How to Fix PS5 Controller that Won’t Connect

If your PS5 controller does not connect, your gaming experience can be cut short. A few different things can cause the problem. There may be issues with the controller’s firmware. Alternatively, a fault with the USB-C cable can potentially result in this error.

There could be different explanations for why you encounter this issue with your PS5 system. In light of this, we will reveal a rundown of possible solutions to this problem. Keep reading to find out!

Simple Methods to Fix PS5 Controller Not Working

Fix PS5 Controller Not Working

The relieving part of having to face a faulty PS5 Controller is that there are proven methods you can troubleshoot. These methods include:

Examine USB ports

Before you fret, you should examine your USB ports to ensure they are correctly seated in their sockets. If the port on the controller is shaky, you will probably need to fix the USB ports. You can check the problem by testing other USB ports. Particles of dust can also make your USB port faulty. Properly inspect the port to clean up any underlying dirt.

Reset your PS5 System

Restarting the PlayStation 5 console is sometimes required to solve a PS5 controller that will not connect with the system. You should turn off the PlayStation 5 and leave it unplugged from its power supply for some seconds. After the PS5 has cooled down, you can reconnect it and then power on the console again. 

Reattempt Synchronisation

Before convincing yourself that your PS5 isn’t connecting, you should give the pairing one more try. Sometimes, the controller will return to normal when you try to sync repeatedly. The next step is to turn on your console and attach the Dual Shock Controller to it through the USB cord. Switch on your controller, then unplug the USB cable so you can use it wirelessly. 

Switch to a different USB-C Cable

Verifying that the USB-C cable you are using is in excellent condition is of equal significance as inspecting all the USB ports on the device. Always be sure to make use of the cable that comes with the controller.

If the original cable is unavailable, try using a different USB-C cable capable of transporting data and power in the event. Using the wrong USB-C cable is capable of causing harm, so try to avoid such situations by using an original cable.

Perform a Factory Reset on the Controller

Another method of troubleshooting you should consider is resetting the console to its factory settings. To accomplish this:

Factory Reset PS5 Controller not connecting
  • Take the controller out of its slot on the console. You should examine the rear of your console and examine the small hole.
  • Press the button by using a pin and inserting it into the space.
  • Maintain pressure on it for a few seconds.
  • Resynchronize the controller with your console by pressing the PS button.

Upgrade PlayStation5 Firmware 

Even though your PS5 system automatically checks for upgrades, you still have the option to check for updates manually at any time. Constantly upgrading the PS5 software, regardless of whether or not you are experiencing any issues with it, is a good idea. To check for a new firmware upgrade available for your PS5:

  • Connect to the internet.
  • Visit the Settings menu.
  • Proceed to System.
  • Proceed to the System Software.
  • Proceed to the Settings and System Software Update.
  • Proceed to the Update System Software option.
  • Allow your PlayStation 5 to determine whether an upgrade is available for the system. 
  • Proceed with an update if one is available. When the download begins, you must not power down the system.

Charge PS5 Controller

PS5 controller charger

If the batteries in your PS5 controller are low or dead, the controllers may lose their connection. Leaving your controllers to charge for a few minutes should rectify the situation. If you’re having trouble connecting the controller to your PS5, ensure the console is active and insert the controller into the system. To charge:

  • Insert the USB-A connector into any available port on the back or front of the console labelled as a USB type-A port. After that, you must connect the controller to the USB-C end of the cable.
  • Make sure your PlayStation 5 is turned on and not in the rest mode. You could also set up your console such that it supplies power to the USB ports even while it is in rest mode.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu, and select system. From the sidebar, choose Power Saving. From there, select Features Available in Rest Mode.
  • Choose the Supply Power to USB option.
  • Start charging the controller, then check to see if it can connect to the console and maintain the connection. Even after you have connected the controller to your PS5, you should continue to charge it.

Check the Windows Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Start the Windows Bluetooth troubleshooter if the PS5 controller connected to your computer via Bluetooth keeps disconnecting. The programme can detect and fix connectivity difficulties and replace malfunctioning or out-of-date Bluetooth driver software. Ensure the controller is connected to your computer and run the Bluetooth troubleshooter. To access the troubleshooting menu in Windows 11:

  • Navigate to Settings > System > Troubleshoot.
  • Navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot on your computer if it is running Windows 10.
  • Choose Other troubleshooters.
  • Move the cursor to the ” Other ” option and click the Run button next to Bluetooth.
  • The troubleshooter will scan your personal computer’s Bluetooth capability, after which it will disconnect any Bluetooth devices and fix any problems it detects.
  • To re-establish a connection between your controller and your computer, press the PS button on the controller. Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth & devices and check to see that the status of your controller says “Connected.”

Contact Customer Service Team

Get in touch with the PS5 Controller Support team if you have made every attempt to resolve the controller connection problem. The issue may be a hardware problem. Contact the support team for support in this scenario. You can discuss the following steps to take and get their advice.