LG TV Size Guide

LG has high-quality options for all tv sizes. Choosing the proper television may be a challenging process. Which TV should you buy? And which size is the right one for you? Should you buy the biggest one? There are many questions to answer.

The correct answer is that it will depend on your personal preference. If you are looking for a good TV and are willing to spend good money for a good TV the South Korean brand LG might be the right choice for you.

LG is a leading player in the consumer electronics space, and they have special competence when it comes to TVs. In this guide, we will talk about LG TVs sizes and will help you decide which might be the right one for you.

Each TV brand has its own personality. They have their own distinctive software and varying strengths and weaknesses in TV performance. LG is in league with Samsung and Sony in providing the best picture quality money can buy.

Their TVs often command a premium price. However, they also have a wide portfolio, and there surely is a TV that will match your needs.

Any discussion about LG TVs cannot be complete without mentioning that they produce some of the best OLED panels. OLED displays deliver a better picture quality than less costly LCD panels.

If you want the finest image quality, then you should choose an OLED TV. Some budget options from LG, like LG UHD and LG Nano cell, have LCD panels, but despite not having OLED panels, the build quality is great. LG produces some of the best TVs across its small, mid-sized and large TVs.

LG has a wide portfolio, so the good news is that you can find the right size you’re looking for. Their TVs start at 32-inches and can go as big as 88-inches.

If you’re looking for LG TVs under 32-inches, you may find older models. But for smaller models, your money is better spent on newer models from other brands like Vizio or Insignia.

Quick Overview of Popular LG Tv Sizes

LG TV SizesRecommended TV Model
32-inch LG TVLG 32LM577 TV
48-inch LG TVLG C1 SmartTV
55-inch LG TVLG 55″ Smart UHD NanoCell TV
65-inch LG TVLG NanoCell 90 Series Smart UHD TV
77- inch LG TV77-inch G series TVs
86-inch LG TVLG 99 Series 86″ NanoCell TV

Small LG TVs

The smallest LG TV you can buy right now is the LG 32LM577 which is a 32 inch HD Smart TV. This TV boasts an HDR display, which is a feature you do not see in budget brands.

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is a television standard that allows displays to provide better contrast, more accurate colors, and more vibrant images than conventional sets.

A step above 32-inch TVs, you will find 43-inch TVs. The 43″ LG LED Smart TV offers a slim design and real 4K UHD  resolution. It also has Dolby Cinema and can follow your voice Commands. This TV is also available in bigger sizes.

If you’re looking for a small OLED display, then you can choose a 48-inch model, the LG C1 SmartTV.

For a bigger TV display in the small category, you can opt for LG NanoCell TV’s 50-inch display. A Nano cell TV has a wide viewing angle and is less affected by sunlight reflections. As with other LG models, you can get bigger variants of this model.

Mid Sized LG TVs

Since Big LG TVs can go beyond 85-inches, we have defined any TV between 55-inch and 75-inch as a mid-size TV. The real picture quality of LG TVs starts to show in the mid-sized TVs.

At 55-inches, you will still find TVs with UHD displays, like the 55″ LG LED Smart TV with NanoCell technology.

For mid-sized OLED displays, you have a lot of variety to choose from. The LG OLED TVs are named series A, B, C and G – each a little better than the former. We mentioned the 48-inch model of the C series in the small TV section as well.

Check out the B series, and the A series as well. Depending on how advanced you want your TV to be and how much your budget is, you can choose the right model size. You can choose from 55″, 65″ and 75″ models.

The major among these models are in sound output and processors. The LG G1 Series 65″ TV is a must consider if you want great picture quality with impressive design language as well.

In the LG mid-sized TV category, you can also find the best LCD TVs. LG NanoCell 90 Series Smart UHD TV is a good choice if you’re not inclined towards an OLED. You can choose from 55, 65, and 75-inch models. Some LCDs, like LG 99 Series TV also offer an 8K resolution.

However, it is difficult to justify the steep price manufacturers quote for 8K TVs, and then, at 65 or 75 inches the 4K display works perfectly fine. So, we recommend that you save your money by sticking to 4K displays if you’re getting a mid-sized TV.

Big LG TVs

LG offers some of the best big TVs in the market. We have categorized any TV above 75 inches as a big TV. While other manufacturers have a limited offering at this high end of the TV market, LG has a lot of products, and in different sizes.

The best big TVs are OLED, and in this high-end segment, LG offers its signature Z series of what it calls art-inspired TVs, at 77 and 88 inches.

These TVs are extremely expensive are not targeted towards general consumers. Those looking for more reasonable OLED deals should opt for the 77-inch G series TVs.

For those looking for 8K displays, you can choose between LG 99 Series 86″ NanoCell TV. These TVs have a higher refresh rate of 120Hz. A higher refresh rate renders your content much more smoothly. These TVs help you recreate a cinema experience.

And as these are built-in with access to Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, and other such services, you can enjoy your content on the large screens with ease.

While these big TVs are enticing, they are not the best choice for everyone. TV choice should be driven by not only the specifications of the TV but also the specifications of your living room. A big TV in a small room will not result in an optimal experience.

Furthermore, you do not have an 8K display unless you’re getting a large TV. Think about the space your TV will be occupying, and the kind of content you will be consuming on your TV, then you can decide to choose from the wide variety of products that LG has on offer.