Are Portable CD Players Still Being Made? 3 Best

Portable CD Players appear to be obsolete, but that is not the case as newer versions are available. There are new sets of portable CD Players; these players took cues from the previous models and tried to enhance the functionality, design and durability of the CD players.

For most people who do not know, portable CD players were quite famous two decades ago; people use these players to play and listen to music. They were majorly popular amongst young people.

Surprisingly, it appears that there is a new market for these players as the new generation of music lovers who grew to identify music digitally are now discovering the uniqueness of portable CD players. While on the other hand, the older generation is getting the vibe back off their collections of discs.

Portable CD Player

Portable CD players are a great alternative to MP3 players. They are suitable for users with an extensive collection of music on discs. A portable CD player allows users to listen to their favourite songs on the go. 

Although digital music streaming has almost phased out the need for a portable CD player, some people still derive satisfaction in loading up a CD and basking in the whole moment. 

Unlike before, where the conventional CD players come in different sizes, majorly large sizes, CP players have revolved. These days, portable CD players come in a simple, compact and classy design that offers even better features and accessories than the older models.

The advancement of technology has birth tons of improvements to gadgets. There have been many new tech integrations to fix some of the issues users encountered using portable CD players in the past. 

3 Best Portable CD Players

Below are our top pick three best portable CD players:

1. Gueray Personal CD Player

The Gueray Personal CD Player is an excellent and functional player suitable for people interested in listening to a vast range of CD formats.

Also, it is portable; hence, users can move around with it easily. It is a practical alternative for people who do not want to compromise on sound quality.

Gueray Personal CD Player is relatively affordable, and it offers a high sound quality that is suitable for different audiences.

Gueray Personal CD Player

Features of Gueray Personal CD Player

  • Compatible with CD-R, HDCD, MP3 CD, CA formats
  • Auxiliary compatible with audio devices
  • Rechargeable battery – 12 hours of battery life
  • Lock button
  • Accessories – USB cables, earbud, pouch
  • Variety of optimization options
  • Built-in sound effects
  • 100 seconds of anti-skip protection

Pros of Gueray Personal CD Player

  • Durable battery life
  • Easy USB charging cable
  • Great compatibility
  • Lightweight
  • No external batteries required
  • Portable
  • Great sound quality
  • Affordable 

Cons of Gueray Personal CD Player

  • Poor earbud quality
  • Control buttons are too close to each other
  • No radio

2. Naviskauto Rechargeable Portable CD Player

Naviskauto Rechargeable Portable CD Player is suitable for music lovers who love to take them everywhere they go. This CD player is compact and provides a high-quality sound.

With an exceptional design, this portable CD player is suitable for different audiences and all kinds of music. The setting is customizable and can be used in a car.

Naviskauto Rechargeable Portable CD Player

Features of Naviskauto Rechargeable Portable CD Player

  • Anti-skip
  • Compact design
  • 18-hour playing time
  • 2000mAH battery
  • Large capacity rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with multiple audio formats – CD, MP3, WMA format 
  • Five playback modes – Play in order, Repeat one song, Repeat all songs, Shuffle, Play first 10 seconds of per track

Pros of Naviskauto Rechargeable Portable CD Player

  • Rechargeable
  • Compact size
  • Sound quality
  • Syncs with vehicles
  • Durable battery life

Cons of Naviskauto Rechargeable Portable CD Player

  • Poor sound quality when connected to a vehicle

3. Tenswell Portable CD player

The Tenswell Portable CD player is unique as its design is quite different from others.

This CD player can be mounted on the wall or set on its stand. It is easy to carry and compatible with a vast range of audio formats.

Tenswell Portable CD player

Features of Tenswell Portable CD player

  • Accessories – wall mount and stand
  • Compatible with CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, WWA
  • Built-in USB flash port
  • Remote control
  • A 3.5mm Aux input/output
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Bluetooth HiFi speaker

Pros of Tenswell Portable CD player

  • Portable
  • Ultralight that changes colours as it plays
  • Durable
  • Attractive design

Cons of Tenswell Portable CD player

  • No display 
  • Glitchy sound quality


The best portable CD players available in the market are quite affordable for their price, considering their features and sound quality.

The recommended players above will satisfy users depending on their music choices and range.

Each of the players has its unique features, design, sound quality and price. Hence, users can check out what suits their music range before making a purchase.

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