How to Reset a Samsung TV: 5 Solutions

Sometimes, a factory reset could be the only choice that you have to restore your Samsung television to a great working condition. There are some problems that your Samsung television will develop over time and that will require that you reset the entire system and start all over again.

Another reason why resetting the Samsung television should be considered is to sell the tv or to gift someone else.

Resetting a television will result in the loss of all the pieces of information that have been stored on the television since you started using it. This is why it is expedient that you only consider a reset only when it is the last resort.

One great feature about Samsung televisions is that even if there are some minor problems, there are many ways to solve them without a factory reset. Instead of doing the factory reset, you can simply do the Soft Reset of the television system. These will be explained in this article.

How to Reset Your Samsung Smart TV

If resetting the television is your last choice as a user, there are several ways to do that. Follow these simple methods to reset your Samsung Television.

1. How to do Soft Reset on Samsung Tv

Not all Samsung Smart television problem needs a factory reset, you can simply perform a soft reset, and you will still get the issue resolved. Before you consider using the factory reset, try out the soft reset using the following steps:

Step One

Soft Reset Samsung Tv

Grab the television remote, press and hold the power button. Wait for the system to go off.

Step Two

Wait for 30 seconds to one minute before you press the power button again to restart the television.

The soft reset will not alter any setting on the television. The only thing that may be affected is the recent activity running on the tv before you reset. This simple procedure will solve quite a number of problems on television.

However, if this doesn’t work, you should consider doing the hard reset.

2. How to do Hard Reset on Samsung TV

There are two ways to do the hard reset on Samsung television. You can reset your Samsung television through the normal means and it can be reset using the Service Menu.

Step One
Grab your tv remote and click on the menu bar. Scroll down to Settings and click on it.

Samsung TV reset

Step Two

Once the settings option comes up, click on General. After this, click on Reset.

Support on Samsung smart TV
Some TVS Use Support Instead of General.
Self Diagnosis on Samsung smart TV
Go to Self Diagnosis.
Reset on Samsung smart TV

Step Three
The television will request your PIN. Usually, the PIN is 0000. Supply this PIN in the space allocated for it and click on Reset. The essence of this Pin is to ensure that children are not controlling the remote. The television will want to know if it was you that want to Reset the system.q

Step Four
To complete this process, click on the OK button. Give the system some time to run. The television will reboot automatically. After some time, the television will come again and require a setup like you did the first time you bought it.

Reset Samsung Television Using Service Menu

Step One

Press the power button to put the television on standby mode.

Step Two

You have to press the following buttons quickly, press the Mute button, press 1&2, then the Power button. After pressing those keys, your screen should display some options.

Buttons on Samsung smart TV remote

Step Three

Navigate the options on the screen with your remote. Click on Reset and press Enter. The television will go off immediately and commence the reset process. By the time the tv is coming up again, the system would have been formatted.

One peculiar thing about using Service Menu for reset is that it can work on all Samsung televisions. However, be ready to lose some files and settings on the tv.

It is vital to note that not all problems on the Samsung television require a factory reset. The television is designed with self-diagnosis to identify and fix common problems without tampering with the general settings saved on the tv. Some of the problems that can be fixed without reset include,

  • Picture Settings
  • Sound Settings

How to Test Picture Problem

The beauty of every television is the quality picture output projected on its screen. Should anything happen to the picture, the television has lost most of its value.

If you have a problem with pictures on the Samsung television, the first thing you should consider is testing the system to identify the fault.

Interestingly, Samsung television has a Picture Test feature that can help identify any problem associated with pictures on the TV. To perform this test, do the following:

Step One
Open the television settings by clicking on the menu on the remote. Locate the settings and click on it. Click on the Support icon afterward.

Menu on Samsung smart TV remote

Step Two
Click on the Device Care icon. Afterward, select the Self Diagnosis option.

Self Diagnosis on Samsung smart TV

Step Three

You should see the Start Picture Test icon. Click on it to commence the test. Pay attention to the series of programmed responses displayed on the television to the screen to complete the process.

Picture test on Samsung smart TV

If the test shows that everything is fine, that means the problem could be from an external device connected to the television. You can check all devices that are connected to the television. Alternatively, you can use the external device’s user manual to solve the problem.

How to Reset Picture Setting

If you feel the problem has to do with the picture settings, you can reset it by doing the following:

Step One
Go to Settings, click on Picture

Picture mode on Samsung smart TV

Step Two
Click on the Expert Settings icon, afterward select Reset Picture and click on Yes to commence the process

Reset picture on Samsung smart TV

How to Test Sound

Step One
Go to Settings on your Samsung television. Click on Support. After this, click on Device care

Support on Samsung smart TV

Step Two

Click on the Self Diagnosis icon, go to Start Sound Test.

Self Diagnosis on Samsung smart TV

Step Three
If there is still a problem with the Sound Test, click on the YES icon. If no, click on No. The system will direct you to contact Samsung Support for help.

Sound Test on Samsung smart TV

How To Reset Sound Settings on Samsung TV

Step One

Go to television Settings, click on Sound.

Sound on Samsung smart TV

Step Two

Locate Expert Settings, click on Reset Sound. Punch the Yes icon to continue

Reset sound on Samsung smart TV

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