Remote


  • It has amazing sound dexterity
  • It has excellent user interface


  • The television is fragile

3. LG 86” UT640S Series UHD Commercial Signage TV 86UT640S0UA

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If you want a television that you can view from any angle you are seated, LG 86” UT640S Series UHD Commercial Signage TV 86UT640S0UA is the television to buy. It is designed with an IPS display which makes it possible for it to transmit quality pictures that can be seen clearly from diverse angles. So, whether or not you are close to the TV, you will have the same top-notch viewing experience.

If you are not a big fan of small-sized television yet but don’t want to break the bank getting your desired screen size. Here is another television you should settle for. When you are well acquainted with the superlative functions and features of this television, you will understand that it is sold for a giveaway price.

It has a superb Smart TV option that turns your living room into a smart home. You can use the Alexa built-in to control the television instead of having to use the remote all the time.

You would not miss out on your favourite programs. This television affords you the opportunity of going online to stream your favourite shows or movies.

What if you are a lover of a video game? There is something for you as well. The television produces clear motion pictures with no blur. Your action-packed video game will be crisp.

Key Features

  • Smart Tv option
  • 4K Resolution
  • Av control system


  • Value for money
  • Friendly user interface


  • The television is quite fragile

4. LG 86TR3BF-B Digital Signage Display

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Have you ever wondered why a large screen Television size is needed? Due to economic reasons, many people argue that it is not needed. You may have heard the popular parlance that everything important thing will either be ‘Compulsory or Necessary’.

Nevertheless, the LG 86TR3BF-B Digital Signage Display explains why it is necessary to purchase a giant-sized television if you can afford one.

Nothing can come near the superlative features and user experience that is derived from using this television. Besides the big screen, its ambient mode adds colour to the beauty of the living room. This means the television also serves a function when it is not even in use.

There is nothing better than seeing an event from the giant screen television. Let no one tell you otherwise. If you want to have a thrill of that cinematic experience from your home, get this television.

Key Features

  • High resolution
  • Value for money
  • Amazing sound dexterity


  • It can be easily set up without stress


  • It is quite heavy

How To Set Up Your LG Smart TV

Setting up the LG Smart TV can be quite tricky. The reason is not far fetched considering the consistent improvement in LG Smart TVs. You might wonder why the television needs so much data just to set up. Worry less. We are here to walk you through the entire process.

Power the TV and Press The OK button

The first step you must take is to power the television. You understand that television will not work unless it is powered. There is nothing complicated about that. Find the remote and click on the OK button—a click on the OK button pairs the remote and the TV automatically.

Set Your Location

Once you get through with the first stage, the television will request that you enter your location and time zone in its system. Also, you will be asked to set your language of choice. This will enable the television to design an automatic program guide for you.

Connect To Other Devices

At this stage, you will be asked to connect your television to other devices. For game lovers, you can connect your PlayStation 4 with the television.

Go Online

The television will require that you connect to an internet network. The Network you connect to will be used to update the system apps, connect to streaming sites and to do other things on the television.

The television will search for an available network. All you need to is connect to one by entering the password. However, if you use a decided network, click on the hidden option at the end of the list. You will be able to enter your network details manually from there.

Agree To The Privacy Terms and Conditions

Once the television is connected to the internet, it will bring the terms and conditions for privacy choices. You should click agree…if you agree 🙂

Some privacy terms may be intrusive to you. Be sure to know that some features will not function on the television unless you agree to the privacy terms and conditions.

Set The AI Function

Next, you’ll need to set the Artificial Intelligence option. Two options will be provided. There is AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro. The first one deals with the picture, while the latter deals with sound.

Scan For Channels

You would need to scan for channels at this stage. If you are not able to get many channels, you should consider getting an antenna to boost your scan. Also, you can try scanning again and again.

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