How to Fix Media Sound Not Working on Android

Android devices are bound to develop technical faults unexpectedly. A common problem your Android can develop is a media sound problem. At first, you might have the impression that your device has spoiled, but maybe not. It could be a result of dust clogs or a hardware fault.

Do not opt to take your Android for immediate repairs. There are simple ways to troubleshoot to detect the source of the media sound fault. If you cannot hear any sound blaring from your android speaker, let’s examine the techniques to fix your Android’s media sound.

Simple Ways to fix Android Media Problems

Media Sound Not Working on Android

Below is a list of Do It Yourself methods you can adopt to solve a media sound problem on your device.

Ensure The Volume Is On

It is possible that you muted your device’s audio output. It might not come to your notice until you decide to play out sound from your device. Check the volume setting when you notice your android media is not functioning

Checking the volume level on your device is the initial step you should take to determine the source of the problem. Your volume could be entirely off. To turn it on, press the button on the side of your android device to activate the sound. Set your volume to your desired level. If the volume were the problem, your device would begin to produce audible noise when you turn on the volume.

Ensure Do Not Disturb isn’t enabled

If the DND function on your device is on, it might be why your Android is not emitting any sound. To solve this problem, you will have to turn it off to hear the sound. To disable this setting, go to Settings and then turn off the button for “Do not disturb.” Your media sound would go back to normal if this setting were the source of the problem.

Make Sure The Speaker is Clean

Dust accumulation in your android speaker can make it difficult for your Android to produce sound. When your speakers become dusty, cleaning can help restore the sound. Before cleaning your device, make sure it is off. If your phone doesn’t have an inbuilt battery, remove the battery before you attempt to clean the speaker. 

To clean, blow in the air into the speaker with your mouth or by using a can of compressed air. While performing this action, you should be cautious. After blowing it out, test the speaker to know if the fault has been resolved.

Check for External Sound Connections

Before you begin to fret about a media sound problem:

  • Make sure you have no other connection to another sound source.
  • Ensure that you are not using Bluetooth or an external speaker.
  • Check to see that the headphone jack on your device is empty before you decide to give up on fixing the sound problem.

Sound disruption from external connections happens because the android system sends any sounds emanating from your device to an external source. If you do not recall linking to any external source, you should switch off your Bluetooth and check to see if the speaker on your phone is working. 

Examine App Audio Setting

Check the audio settings of specific applications on your device. Find out if the speaker or sound on your phone works with some apps. The video interface includes a small sound button when watching a video on some social media platforms. This button is usually in the bottom right-hand corner. If you tap the button, you will unmute the sound of the video you want to play. Always try to verify the sound settings of an app to guarantee that the sound is on.

Look out for Liquid Substances

The inability of your phone’s speaker to function correctly is a typical outcome of water or liquid entering your device. Any liquid spill on your device might seep into the internal component attached to the open grills. If you are experiencing problems with your phone’s speaker after such an incident, try letting your phone air dry. Ensure to switch off your android device as soon as it occurs. Place the phone on a surface where it can receive air. Please wait until your device is dry before attempting to switch it back on.

Ensure Your Device is in Safe Mode

The safe mode on your device is a mode that loads all of the necessary files needed to turn on your device. You can use this mode to rectify media issues. It will help you delete the apps causing the problem if you have launched an application that makes the speaker not work correctly. When operating in the safe mode, your entire system usually functions. The procedure to enter safe mode differs depending on the gadget you use. Follow the step-by-step guide below to discover how to enter safe mode on your Android device.

  • Click and hold down the power button.
  • Select the Power off button by tapping and holding it.
  • Click the OK option to cause your phone to enter safe mode and reset.
  • Remove the programmes that are giving you trouble and check to see if your sound is working correctly.

Seek the Assistance of a Professional

If you have exhausted all DIY options to restore your android sound without a positive outcome, seek external help. There are professionals who major in phone repairs. You can hand your device to them for repair. Before doing this, you might as well look up your phone’s warranty. If your device warranty is still valid, you can send the phone to the phone company. It is safer to send your Android device back to its developers.

Technological gadgets can develop technical problems, which may not be your fault. Different factors make your android media sound faulty. You are in luck because there are quick solutions to that problem. Apply the solutions we have made available to fix the media sound problem on your android device.