How to Fix Netflix Buffering on Smart TV

Streaming services like Netflix have revolutionized entertainment like few things have in the 21st century; no need for disks and tapes that can get damaged or the hassle of getting a DVR to record and rewatch your favorite shows.

However, many of us have been in there; you know, the one where you’ve gotten the popcorn ready and are in the ultimate binging mood, then comes the dreaded semi-circle that won’t stop spinning.

The ultimate question on your mind would be, “why is Netflix keep buffering?!” Well, I’ll show you some reasons and possible fixes. 

Why Netflix Keeps Buffering and Fixes

1. Network Availability And Speed

Netflix is a streaming service that runs on the internet, which means without an internet connection, your app will keep on buffering. Also, video streaming demands fast connection speeds, so if you’re using a slow internet connection, you might end up with Netflix that keeps buffering. 

For a seamless viewing experience, the minimum speed required for Netflix is about 3Mbps for standard streaming and 5Mbps for HD; for Ultra-HD, you need at least 25Mbps. Here are some fixes for network availability and speed:

  • Confirm your device’s internet connection.
  • Confirm that you still have a data subscription with your Internet Service Provider
  • Restart your router, modem, or any other hotspot device.
  • Check your internet speed on websites like Speedtest.
  • If possible, use a wired connection for better internet speed.

2. Other Processes Or Devices Using Network

Sometimes, you might have a great internet connection, but the number of devices connected to the network is too much, thereby decreasing the eventual internet speed your device receives.

If you’re using a router at home, try disconnecting other devices; if you’re using public Wi-Fi, you should switch to a private one.

Also, you might have many bandwidth-demanding apps on your device; this can cause your Netflix to keep buffering. Try closing other apps that require internet connectivity and leave only Netflix open; if you’re using a browser, try closing other tabs and leave only the one with Netflix open.

3. Internet Service Provider Blocked Netflix

If Netflix Keeps Buffering, probably your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has blocked access to Netflix servers. In countries like China, Crimea, North Korea, or Syria, there is no access to Netflix, and you can only enjoy the service using VPN.

In some cases, you might have an internet subscription that restricts access to certain websites, like Netflix; at other times, you might be using a school or office Wi-Fi that has blocked access to Netflix.

4. VPN Affecting Netflix

People use VPNs to access Netflix for two major reasons– when they have an ISP that has blocked access to the website or want to access location-specific content.

However, many free VPNs can reduce your browsing speed drastically; if you observe Netflix keeps buffering with a free VPN, try switching to a better or paid one.

Also, if Netflix detects your VPN, they would temporarily block your access to the videos, and they’ll keep buffering; in such cases, restart your VPN and restart Netflix.

5. Issue With Netflix Servers

While Netflix is a multi-billion dollar company focused on delivering the best services (and they do most times), even they attest that they can have service outages at times.

While these server downtimes don’t happen often, they still do; so, if your Netflix keeps buffering, maybe their server is down.

On the rare occasion that Netflix servers are down, they usually update customers via social media and their official website; in such a case, all you can do is wait!

6. Browser Or App Issue

When Netflix keeps buffering on your device, the app or browser might have an issue. You should try to clear the app’s cache on your device or browser and see if the buffering problem stops. On a smartphone or Smart TV, if that doesn’t work, try signing out and signing in; also, clear the app data on the device.

You might also be using an outdated or modified app; check your device’s official app store and update the app if there’s an update available; you can also try uninstalling and re-installing the app. If you’re using a modded Netflix app, uninstall it and try to install the official/signed version.

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7. Device Issue

The device you’re using might also be the reason why your Netflix keeps buffering; here are some common device issues that can cause Netflix to keep buffering and their fixes:

  • You might need to clear your RAM or processor due to them being overworked; the simple solution to this is to restart your device.
  • Your computer’s network driver might be outdated; in such a scenario, you can either update it through Windows Device Manager or use automatic driver downloaders like Driverpack.
  • Also, you might have a device with full memory storage that doesn’t allow for the proper functioning of apps, hence the continuous buffering.