Reset Your Vizio TV in Two Easy Steps – Learn How to Get Your TV Working Again

Why would you want to perform a factory reset on your Vizio Smart TV, considering the numerous features that can be enjoyed on the television? We can think of some reasons.

The features that can be enjoyed on Vizio Smart television are limitless. Besides the fantastic giant design, users can also stream from services like Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and many others. As if those aren’t enough, users with an excellent penchant for online games have access to browse the net and play their favorite games.

All these and many more features not mentioned are what to expect and enjoy on Vizio Smart television. However, there is nothing that is entirely good. Technical issues are almost unavoidable with this type of television. In some cases, you will need to reset the tv to resolve the problem.

Besides technical issues, some other reasons why you would consider resetting your Vizio television might include wanting to sell it, gifting it someone, or simply returning the tv to its default settings.

How to Reset Vizio TV

If you find yourself in any of the situations above, there are two ways to perform the television reset. You can either do the Soft reset or the Hard reset, depending on what you want to achieve.

1. How to do a Soft Factory Reset on Vizio TV

The soft factory reset should be the first thing to do when the television is acting up. This type of reset doesn’t completely restore the device to default; it only helps solve recent problems that may be affecting the adequate functionality of the television. To perform the soft factory reset, follow the steps below:

Step One

Switch off the television and unplug it from the light. This is because most technical issues that affect the overall performance of the tv are usually caused by information overload on the television.

Switching off the television means you are done for the day and like to take a break. Whatever you were doing before the shutdown will be completely wiped out.

Step Two

Relax for 30 secs to one minute. This process is quite similar to that of a phone when it is being restarted. This allows the operating system to rest a bit and solve all minor problems.

Step Three

Turn on the television again and restart the activity you were doing before. By now, the system should be in good shape to function well.

However, if that doesn’t solve the problem or what you want is a complete restoration back to the default setting, your best bet is to do the Hard factory reset.

2. How to do a Hard Factory Reset on Vizio

You must not do the hard factory reset if you are not ready to lose all the settings and configurations on your television.

It is important to note that this process will restore your television to the default settings that came with it when it was newly bought. Also, all temporary files and downloaded applications will be deleted entirely.

If all the aforementioned sounds like a risk you are willing to bear, follow this simple process below to get it done.

Step One

The first thing to do is to unplug the router from power. The router is a hardware device that helps you connect your television to the internet. Unplug it first from power. This will leave your television unconnected to the internet.

Step Two

After disconnecting the television from the Internet, grab your remote, locate the menu button and click on it to begin the process.

Vizio smart tv remote

Step Three

After clicking the menu button, go to system and click on Reset and Admin

Reset Vizio TV

Step Four

At this stage, locate the Reset TV to Factory Defaults option. Just before you click on the Reset TV option, ensure you confirm that you are ready to lose all the files and settings on your television. If you are not prepared to take this risk, you can still stop.

Step Five

Supply the parental lock code and click on Reset and OK. The television will request your parental lock code. This is to ascertain that this process was not started by mistake. After the parental lock code has been supplied, click on Reset and OK. Usually, the parental lock code is 0000.

Step Six

Relax for a moment. Once you input the parental lock code and click on Reset and Ok, the television will turn off. At this stage, the factory reset process has begun.

You will have to exercise patience to allow the system to complete the process that has started. Once the process has been completed, the television will turn on again.

This time, it will bring up the interface you saw the first day you turned it on after the purchase. This means the system has been reset to default.

Step Seven

Plug the router back to the power source and connect your television to the internet to do the set-up process. You can then set up and download apps on your Vizio tv.


There is no reason to consider factory reset of your smart Vizio TV except for the following reasons:

  • It has developed some technical problems
  • You want to gift someone
  • You want to sell it.

There are some instances that you don’t even need to reset it if you want to gift someone. In all, we believe the best reason why every smart TV owner should do a factory reset would be to solve some technical problems.