Step-by-Step Guide on How to Set Up a New LG TV

So you’ve got a new LG TV and are very excited to start changing channels. Setting up a TV isn’t as exciting as buying one for most people. The first thing you must do after getting your new LG TV is to set it up.

Reasonably, virtually all the new generation LG television are built with Smart TV options. We will focus more on how to set up a smart LG TV.

How to Set up LG TV

Set up LG TV
Image by Mark Hummingbird

1. Pair The Remote With Television

The first step is to pair the remote with the television. It is assumed that the control device and the TV are meeting for the first time, so to enable the remote to gain access to the control television, it must be paired with it.

Once the remote has been successfully paired with the television, the next thing to do is click the Enter button.

2. Select Your Preferred Language and Set the Clock

The next thing to do is select your preferred language. The LG television is built to have diverse language options.

You are to choose your preferred one. Also, it is expected that you change the timezone of the TV. This is to allow the television to ascertain the location where the device it’s being used from.

3. Select The Usage Option

The LG television allows users to either use it at home or in-store. This means you can either mount it on your table or wall in your living room for viewing or use it for commercial purposes regarded as an in-store display.

Based on your preference, select the most suitable option.

4. Select Your Network

Because it is a Smart TV, there is little to what can be done when it’s not connected to a network. At this point, you will determine the type of connection you want to use, whether it is a wireless or wired Ethernet connection.

5. Supply The Password To The Network

Once you have selected the preferred connection type, you will be asked to supply the network’s password. Enter the correct password to the WiFi and move to the next stage.

6. Read and Agree To Terms and Conditions

Ensure you read the terms and conditions before you click on agree. In most cases, the television used the details you have supplied to craft out relevant terms and conditions for your usage. Read carefully before you click on agree.

7. Enjoy!

Your LG TV is now ready to be enjoyed. If you experience any technical issues, you can contact the LG customer service line in your country.