4 Techniques for Locking Your YouTube Screen

The sensitivity of touchscreens on devices has greatly improved over time. Despite this, touchscreen displays are still susceptible to unintentional taps. With the majority of mobile devices now utilizing a touchscreen instead of physical keys, it is common for senior citizens and children to accidentally make inputs, particularly when watching YouTube videos.

YouTube Screen

YouTube, ranked the second most-used search engine in the world, is a platform where people come to have fun and watch informative, funny, sad, and other types of videos.

People come to this platform for different reasons, either for entertainment, knowledge or other reasons. No one likes to be interrupted while watching a video on YouTube.

While YouTube contains many cartoons, funnies, and educational content for children that they prefer to watch, kids are always anxious to explore, learn and discover more. They continue to touch the screen and move from one section and menus to another, scrolling here and there. They give unwanted YouTube likes and unintentionally subscribe, making you a subscriber to multiple unwanted channels.

YouTube Video Views are usually seen in your history that you may not want your kids to watch, and your child might unintentionally move to other apps and make unwanted changes there. In such cases, you can simply lock the YouTube screen. But how exactly do you go about it?

How to lock YouTube Screen For Android

Screen Pinning is a feature available on Android phones for pinning any app, including YouTube. Screen pinning is an Android phone feature that allows users to lock the entire phone and only allow one app to run.

YouTube is one example of such an app. This feature prevents the children from using other apps and restricts them to YouTube only. The following are the steps to enable screen pinning:

• On your Android phone, go to “Settings.”

• Select “Security” from the drop-down menu.

• Next, select the “Advanced” option.

• The Advanced feature includes the option for “Screen Pinning.”

• If you don’t see the option for Screen Pinning, it should be displayed as “Lock Screen and Security” on your Android.

• Turn on the feature on your Android device.

• Now, open YouTube and click the Pin icon to lock the app.

Settings> Security> Advanced> Screen Pinning.

How Lock YouTube Screen For iPhone

While watching a YouTube video on an iPhone, you can lock the screen. The procedures are as follows:

• Open YouTube in your Chrome browser by typing in its URL, e.g., YouTube.com

• Navigate to the three dots at the top of YouTube. Those three buttons are usually displayed in a vertical arrangement in the right corner.

• When you press that button, a list will appear. Look for “Settings” in that list.

• In Settings, there is a “General” option that you should select next.

• After selecting the “General” option, select the “Accessibility” option.

• Finally, the “Guided Access” feature is located under the “Accessibility” option.

• Turn on the “Guided Access” option.

• Enter the passcode required when you want to disable the locking feature.

• After entering the passcode, your screen automatically locks, and you will be able to watch YouTube videos with ease.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access.

You can also add the “Guided Access” feature directly from your iPhone’s home screen.

Other Methods to Lock Screen While Watching YouTube Videos

1. Using Dolphin Browser

When you use any other web browser to lock your screen, YouTube mobile will pause video playback. There is, however, one exception: the Dolphin web browser. If you use Dolphin to access YouTube on your mobile device, you can lock YouTube and begin playing the video you chose by tapping the Play button on the lock screen.

2. Using Musi Mobile App

If Dolphin does not work for you, you can try the Musi app. You can remove ads for a small in-app fee, but the app is otherwise free to use. The Search tab allows you to search for a video to play on YouTube. Although you can’t exit the app, you can lock it, and the video will keep playing.

Musi has the disadvantage of not letting you play/pause videos from the lock screen. The app does not integrate with the Control Center’s music controls; neither does it add a player to the lock screen. Each time you want to pause a video, you must first unlock YouTube and use the app.

Many “Lock Screen apps” are available on the Google Play store for all Androids and iPhones that allow users to lock the screen of any selected app, including YouTube. Install this app, then, after agreeing to the terms and conditions, enable it on the device to disable the touch screen feature.

Is it possible to lock the iPhone screen while watching YouTube in another browser?

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari browsers will not meet the requirements. Guided Access is your best bet if you’re using one of these browsers.

As a result, you can now confidently hand over your phone to your child while it plays YouTube videos. As previously stated, you have the option of using the Guided Access setting, the Dolphin browser, or Musi.

Is it possible to lock your phone while watching YouTube?

Turn on the touch blocker as soon as you start watching YouTube videos.

To enable it, touch the notification icon. You can turn off the touch blocking when you’re no longer watching videos.