5 Easiest Ways to Record YouTube TV Content

Sometimes we miss out on our favorite programs, movies, and drama series just because of strict working schedules or pending work. For some people, it may not be a big deal, but It’s a dreadful situation for any binge-watcher. And that’s where YouTube TV comes to the rescue.

YouTube TV is a fantastic paid streaming service that offers unlimited worldwide content for your entertainment. The best thing about this service is you can download your favorite TV series, live broadcasts, or any content in just a few steps. 

Without wasting your precious time. Here are the different ways to record content on YouTube TV:

How to record YouTube TV Content on Smart TV

As we all know, a Smart TV is the best way to enjoy content with the finest picture and sound quality. We can say that a YouTube TV subscription with a smart TV is a bonus. 

You have the advantage of enjoying the quality content in your spare time by recording TV series, movies, Live Sports, and upcoming programs. It allows you to download unlimited videos on your smart TV for nine months. 

How to record TV-Series episodes on YouTube TV?

  • Buy the membership or subscription to YouTube TV.
  • Download YouTube TV App on your Smart TV.
  • Open the YouTube TV app and sign in.
  • Search for your favorite TV-Series.
  • Choose the content you want.
  • After that, You’ll see a plus (+) sign in a small black circle on the right side of the video or with a TV series name. Click on it with the help of the remote control. 
  • Wait until the plus sign changes into a checkmark. 
  • Go back to the YouTube TV homepage, click on the library, and you’ll see all downloaded videos here. 

How to record Live Programs on YouTube TV?

To record live programs on YouTube TV follows these steps. 

  • Turn on your Smart TV and open the YouTube TV app.
  • You’ll see the Live option on the homepage next to the home; select it.
  • Now you’ll see all the many live videos, you can select any video from it, or you can also find live content on a specific topic using the search bar. 
  • After selecting the video you want, click on the plus (+) icon. Then wait until the plus icon changes into a checkmark. 

How to record Upcoming Programs on YouTube TV?

An amazing additional feature for YouTube TV users is that you don’t have to manually add all TV shows one by one. When you add any TV series by selecting the plus icon, it’ll automatically record the upcoming episode of the TV show instantly after they are released.  

  • Search a TV series with upcoming episodes you want to record.
  • Choose the TV series you want and click on the plus icon.
  • That’s it. YouTube TV will automatically record the upcoming episodes for you.

How to watch Recorded Videos on YouTube TV?

After reading the entire procedure and different ways to record on YouTube TV, you might be thinking about how you can watch these recorded programs on YouTube TV. 

  • Don’t worry, go to the homepage of YouTube TV and click on Library, which you’ll find on the left side of the Home option. This is where you can watch all recorded programs whenever you want. 

How to Delete Recorded Videos on YouTube TV?

Suppose you have seen all the videos in your library and want to record upcoming videos. You can delete recorded videos from the YouTube TV library by following these steps.

  • Go to Library and select the content you don’t want.
  • After selecting it, you’ll see a checkmark icon below the TV-Series name. 
  • Select it by using the remote control. Now the checkmark sign will change into the plus icon again. It means you’ll never see the upcoming episode of the deleted TV series in the library. 

Note: Whenever you delete any program from your library, it does not mean that the previously recorded program will also delete. The previously registered program will delete automatically after nine months.