Monitor says no signal? – Quick Fixes

You have just resumed your desk at work to begin the business of the day, only to turn on the monitor, and you get the unpleasant display of no signal on the screen. It can be a buzz killer, especially if you have no troubleshooting skills and can’t reach a technician in time.

When this happens, you might get so frustrated or think that getting a new monitor is your best bet. But, the no signal error on the monitor may have been caused by a minor fault. You can quickly fix it if you know what to do. This explains why you should know how to troubleshoot a no signal message on the monitor.

We will explain some of the causes of this issue and the simple things you can do to fix the problem.

Causes And Quick Fixes For No Signal Error on Monitors

1. Wrong Input Source

Since the monitor doesn’t generate and transmit content signals by itself, it relies on other sources to get signals. One of the major causes of the no signal error on the monitor is selecting the wrong input source. When your monitor is connected to several inputs sources, be sure to select the right one.

When you get the no signal message on the monitor, check to ascertain that you are connected to the correct input source. For instance, if you are connected using a video output, selecting an HDMI source would automatically mean no signal on the monitor.

Likewise, if you are connected using an HDMI source, you would not get a signal if you select a different source. It might be all you need to do to get this problem resolved.

2. Minor Bugs on the system

Sometimes, the fault could be caused by bugs on the monitor, and this can be easily solved by doing a soft reset of the monitor.

You might need to unplug the monitor from the power source. Leave it for a while before reconnecting and try again.

3. Cable Connection Problem

Check the input devices if you have confirmed that you are connected to the correct input source, and yet the problem persists. Often than not, the input device could be off.

It may have suffered from a power problem. When this happens, no signal will be transmitted, and your monitor will only put up the no signal on display.

Ensure you check all the wired connections and the connected devices. Make sure all the connected devices are on. Also, you might need to check the connection.

There are times that the connection link between the source and the monitor may be broken. Ensure all the HDMI cables connected to the PC are properly connected.

If you find out that a device is not on, check the power source. You might need to change the power source to ensure that the device stays on during use.

4. Monitor Resolution Settings

When the monitor’s display resolution and the connected device do not sync, it can also lead to the monitor showing no signal.

If the input device’s video card or graphics card has been programmed to display high-resolution content higher than the monitor, the monitor may display no signal.

To solve this, you might need to skim through the monitor guide or manual to learn about the resolution. You can program the input device to display content in a resolution that works with the monitor. It will help.

5. Try Another Monitor

Another great way to salvage this situation is to test another monitor. It would be best to consider this only after trying all the solution methods listed above, but the problem persists.

The fault could be from the monitor, and they could be from the input source. Testing another monitor might help you ascertain which of the devices is faulty.

Try connecting another monitor to the same input device. If the problem persists, that means the fault is from the connected devices. You might need to change the device.

However, if the problem is solved after connecting another monitor to the new input source, the fault is from the monitor. You might need to consult a technician to have the monitor checked for proper repair.

Take Away

You don’t have to pay heavily to have your monitor checked or repaired when it displays no signal error. Most times, the faults are minor and would only need a simple troubleshoot to fix.

You can always try any of the solution ideas listed in this blog to fix no signal error on your monitor. If, after trying and there are still no vivid changes, you can consult a technician.

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