How to Get Newsmax on Spectrum

Getting Newsmax on Spectrum is relatively easy. With the few steps highlighted in this post, you can access Newsmax on your spectrum cable network TV and enjoy entertainment and world trends. 

Newsmax is one of the most popular local news websites Americans visit for updates on current trends. Over the years, the channel has seen massive growth, and it now reaches over 70 million homes.

Its variety of channels cover health, finance, politics, and current trends in general, appealing to their vast number of subscribers.

Now let’s dive in!

How to Get Newsmax on Spectrum TV

How to Get Newsmax on Spectrum TV

To get Newsmax on your Spectrum TV, you would have to subscribe to any of the packages that spectrum offers. Spectrum TV offers two packages; Spectrum Gold and Spectrum Silver.

While Gold features about 340 channels with a subscription fee of just $89.99 per month, the Silver package covers 235 channels for a subscription fee of $69.99 per month.

These are the two packages for getting Newsmax on Spectrum.

  • Spectrum Gold packages: It offers more channels in the premium network than the Silver package. 
  • Spectrum Silver Package: It has a larger audience in the United States due to the many channels and lower subscription fees it offers. However, Spectrum cable might get you confused because the channels get mixed up sometimes; the channel number tends to change.

What channel is Newsmax on Spectrum?

City/StateChannel NumberCity/StateChannel Number
Akron, Ohio365Bourg, Louisiana135
Albany, New York222Charlotte, North Carolina222
Albertville, Alabama178Duluth, Minnesota132
Alcoa, Tennessee185Billings, Montana620
Austin, Texas222St Louis248
Cheyenne, Wyoming616Grand Island, Nebraska132
Columbia, South Carolina222Milwaukee, Wisconsin 365
Corry, Pennsylvania365Greenville, Michigan105
Yakima, Washington165Worcester, Massachusetts172

How to Upgrade Your Spectrum TV

If you’re already a subscriber to the basic version of Spectrum cable TV, you will not find the Newsmax channel. To get Newsmax, you need to contact Spectrum Customer care for an upgrade.

There are various ways to upgrade the Spectrum cable TV, but with these two methods, upgrading is easy.

1. Call Spectrum: You can upgrade your Spectrum TV, and your Newsmax channel becomes accessible by just placing a call. All you need to do is call customer service and let them know. 

This method is reliable because the customer service is there to answer any questions you want to ask concerning your spectrum cable.

2. Instant Upgrade DIY: You can also upgrade the Spectrum TV all by yourself with the instant upgrading feature. No call, no fee included. All you need to do is:

  • Go to channel 2495 on your remote.
  • In the TV upgrade option available, choose the package you would like to upgrade to.

 And that’s all to it. You can now start enjoying your upgraded package

Features of a Spectrum HDTV (High Definition Television) Box 

  • The high-end receiver delivers clear details, high pitch contrast, and excellent colors
  • The HD auto-tune feature tunes you directly into the HD version of any channel
  • Contains top-notch device models from the spectrum, Arris, Motorola, Samsung, or Pace.


How can I download Newsmax on my PC?

You can download Newsmax on your PC with the LD player Android emulator. Follow these steps to get Newsmax on your PC.

  • Complete the installation of LD player (an Android emulator targeted for gamers) on your PC
  • Launch the LD player and search for Newsmax on the search bar.
  • Install the game from Google Play Store or LD store 
  • After the installation is completed, click on the start icon to begin the game
  • Enjoy watching and playing Newsmax on your LD player.

How can I watch Newsmax on Spectrum?

To watch the Newsmax channel on Spectrum cable, you have to subscribe to the Spectrum Gold or the Spectrum Silver Package. Note that these services are provided for those who have subscribed to Spectrum cable TV services.

Can I take my Spectrum cable out of the house?

Note that taking your spectrum cable out of your house when moving into another house or going on a trip is illegal. Your cable is only used at the address it is registered to. Thus, using someone else’s address with your cable box registered with another house address is seen as a theft service.

However, you can legally move into your new home with your spectrum cable. All you need to do is call Spectrum customer service to transfer your spectrum service to your new address.


Currently, Newsmax almost overshadows Fox News. Millions of Americans stay tuned to the Newsmax channel on Spectrum TV because of the many channel options they can pick from on Newsmax and because of the simplicity when it comes to Spectrum TV.

Getting Newsmax on Spectrum cable is straightforward. If you follow the steps above and stick to the instructions, you can begin to watch Newsmax on your Spectrum TV today.