3 Ways To Record Cable Tv

Cable TVs are a great entertainment device that every homeowner should have. With cable TV, you have the opportunity to see a wide range of content from sport, movies, programs, and many others when you are home.

However, what happens when you are not home and can’t stay in front of your TV to see your favorite show or movie. This means you will miss your favorite show or movie anytime you are away.

What if you know how to record any content from your cable TV? This sounds like a great idea. You can record your favorite show or movie on your cable TV for future use. This is widely important as it eliminates the chances of missing any of your favorite shows or program. Whether you are home or out, you will always have something to rely upon anytime you return home.

If this sounds like an idea you will like to adopt but you don’t know how to, worry less, we will highlight some ways to record programs on your cable TV.

How To Record Cable Tv

There are several ways or methods through which you can record your television programs. You can adopt the use of some of the new-age technology devices to record contents from your cable TV.

You can also make use of some old methods to record. It is, however, essential to note that you will have different quality output depending on the type of device you use in recording.

1. VHS and VCR

If you want to record programs or movies from your cable TV but don’t want to spend much to achieve that, VCR is the best option. VCR means Videocassette Recorder. It is one of the oldest devices for recording cable TV. Although this device is quite old, it is one of the best, especially for people working under a low budget.

Reasonably, you can get this device for about $30 at most stores. When you purchase the VCR, you will need to get the VHS tapes. The VHS is a video recording tape that serves as a memory space where the recorded content will be stored for future use. This method is a highly reliable and efficient way of recording.

The only downside of this method is that its quality output is relatively low. But you don’t have to worry about that if you just want something that would record your favorite program or movie when you are away. Also, if you are not a big fan of High-Resolution images, you may settle for this method.

2. DVR/TiVo

If you want an upgraded device to record contents from your cable TV, look no further to get DVR or TiVo. These are digital video recorders that are used in a Television broadcast to record content for future purposes. This is very useful if you want to record videos in Higher Definition. With this device, you can record quite a number of programs at different times.

You can use this device to record programs throughout the day. All that’s needed is to search for the movie or program from the list of programmed events for the day. You can have it saved in a hard drive built inside the device. This device can record between 30 to 200 hours of Television programs, depending on the size of the modem you purchase.

3. TV Tuner & PC

The TV Tuner and PC option work almost like the DVR. The video quality of content recorded with the TV Tuner is impressive and top-notch. If you have a TV Tuner card and a computer, you can record your favorite Television program or movies using the computer’s hard drive.

While saving recorded content on the PC’s hard drive, you can record using various media centers programs online. With the Windows Media Center, you can download local Television guides offline.

It would be best if you didn’t mistake the Window Media Center for the famous Windows Media Player on the PC. The Windows Media Center is an online service that allows you to download local television guides offline, enabling your computer to record television programs or movies.


Now you don’t need to constantly run home from work not to miss your favorite movie or program on your cable TV. You can use any of these methods to record and save content then you watch them later when you have the time.