3 Ways To Mirror to a Samsung TV

Do you have a Samsung Television set and you would like to watch your smartphone screen on your television, get in here. Samsung allows smartphone users to mirror their phone’s screen on the television to give them a more distinct viewing experience.

The screen mirroring feature of the Samsung Television is a breakthrough in technology that allows smartphone users cast their phone screen with the television.

With this, you don’t necessarily needs to download applications on your smart Samsung Television before you can use them. Apps can be downloaded on the smartphone and have them mirror on the television.

This is something that appeals to lovers of video games, you can literally play almost any game on your Samsung Television without installing the game on your TV.

There are several ways to mirror your phone on the Television. We will highlight three most effective ways to do that without stress. If you want to cast your Samsung TV, use any of the three methods listed and explained below.

1. Use SmartThings Application

SmartThings is a Samsung application that Samsung users can use to control smart home devices. This application can be used to connect a Samsung Television and a smartphone together. Interestingly, the SmartThings application can be found on iOS and Android app stores.

For Samsung Television manufactured from 2016, SmartThings application can automatically identify and connect to the television without stress. To cast your Samsung TV using SmartThings, follow this simple steps

Step One

Connect your phone and the television to same WiFi connection.

Step Two

Download the application from your phone app store. The SmartThings app is available on both android and iOS device. Ensure that you enough space on the phone and strong network connection to facilitate the download process.

Step Three

Launch the downloaded application on your phone, wait for it to come up. Click on add device. The application will search for available device around. If everything work out well, the app should find your television. And if not, try to check if your television is on, if it is not, turn it on.

If after doing that you still can’t find your device, you might have to restart the application or reboot your device.

Step Four

Once the device has found your television, click on your TV name to connect. Alternatively, you can scan your television to connect to it.

Step Five

Tap on Smart View. With this, your phone screen will be showing on the television. You can control the Television using your smartphone.

2. Smart View

Smart View application allows you mirror content saved on your mobile phone on the Television set. Also, you can enjoy contents or applications stored on your PC transmitted on your magnificent Television screen.

Follow this simple steps to cast your Samsung TV using Smart View

Step One

Connect your television and smartphone to the same WiFi network. Because you can use this app to mirror your PC’s screen on the television, you may also connect your PC and Television to the same network just incase you want to mirror with your PC.

Step Two

Visit your app store to download the Smart View application. The app is available on Android and iOS device. Also, the application can be downloaded from the official website of the application, if you are using your PC.

Step Three

Open the application and search for device. The application will show a list of available devices, identify and select your television name from the list.

Step Four

Once this is done, you would see your phone screen being projected on your television. Go to your gallery and select a photo or video the test run the set up.

Note: Once you have established a connection with your Samsung Television from your phone using the Smart View app, the system will save your details just incase you want to connect some other time.

3. USB-C-HDMI Cable

If your phone can’t screen mirror using any of the options listed earlier, you can achieve that seamlessly by using a USB-C-HDMI cable.

Step One

Pick the USB-C-HDMI cable or alternatively use the Dec cable, connect it to an adapter, the other end of the cable should be connected to your Samsung television.

Step Two

The HDMI adapter should be connected to the USB port that is connected to your smartphone. Go to the notification panel, select the mirroring switch option on it.

Step Three

Follow the series of programmed instructions that will follow suit and you are good to go.

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