8 Fixes for ONN TV Audio Problems

One of the most common problems in TVs today is the audio. The ONN TV isn’t exempted. There are many cases of users facing varying audio problems with various TV brands.

While this is a problem for every TV brand in the market, a few cases are peculiar to some particular brands.

This post will focus on ONN TV audio problems. You will find it helpful if you want to get an ONN TV or have one already.

What will you learn?

You will learn about the most common ONN TV audio problems, the possible causes of these problems, and how to fix or prevent them.

Common ONN TV Audio Problems

The following are common audio problems users experience with ONN TVs.

ONN TV Volume is Too Low

ONN TVs volume can become too low and almost inaudible. You increase the volume level to maximum, yet the sound output remains too low. It is a common issue, but you can fix it in a few steps.

First, you may try to restart the TV to see if the problem persists. If the problem persists, read further to discover simple tips to fix this issue.

No Volume on Any Channel

Another common audio problem with ONN TV is when there is no volume on any channel. Your TV displays images but does not produce sound even when it is not muted.

The issue sometimes comes up with new TVs, and it can make the viewing experience a frustrating one.

ONN TV Audio Cuts Out and Comes Back On

One minute you have your TV playing well, and the next minute the audio cuts out only to reconnect again.

This is also an audio problem many users experience with ONN TVs. It creates loopholes in your TV viewing, and catching up might be difficult. Hence, the need for a quick fix.

What Are the Causes of the ONN TV Audio Problems?

If your ONN TV displays video content well but has issues with the audio output, one of the following factors could be the cause:

Private Listening is Active on Roku App

If your ONN TV supports Roku, you may have to check if you have enabled private listening.

The Roku app allows you to make additional changes to your TV, and the private listening option is one of them. 

Sometimes, disabling this feature can help fix your ONN TV audio problem.

Speakers Are Off

Your ONN TV will remain quiet on every channel if the speakers are off. 

The speakers may be off due to TV Settings or a damaged TV. Whichever the case, your TV will send audio signals to the speakers, but they will fail to output the audio.

Breaks in Cable Connection

One of the reasons why your ONN TV may have an audio problem is a break in the cable connection. 

The breakage could be from a connector or a cable connecting the audio output devices. This break will disallow the flow of audio signals, and there will be no audio output.

Faulty Remote

A faulty remote is another reason your TV has audio problems. 

With a faulty remote, you may not be able to increase the output volume of the TV. The remote may fail to connect to the TV, and some functions may not work when it does.

Outdated Software

Outdated software can also contribute to the audio problems with ONN TVs. Therefore, if your TV doesn’t have the latest model, you may need to update the TV software to keep the sound working again.

ONN improves the quality of their TVs every time they release a new series. Hence, your TV can become outdated after using it for some years, and the outdated software can worsen the TV’s audio problems.

How to Fix ONN TV Audio Problems

You can troubleshoot and fix your ONN TV audio problems with the following guide:

Ensure the Remote is Working Well

You should ensure that your Remote controller works perfectly to fix your ONN TV audio problems. If the TV volume is down, you can not increase it with a faulty remote.

Therefore, use another remote to see if there will be any difference.

Adjust the TV Settings and Volume Level

While it is easy to neglect this step, it is also necessary to ensure you try it. 

Turning up the volume from the TV may be all you need to fix the low volume issue. Also, you may need to check the TV sound settings to make sure the audio settings are correct.

Power Cycle the TV

The next tip to fix ONN TV audio problem is to power cycle the TV. It will take care of likely errors in the TV and give it a fresh restart.

See the steps below to power cycle your ONN TV:

  • Put off the TV either with the remote control or with the power button on the TV.
  • Remove the TV from the power source.
  • Unplug the TV components too.
  • Hold on for about 2-3 minutes. The TV will cool off during this period.
  • Reconnect TV components.
  • Plug the TV back into the socket.
  • Switch on the TV.

The power cycle is now complete, and you can check if the audio problem is solved. 

Ensure your Hardware is Damage Free

When hardware like the speaker is faulty, you will not get your TV to output audio.

Therefore, after power cycling your TV, you should be sure your hardware is damage-free and is working well.

If you have damaged hardware, you will need to take it to a technician for repair, or you can replace such hardware.

Reset Your TV

If you are sure the TV hardware is free of damage, the next step is to reset the TV. A factory reset can fix many TV problems, and it may fix this too.

Typically, when you perform a TV reset, it will get rid of likely bugs that can cause issues for your TV. It will set the TV to its default settings at the time of purchase.

However, it is worthy of note that a hard reset of your TV will delete any app you previously downloaded on the TV. It will also erase all information the TV stores, for example, passwords and usernames.

Update the OS of Your TV

By updating the operating system of your TV, you are helping the TV to match the latest operating system available. It will help the TV work more effectively and bypass firmware that can cause a malfunction.

See the steps below to update the operating system of your TV:

  • Press the Home button on your TV remote.
  • From the Home screen, select Settings.
  • Go to the system option and select it.
  • Select System update.
  • Choose check now, and your TV will check for available updates.
  • After the checking is complete, select Update. The TV will download the available updates. It will also install them.
  • Restart the TV when the installation is complete.

Note: You need to have an active internet connection and a functioning remote control to update the TV operating system.

Get External Sound Bars and Speakers

One way to bypass this audio problem in your ONN TV is to get external soundbars and speakers. It is more suitable if it is a hardware problem.

A Soundbar is a speaker system that helps your TV produce high-quality audio. They are mostly preferred to home theaters because they offer more and cost less.

If your TV is still new, but its sound output is too low, it may not be a fault. That may be the best the TV can do. In this case, getting sound bars may be your best bet.

Visit a Technician or Call the Customer Care Center

If none of the steps above works for you, you may need to visit a technician or call the customer care center.

A trained technician will help you examine the problem, and you may need to pay a little sum when he fixes it.

The ONN TV customer care center can be helpful too. You will have an advantage if your TV is still under warranty. However, you have a lot to benefit from even if the TV warranty has become invalid.

Experts will assess your TV to find the cause of the problem and help you fix it.

With a valid warranty, you can get a replacement for your TV if they cannot fix it. You can also get a better TV with a few extra charges.


ONN TV audio problems are common and can make TV watching less exciting. The problem could emanate from a wrong TV setting, software, and hardware failure.

But, you can fix the issues with the steps given in this post. It is advisable to try each step before you resort to visiting a Technician or calling the ONN TV customer care.

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