How to Reset a Sanyo TV

Modern Sanyo Smart TV sets are known to share the same heritage of durability, reliability, and television screen display quality with their earlier models. Although they’re not categorized among the Big 5 First Choice Smart TV brands of the 21st century, you can think of them as a worthy option you can fall back on and still get the same picture and sound quality you’d expect.

Sanyo Roku TV

Resetting a Smart TV is a practice you’ll learn to get accustomed to, especially in resolving certain TV runtime issues as quickly as possible. Due to the ever-growing evolution of modern technology, it’s no wonder you may be having difficulties restarting your Sanyo Smart TV. Read on to find out the easiest ways you can reset a Sanyo Smart TV in less than two minutes.

How to Restore Sanyo Smart TV to Factory Settings without Remote Control

Sometimes, to achieve success in troubleshooting your Sanyo Smart TV, a device reset might be required. A system reset is the most effective way of getting rid of corrupted app data files and cookies that may have infected the Smart TV. This may lead to glitches in its operation.

You need to be careful though and ensure you’ve properly created backups of your private media files and personal data. This is because once the factory reset is completed, your Smart TV will be restored to its original state, with all previous settings and files completely wiped off.

  • To begin your manual or factory reset, first locate the factory reset button on the back of your Sanyo Smart TV. Turn the TV around with the back facing you.
  • Try to identify the hard reset button on the right side of the back panel, just beside your input ports. The hard reset button is a tiny little button right under the digital input port.
  • Once you’ve found the button, turn the TV on; then press and hold the Hard reset button for about ten to fifteen seconds, until the TV screen flashes and the Sanyo logo appears. It’s easier to know when this happens immediately if you have the TV facing a mirror during the process. I always encourage the use of a pointed pen or any pointy object to help press and hold the button.
  • After the Sanyo logo comes on, remove your hand from the button immediately and begin setting up your Sanyo Smart TV. With this, your Smart TV is as good as new, and all previous runtime issues would have been resolved successfully.

Restarting a Sanyo Smart TV using a Remote Control

  • First, turn off the TV and unplug the power cable from the mains socket; after 2-5 minutes, you can reinsert it back and turn on the TV by holding down the Power button on the remote until the TV comes on.
  • Next, identify the Reset button on the remote control sitting right beside the Power button; tap the reset button twice and watch your TV screen turn blank. Wait a few seconds as the TV resets itself and turns back on. With that, your Sanyo TV will be successfully restarted and hopefully, the issue is resolved. But if it does not work, you can proceed with the other more detailed alternative ways to reset a Sanyo Smart TV.

How to Hard-Reset Sanyo TV using Remote Control

Your Sanyo Smart TV Remote Control allows you to perform a Hard-Reset on your Sanyo TV, either completely or selectively. Tap on the Home button on the remote and select Setup from the options.

  • Toggle the remote to the Restore Default Settings tab and hit select on the remote.

Here, you have two factory reset options. You can either choose to reset only the AV settings or Reset all settings.

  • Choose Reset AV Settings if you wish to restore the settings for Sound and Picture display back to their default parameters; this does not alter your favorite channels’ settings and preferences.
  • But if you wish to restore all settings to their factory settings, select Reset All Settings. This completely wipes out all previous sound, display, and channel settings on the TV back to their default options.

If you also want to perform a complete factory reset troubleshoot on your Sanyo Smart TV, then you should Reset your Network Settings as well. Usually, you’ll have to do this manually.

Resetting Sanyo TV Network Settings

  • Using your remote control, and with your Sanyo Smart TV turned on, tap on the Home button and toggle the Setup menu
  • Scroll down to the Network Settings icon and hit Select on your remote
  • Now, go to the Reset Network Settings option and hit OK. All you have to do is wait a few seconds as your saved network parameters are deleted. Once completed, you can enter your updated network settings and save them.

We hope with these simple steps, you can regain control of your Sanyo TV. Let us know if you run into any complications or have any inquiries in the comments section.