10 Best Low Profile TV Stands

A low profile TV stand is simply a TV stand that sits closer to the ground and is smaller than other styles of TV stands. This TV stand style is perfect if you do not have a lot of space. To begin with, you can easily find the ideal low-profile TV stand to fit into your space.

You can find just about any style available in a low-profile TV stand. However, they tend to be more on the simplistic side of design; you can easily dress up a simple style to match your taste or leave it if you enjoy a more minimalist look.

Another positive point to purchasing a low-profile TV stand is that they are generally more affordable than other TV stands.

Due to them being smaller and more simple, those factors are reflected in the price. This is excellent news since decorating your home is expensive, especially if you are just starting out on your own.

If you are looking for something a little more simplistic or affordable, we have compiled a list of 10 fantastic low-profile TV stands to purchase. Check out the list before, and you may just find exactly what you are looking for.

Also, some of these low-profile TV stands are pieces of a set, which is great news if you are in the market for overhauling your living space.

Buying matching furniture pieces will help to pull your room together and look put together nicely.

Best low-profile TV Stands

Without further ado, check out the 10 best low-profile TV stands available.

1. Modway Render Mid-century Low Profile TV stand

Product information:

Dimensions: 13.5″ L, 58.5″ W, 17″ H

Weight:  43 pounds

Material:  wood

With a smooth walnut grain veneer and slatted sliding doors, this low-profile tv stand is not only stylish but also versatile.

With its unassuming design, you can use this low-profile tv stand in any room of your house for some added style and extra storage.

Designed to be sturdy and with a strong frame ensuring many years of enjoyment with little wear and tear.


  • Superior construction
  • ample storage space
  • versatile entertainment center
  • holds up to a 59″ TV

2. Ameriwood Home Whitby TV Stand

Product information

Dimensions: 58.6″ L, 18.7″ W, 18.6″ H

Weight: 78.1 pounds

Material: laminate particle board, powder-coated metal

You can add a modern feel to your home with this Ameriwood home Whitby Tv stand.

As part of a collection, you can purchase all the pieces to elevate your living space with this modern style.

The frame is a black powder-coated metal adding in a classic element; you are sure to wow your guests.

Offering ample storage space, helping to keep your living space clean and tidy with as little effort as possible.


  • Part of a collection to complete a room
  • Ample storage space
  • Chic and stylish design
  • Holds up to 65″ TV

3. Modway Transmit 55″ Tv Stand

Product Information

Dimensions: 55″ L, 15.5″ W, 16″ H

Weight: 41 pounds

Materials: particleboard, laminate

if you are looking for an open concept, versatile TV stand, then this may be for you. With superior construction in mind, this TV stand was created to last for years to come.

Finished in a walnut grain finish and the pull-out drawer rocking a white lacquer, this TV stand will bring an element of retro yet modern appeal to your home.

With lots of storage space for all your needs, you will not be compromising style for practicality.


  • Superior construction
  • ample storage space
  • versatile entertainment center
  • holds up to a 60″ TV

4. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go TV Stand

Product Information

Dimensions:  35.5″ L, 15.75″ W, 20.5″ H

Weight: 36 pounds

Materials: particle board, laminate, plastic

Having a small living space does not mean you need to compromise on style.

This TV stand is designed with small spaces in mind. With its stunning looks, you can enjoy a beautiful piece of furniture and not feel overcrowded.

Finished with an espresso wood grain laminate and opaque plastic doors. Staying tidy and clutter-free is crucial in small spaces; this TV stand offers plenty of storage to keep your belongings picked up and put away.


Easy assembly, no tools required

Great for small spaces

Various colors to choose from

Holds up to 36″ TV

5. Manhattan Comfort Baxter Modern 60″ Living Room TV Stand

Product Information

Dimensions:  62.99″ L, 14.17″ W, 23.03″ H

Weight: 74.56 pounds

Materials: Wood, Iron

Adding in the modern Manhattan Comfort TV stand will take your living space to the next level.

The two concealed storage shelves will help to hide away your electronics, media accessories, or whatever you need out of sight.

This TV stand is sure to become the focal point of your living room and impress all your guests.


  • High-quality materials used
  • Sleek design
  • Ample storage space
  • Holds up to 60″ TV

6. Nexera Rustik 3 Drawers TV Stand

Product Information

Dimensions: 59.75″ L, 18.75″ W, 17.25″ H

Weight: 80 pounds

Material: particle board, MDF

If you are looking to add a modern low-profile tv stand to your home, the Nexera Rustik tv stand is right up your alley.

This piece of furniture looks excellent, but it comes in a variety of colors, ensuring you will find the shade to suit your décor.

Offering ample storage space, this tv stand will help keep your living space clean, tidy, and looking stylish.


  • Easy wire access
  • Water-resistant finish
  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds up to 65″ TV

7. Newport Series Modern TV Media Console Stand

Product Information

Dimensions: 63″ L, 17.7″ W, 22″ H

Weight: 82.8 pounds

Material: metal, engineered wood

Designed with style and functionality in mind, this low-profile TV stand will elevate your living space.

Helping you stay organized and your area tidy with ample storage is covered, so it is out of sight.

This TV stand is well designed and durable, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Included with the TV stand are easy-to-follow instructions so you can have your new piece built in no time.


  • Ample storage space
  • Well constructed and durable
  • Cable management system
  • Holds up to 70″ TV

8. VASAGLE TV Stand Entertainment Center

Product Information

Dimensions: 63″ L, 15.4″ W, 19.7″ H

Weight: 41.6 pounds

Material: particle board, steel

Adding a rustic, industrial feel to your living space has never been easier.

The Vasagle TV stand is sure to impress. Donning an open concept making it perfect for opening up spaces and giving the illusion of more space in your home.

Assembly could not be more straightforward, all the pieces are numbered, and the tools needed are provided with the TV stand.


  • It comes with tools needed to assemble
  • Easy to assemble
  • Open concept design
  • Holds up to 70″ TV

9. Baxton Studio Gemini Wood Contemporary TV Stand

Product Information

Dimensions: 66″ L, 20.5″ W, 17.75″ H

Weight: 89.2 pounds

Material: engineered wood, metal

This eye-catching low-profile TV stand is a contrast of white and walnut faux finish giving your home a fresh and clean style.

As part of a collection, you can add the other pieces to your home, have a cohesive look, and add a light, fresh feel.


  • Part of a collection of furniture
  • Fresh and stylish design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds up to 60″ TV

10. Modway Envision Mid-Century Modern Low-profile Entertainment TV Stand

Product Information

Dimensions: 70″ L, 13.5″ W, 17″ H

Weight: 61 pounds

Material: particle board, laminate

A sleek, low-profile TV stand with the perfect mix of modern and vintage to take your living space to the next level.

Shelves are adjustable to suit all your storage needs, and sliding doors provide easy coverage.

There are various sizes available of his low-profile TV stand and other pieces to compliment this piece.

Adding a few pieces from this collection will freshen up your space and a splash of style.


  • Cord management system
  • One-year warranty
  • Durable and stable build
  • Holds up to 78″ TV

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