How to Fix Netflix Sound Not Working

Netflix is a household name in the entertainment industry. It enables you to stream shows from anywhere in the world. Although the service performs well, there is still a possibility that you will experience some difficulties. A sound problem is an instance of such a challenge.

The common reasons you will encounter a sound problem while streaming on Netflix could be your speaker or the content you’re streaming. Resolving a sound problem is not tasking. Read on to discover ways of rectifying a sound issue on Netflix across different devices.

How to Fix Netflix Sound Problem on Different Devices

The techniques for fixing Netflix sound problems vary across different devices. Read on to discover how to rectify faulty Netflix sound across devices.

Fixing Netflix Sound on Smart TV 

Netflix Sound Not Working

Step 1: Reload Smart TV

  • Remove your TV plug from power.
  • Press the power button and wait for a minute. 
  • Reconnect your gadget to the power source.
  • Turn on your device and access Netflix to see if the issue has been rectified.

Step 2: Configure your Device Connections

If you are listening to audios through a sound bar, an external sound receiver, or speakers, the following applies to you:

  • Check to see that your speaker is wired to your receiver correctly.
  • Make sure that any HDMI or optical connectors are plugged in appropriately by checking their connections.
  • Try switching the orientation of the connectors on the HDMI or optical cable, or you could use a different line.

Step 3: Check External Device Setting

If you watch Netflix using a headset or an assistive hearing device, you should consider changing the audio output settings on your streaming device to Linear PCM output or Stereo. You can find the setting under the “Audio” menu. If you need assistance modifying these settings, contact the manufacturing company of your sound device.

Step 4: Confirm the Audio Settings on Your Device 

A wide variety of audio problems can result from the audio settings of your device not being appropriately set. Contact the manufacturers of your device for assistance in modifying these settings to comply with Netflix and any audio device you choose to connect to.

Fixing Netflix Sound Fault on PC

If playing a video on your laptop or personal computer results in sound problems, 

Step 1: Adjust the Sound Settings on Netflix

Make sure the “non-5.1” option is selected by clicking the dialogue box icon located in the lower right-hand corner of the Netflix player. If another option is chosen, make sure you set it to non-5.1. If this were the problem, the sound issue would be no more.

Step 2: Check for Audio Driver Update 

Check the control panel on your computer to determine if your installed audio driver is the most recent version. Checking the driver’s version number and verifying it online through a google search will help you determine whether or not the software contains the most recent update. Install any new driver updates that become available as soon as possible. 

Step 3: Adjust the Sound Settings on Your PC 

To access the Run window on the PC:

  • Press keys Win + R simultaneously.
  • Type “mmsys. cpl” into the search box. The window for customizing the native sound hardware settings will open. 
  • Pick your speakers and then click the set default icon under the Playback menu. 
  • Select Properties.
  • Select the Advanced tab. Check to see that option “24 bit, 192000 Hz” was selected. If it isn’t already, ensure your default format is set to 24 bits and 192000 Hz. 
  • Click OK. 

It would be great if you now resolved your troubles with Netflix sound on your PC when you complete this operation.

Fixing Netflix Sound Fault on Apple TV

Step 1: Report Content Problem

Check to see if any other movies or shows on TV are working. If you are experiencing the same issue with other videos, you can skip over these instructions. Otherwise, report the issue with the content. To report the content, follow the actions that are listed below :

  • Navigate to the viewing activity section of your account using a web browser.
  • Locate the movie or show with the problem in the list, and adhere to the instructions.
  • Click the Report Problem button.

Step 2: Check the Hardware Connection 

To check hardware connection:

  • Ensure you use an HDMI cable.
  • Connect your device and TV.
  • You could try switching the connectors on the HDMI cord around.
  • Switch to a different HDMI cable.
  • Use a different HDMI port.

If you can stream on a different TV, the problem may lie with the HDMI port of your TV. Get in touch with the TV maker for assistance.

Step 3: Adjust Audio Settings

Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3
  • Select settings from the icon that pops up
  • Click Audio.
  • Click Dolby.
  • To enable surround sound, select the Auto button.
  • Give Netflix another shot.
Apple TV 4, or Apple TV 4K
  • Choose Settings from the Apple TV.
  • Choose the video and audio options.
  • Click on Audio Format.
  • Click Change Format.
  • Confirm that you would like to change the format if a prompt appears.
  • Choose New Format to activate Dolby Digital 5.1.

Fixing Netflix Sound Problem on Smartphone

Step 1: Restart Smartphone

To determine the source of a sound problem with Netflix, you should consider restarting your device. To reboot your Smartphone, press the power button on the side of your Android and tap restart or reboot.

Step 2: Update Netflix App

If you’re experiencing a sound problem watching Netflix on your Smartphone, try to update your Netflix app. Streaming with an outdated app is likely to cause problems. Updating your app is an easy solution to rectify a sound problem.

Step 3: Clear Netflix App Cache

You may be unable to hear sound on your phone if you have many cache files saved from the Netflix app. You can fix the problem with Netflix’s sound by clearing the app’s cache.