How To Restart Samsung Smart TV

Most smart devices come with exceptional features. Some features are exclusive to specific devices, while others are general. The same can be said about issues most smart device users encounter.

Some issues can be fixed easily with a simple restart, while for others, you will need a technician to evaluate and fix the problem. The Samsung Smart TV is not an exception; some issues your smart TV might encounter will need you to either restart your TV or do a factory reset.

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung smart TVs comes with tons of setting, most times, these setting can get a bit complicated if one is not careful. However, if you encounter an error or an issue with your TV, you can restart the device. Hence, understanding how your TV works and how to navigate the interface will aid you in this process.

There are times when your Smart TV will stop working or be displaying an error message. Most times, simply powering off and powering it back on will resolves the issue. However, if it doesn’t, you will need to try other methods.

Luckily, Samsung offers tons of solutions within the TV to clear and fix less complicated errors. Generally, restarting your TV set should be the last option after trying every other hack.

How to Initiate Individual Reset

Samsung is among the prominent brands that offer swift and practical support and solutions to user’s complaints. So, if you do not want to lose all your customized setting and the issue with your TV does not require a wholesome factory reset, you can initiate an individual reset.

Suppose the issue with your TV is an internet connection and Smart Hub issues; you can do a reset without affecting the entire TV. To do this, navigate to the Reset Smart Hub Option located in the Self Diagnosis Sub-Menu. As mentioned, this Reset will not affect the entire TV; however, it will delete any linked account on the TV.

You can initiate an individual reset by selecting either Picture or Sound on the Settings Menu. Then proceed to select the Reset option under the Expert Setting Menu.

How to Carry Out a TV Self Diagnosis

Generally, Samsung advises users to carry out a device evaluation to determine the exact cause of the error and recommend a possible solution. On Samsung’s support page, it is recommended that users go over the TV’s self-diagnosis tool before initiating a device restart.

To access the self-diagnosis page:

  • Open the TV setting menu
  • Select the Support Option
  • On that page, select the Device Care option
  • Then proceed to the Self Diagnosis Sub-Menu

On the Self Diagnosis Sub-Menu, you will have access to several tests. These tests will help you determine the issue your TV set is having and, in some cases, fix the issues.

How to Restart Samsung Smart TV

As stated above, if none of the hacks and tets were unable to resolve the issue your TV set is encountering, then you might need to Restart your TV.

For some Samsung TV models, restarting your TV set might be a hassle, while it is a simple process for others. However, regardless of what model of Samsung TV you are using, below are two ways you can use to restart your Samsung Smart TV.

Below are steps to take to restart your TV if you are using a newer Samsung TV model;

  • Power On your TV
  • Press the menu or home button on  your Remote
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Find the Support option, then click on it
  • Navigate to Self Diagnostic, click on it
  • Then click on Reset
  • Enter your code if you’ve changed it from the default; if not, enter 0000 or 1111
  • Then press Yes to confirm

Restarting an Older Samsung TV Model

However, if you are using older Samsung TV models, restarting your TV is a bit different. Below is how to go about it:

  • Power on the TV
  • Press and hold the Exit button on the TV remote
  • Long hold for about 12 seconds
  • Ensure that the standby light is blinking all through the 12 seconds without interruption
  • A factory reset prompt will pop on your display screen
  • Select OK to proceed to reset the TV
  • Once the reset process is complete, the TV will power off automatically.

Unlike the newer Samsung TV models, you do not need a passcode to complete a Factory Reset process on an older model Samsung TV.


Restarting your Samsung Smart TV is a hassle-free process. You can find the Reset option at the bottom of the General menu, beneath the Settings Menu. Note that you will be prompted to input a Passcode to finalize the Reset Process.

In addition, Restarting your TV will delete any customized settings you have made to the TV. The TV will power on with the default settings that came with it when you purchased it.

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