Does The Nest App Work On Android TV?

The Google Nest app allows you to connect to your home devices, including your cam and thermostat. The question is, does the Nest app work on Android TV?

You can view the Nest Cam video on your tablet or even your phone. You can also view your Nest Cam and Dropcam videos on your TV with the Nest App for Android TV.

Nest App

So yes, the Nest app does certainly work on Android TV. However, you might choose to watch your favorite TV show or pass the time by playing a game; you can do either while checking on your cameras. You need a simple switch to view your cams and then flip right back.

What are the Requirements to Use the Nest app on Android TV?

Chromecast and Android TV are not the same, with both significantly differing as the Nest app for Android TV is incompatible with Chromecast.

If you plan to use the Nest App with Android TV, you must own either a Nest Cam or Dropcam. The app on Android TV is perfect for viewing camera feeds; however, the controls and features to view or manage other Nest products in your home are not available.

Nest (NC1102ES-MS) Cam Indoor Security Camera with Nest Outdoor Security Camera

If you want to manage the complete set of features and controls for all your Nest products, use the Nest app on a phone or tablet. You can also visit the official website on any internet-enabled computer system.

Installing the Nest app for Android TV

First Step: Move downwards toward the list of Apps that appear on the Home screen of your Android TV.

Second step: Locate and choose Google Play Store from the icons.

Third step: On the active Play Store App, scroll to the top part of your Android TV screen and locate “Search.”

Fourth step: Tap the Search icon. You can also decide to use the Voice search button instead. To do that, click on the “Voice Search” button on your remote control instead. Either way, you can choose to say or type the word “Nest.”

Find the Nest app icon (by Nest Labs) and select it. Then choose the install option. 

It is free to download and use the Nest app for Android TV.

Signing into your Nest App account

To access your Nest app for Android TV, particularly for the first time, log into your previously existing Nest App account.

Using the remote control, type in the email address and password for your account, after which you can sign in.

How to Retrieve Email or Password for Nest App

For the Email Address

To retrieve your email address for the Nest app, follow the steps below:

Step one: Activate your Nest app.

Step two: Tap the drop-down symbol at the upper left end to see the app’s Menu.

Step three: You will also see your account email from your account display.

For your password:

Trying to reset the Nest app password for Android TV will not work, and you will only be able to reset your Nest app account password through the app on your mobile device, phone, or tablet. From your computer, you can also visit to change your password.

To do this, follow the steps below:

Step one: Sign out of your Nest app account by tapping the “Settings” option, set at the top end of the display.

Step two: Tap “Account,” followed by the “Sign out” option. 

Step three: Follow the provided instructions on how to change your password.

How to Watch Videos Using the Nest App for Android TV

Your cameras appear on the home screen of the Nest app. Depending on “where” your cameras are, they will be displayed logically.

To look through your cameras, press the left or right arrow buttons on your remote, or you can use the swipe if available.

What Does the Nest app for Android TV do?

With the Nest app for Android TV, you can access your Nest Cams and Dropcams; view several cameras on a single display, and receive reminders and notifications from your Google Nest Protect that may require attention.