3 Ways To Pair JLab Earbuds

There are various ways to pair JLab Earbuds. You can pair your JLab Earbuds with other devices to watch videos and listen to music. If you are pairing your JLab earbuds to different devices for the first time, you should know that the process for JLab earbuds functions with high-quality audio when you use it via Bluetooth. The most popular models of JLab earbuds are JLab Buddies, JLab Go Air, and JLab Neon.

Most JLAB headphones have pairing processes that differ from the others.

For most earbuds, tap and hold the pairing mode for a few seconds to put it in pairing mode. After this, look for the headphone on that device and tap connect to start the connection.

After pairing the device, it will pair automatically, provided they are near each other.

How to pair JLab Neon

JLab Neon is among the most purchased products in the market. It has audio quality, style, and appealing features. It lets you control the play volume, pause, audio, and boycotted tracks via a single button. You can accept calls or reject calls with it. It has a dual-color design, making it stylish.

  • You have to press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.
  • When you switch off the device to pair the earbud, the LED light will turn blue and blink as it searches for available Bluetooth devices.
  • Switch on the Bluetooth of your device (whether car radio, phone, or PC), so it becomes discoverable. When you do this, your JLab Neon should be visible.
  • Tap on JLab Neon in your device and tap connect to start the connection.
  • After this connection, this blinking blue light becomes slow, and you can begin streaming the audio.
  • After pairing successfully, it is unnecessary to repeat the process since the device automatically connects when they are close.

How to pair JLab Buddies Studio earbuds

JLab has the Buddies Studio earbuds, and it has a kind of wired version. If you play games, a microphone lets you listen and talk simultaneously.

It has built-in volume regulators and simple controls for the most efficient audio quality. To link the device to other Bluetooth devices, begin by switching on the Bluetooth of those devices. Make sure the devices are discoverable before you switch on pairing for buddies.

To switch on pairing on JBuddies, tap and hold the two buttons on the headphone’s rear side. Please do it for 7 seconds or till the white light begins flashing. The flashing light shows that headphones are ready to pair with other devices. Look for the JBuddies of your car radio, computer, phone, and tap pair to begin the pairing. Once you pair it, the headphones will start playing. The first connection enables you to connect with others later.

How to pair JLab Air earbuds

The Air series is a much more advanced product from JLab. This series plays better music and is user-friendly.

  • The headphones can connect the same way Jlab Neon does. Tap and hold the power button for up to 10 seconds when the device goes off. Once the blue light blinks, the device is ready to link.
  • Switch on the Bluetooth of the device or smartphone you wish to connect and search for the headphones.
  • You can turn off Bluetooth from your device’s settings.
  • Tap on the JLab Air earbud to begin pairing, and after this, the device begins to play audio. After this initial pairing, you can link the devices every time they are near each another.

How to troubleshoot JLab Earbuds not Pairing

With most headphones from JLab, you will have to tap and hold the power button for up to 10 seconds to start pairing.

After this, the two devices connect automatically, so you won’t have to repeat the pairing process. Nevertheless, there are times the earbuds may not connect. If this is the case, it’s either a problem with the device’s connectivity or the headphone’s Anderson; you have to troubleshoot it.

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