3 Ways to Find Magnavox TV Model Number

You can get information and services specific to your device by inputting your model name online, TV Model List for Magnavox Tv Parts, and accessories. You can sort your results by TV model number if you don’t know your part number.

How to Find Magnavox TV Model Number

The model number of your Magnavox television can usually be found:

  • At the back of your Tv, 
  • In the manual, 
  • On the menu and settings. 

Start by attempting to reset your television. Detach the power cord from the outlet, then press and hold the power button on the TV for at least 10 seconds (not the remote).

Then wait a few minutes before plugging the TV back in and pressing the power button once more. Two blinks frequently indicate a faulty power supply on Magnavox TVs. 

The model name is usually inscribed on the television’s front panel or placed on a label on the back of the television. 

What Type of Television is A Magnavox?


Type                Subsidiary

Headquarters          Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Other products the have include Dehumidifiers, heaters, air conditioners, headphones, batteries, Odyssey (video game console), TVs, speakers, Blu-ray and DVD players, dehumidifiers, heaters, air conditioners, headphones, batteries 

Parent              Philips

Website            magnavox.com

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Understanding The Model Name of Your Magnavox Television

Your TV model name may appear to be made up of random letters and numbers, but there is some logic behind it. Each model has three portions that might assist you in identifying important information about your television. 

The resolution of the TV is indicated by the first part of the model name (before the hyphen): 2K (KDL) or 4K (KDL) (KD). 

The numbers specify the screen size in inches following the hyphen. 

A production series is conveyed by the final sequence of letters and numbers, which is more crucial for maintenance and support. 

The final letter can denote a color difference in the bezel, frame, or stand. 

If the letter begins with the letter “A,” it is a member of our OLED family. 

What is the best way to find out what your model name is? 

On the sticker of the product 

In the user settings of the television, 

On the back of the TV’s original box


Finding the model number on your Tv should not be a laborious task. Find it just by looking around your Tv and following all these steps. 

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