Best Outdoor TV Covers and Enclosures

Nothing beats spending nights outside by the fire with family and friends. Long summer nights turn into making s’mores and creating memories. For many, the scene and atmosphere outdoors are just as important as the interior of the house.

Though it can be a big investment, lots of families have taken entertainment centers outdoors. There are TV sets that are made specifically for outdoor use but at times they can cost 5x more than a regular TV. You also want to get an outdoor surge proctector.

It is better and easier to invest in a TV cover to protect the TV from dust, dirt and weather conditions. They are very affordable and are quite easy to put on and take off.

It is not hard to find a great and effective TV cover, but here are the 7 best TV covers that we recommend.

  1. Storm Shell SS-44
  2. Easy-Going Outdoor TV Cover
  3. Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover
  4. IC ICLOVER Outdoor TV Cover
  5. KHOMO Gear Outdoor TV Cover
  6. Classis Accessories Veranda
  7. DORPU Outdoor TV Cover

Best Outdoor TV Covers and Enclosures

1. Storm Shell SS-44

This enclosure is a two-piece hard shell that is made out of ABS plastic. It is 46” W x 8” D x 28” H and is best for flat screen TVs that measure 32 inches to 40 inches.

This TV enclosure is durable, waterproof, impact-resistant and UV resistant. It will protect your TV all year round and can be locked in place with a small padlock or a lock of your choice.

The front cover of this enclosure is completely removable. This makes it easy to watch TV outdoors because you won’t need to remove the entire enclosure.

In this package, you will get the front and back cover and a swivel arm mounting bracket. The swivel arm mounting bracket allows you to view the TV from all different angles without being in an uncomfortable position.

2. Easy-Going Outdoor TV Cover

Made out of 300D heavy duty black Oxford fabric, this TV cover is very durable and perfect for long time use. It is waterproof, weatherproof and dustproof.

You will have one less worry with this TV cover because of all the protection it offers. The Easy-Going company has this one TV cover in various different sizes.

Whether you have a 24 inch TV or a 72 inch TV, this cover is available for your TV. It is easy to install. Simply slip the cover over the TV and seal it on the bottom with the Velcro lining.

Since the closing is on the bottom, it gives protection to all sides of the TV. The only downside to this TV cover is that you need to completely remove it in order to watch TV.

A small bonus is the pocket that comes attached to the cover to store away the remote control of the TV!

3. Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover

What mostly sticks out about this TV cover by Garnetics is the color. It is beautiful light gray color and has a nice, clean and sleek look. The look is a bonus because this TV cover will protect your TV to the fullest.

Whether it’s rain, sun or dust, this cover will have your TV in the best conditions. There are different sizes of this cover that are available for TVs that are 22 inches and up to 85 inches diagonally.

It is fairly simple to slip on and off and the Velcro on the bottom keeps the TV nice and clean. This TV cover is compatible with most TV wall mounts and has an extra waterproof pocket to store the remote control of the TV.

4. IC ICLOVER Outdoor Tv Cover

You will not need to remove the whole TV cover to enjoy watching your favorite shows outdoors with this one.

The front of this TV cover can detach along the sides and the bottom. Once detached, you can throw the front flap behind the tv and out of the way.

Underneath this flap is a built-in clear film that’ll let you watch TV without worrying about the exposure of the TV. Thankfully, the clear film will not affect the quality of the content on the TV.

This cover is great for TVs that measure 40 inches to 55 inches. With 360-degree protection, you will not need to worry about rain, snow, leaves or dust affecting your TV.

5. KHOMO Gear Outdoor TV Cover

This TV cover by KHOMO is another beautiful TV cover thanks to its color. It is promoted as a gray cover, but the color is more of a subtle mauve shade.

It provides protection all year long because it has 500x300D high density polyester with high elasticity and a water resistant PVC coating.

These great qualities, and the industrial Velcro, allow it to protect the TV through all weather conditions, and it will even protect against condensation, mold or moisture.

It is compatible with almost every TV wall mount and is available for TVs that measure 22 inches and up to 70 inches.

You do have to completely remove the entire cover in order to watch TV, but it is definitely worth it when compared to the amount of protection this high quality TV cover has to offer.

6. Classic Accessories Veranda Outdoor TV Cover

If you want a simple TV cover, this one by Classic Accessories would do the trick. The fabric is elegant and water resistant, but it was designed to protect the TV only from dust.

The interior of this cover has bound seams for strength, as well as high-density stitching for durability. There are sizes that fit TVs from 32 inches to 60 inches.

The TV cover is fully lined on the inside which protects and prevents the TV from getting scratches. It is also great to add that this TV cover is a part of a whole collection of protection for outdoor furniture by Classic Accessories called Veranda.

You can have all your outdoor furniture matching, looking great and protected from the dust and the sun.

7. DORPU Outdoor TV Cover

This one-size TV cover measures 64” W x 40” H x 5” D and fits TVs that are 65 inches to 72 inches. It is made out of high quality and durable 600D Oxford fabric with Velcro seals at the seams to protect the TV from extreme weather.

Rain, wind and snow will not affect your TV thanks to the high quality of this TV cover. The interior of this cover is soft and smooth and will protect the TV from getting and scratches.

It is compatible with most wall and ceiling mounts and stands. Thankfully, you will not need to remove the entire cover because the front flap of this TV cover can detach from the rest of the cover for easy viewing.

The cover is a light beige color and it helps reflect the light and extreme heat from the screen of the TV to prevent any damage. Additionally, an extra pocket helps keep the remote control safe.

Don’t let the weather and dust to prevent you from having an outdoor entertainment center. With these TV covers, you’ll be able to create memories outdoors with family and friends while watching games, movies and TV shows.

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