How To Find Lost Firestick Remote

The Firestick and Fire TV are streaming gadgets with a small and compact remote, making them easily displaceable. Even though Amazon’s Alexa can manage the Firestick and Fire TV, you still need a controller to access menu functions.

It is human nature to forget or lose things. It is possible to replace your Firestick remote if you have forgotten or misplaced it or want an extra one without paying any money.

There are some alternatives to using a remote to control your Firestick and Fire TV. The Firestick is a Smart streaming gadget that other Smart devices can control.

How to Find a Lost Firestick Remote?

There is no inbuilt software like a light beacon or sound to help point you in the direction of your lost Firestick remote. While that would have been a cool feature, it does not exist.

So, while you decide on placing an order for a new one or keep searching for the lost remote, we are going to suggest some alternatives to your Firestick remote:

Use a Keyboard or Mouse

Bluetooth is incorporated into the Amazon Firestick, and Bluetooth can be used to connect a wireless keyboard or mouse to your Firestick device. If you want to browse the internet on your Firestick, using a keyboard and mouse is an excellent choice.

Use the Smart TV Remote instead of the FireStick Remote

Another great option is to use your Smart TV remote instead of the Firestick remote; this enables you to operate the Firestick device with your TV remote instead of buying a new one or while you wait for it to arrive.

In today’s world, any TV comes equipped with Smart capabilities linked via HDMI. You can effortlessly connect the Smart TV’s control to the Amazon Fire Stick. To connect another TV’s remote to the Fire TV Stick, you must complete the pairing process described below:

  • Using the home button, go to “settings.”
  • Select the controller and Bluetooth device from the drop-down menus.
  • After this, the choice of Fire TV Stick Remote appears.
  • Click on your Firestick device to complete the pairing.

Note that this only works for Smart TVs or TVs with an inbuilt Bluetooth device.

Good old Alexa

Alexa is known to come to our aid when needed, and it is no different at this moment. All you need to do is command Alexa to “play this” or search “for that” on your Firestick device, and your wish would be carried out immediately.

Amazon Fire TV App for Smartphones

A smartphone app called Amazon Fire TV is available to control the Amazon Firestick. Get the App from Google Play or Apple App Store. Check that the WiFi connections on your Firestick and your smartphone are the same.

You can monitor and manage the FireStick with your smartphone if your Firestick is connected to the same WiFi network. You may then sign in to the App and start using your phone as a fully functional remote control. However, it depends on the kind of smartphone you are using.

Go to the Google Play or Apple App Store and download the Fire TV app. After installation, launch it from the application launcher. If you’re using a close connection, your Firestick will appear on the screen without asking you to log in. The App will immediately prompt you to enter a four-digit PIN after tapping on the Fire TV Stick on your phone.

The code will also appear on the TV; enter it to connect the Fire TV remote to your FireStick via your smartphone.

At this stage, you are done with the connection and can use the App on your phone to control your Firestick device. Again, this is a temporary solution while you decide on whether to get a new remote or not.

The application is the best option for older remotes, and you can use it whenever you can’t find your remote.

How to Prevent your Firestick Remote from going missing

Taking preventive measures would always be better than crying wolf when something happens. In this case, there are a few safety measures you can put in place to ensure your Firestick remote never goes missing again:

Shockproof Protective Silicon Case

The shockproof protective silicon case is predesigned with materials that ensure your remote does not accidentally slip and fall when placed on a surface. The subtle glow around your remote also makes it very easy to find in a dark room, as it glows constantly.

Remote Plus Attachment

The Remote Plus Attachment is designed to provide extra layers to increase the size of your remote. It has three distinct features which are vital in ensuring you do not lose your Firestick remote in the future:

  • Remote Finder uses the mobile App to start beeping and flashing lights to help you find a misplaced remote.
  • The built-in LED in the Button Light helps you see Remote buttons in the dark.
  • Plug your headphones into the Remote Plus’ audio jack to re-direct sound from the TV speakers (or Soundbar) to headphones, then unplug your headphones to re-direct sound to TV speakers.


The best way to replace a lost Firestick remote is to purchase the same remote you lost. If you’re so concerned about your money, work up a sweat and find the misplaced Firestick controller. If you lose or break your remote, the procedures above would help.