How to Locate the Power Button on TCL Roku TV

Why is it so difficult to locate the power button on a TCL Roku TV? Roku TV manufacturers cover the power button for aesthetics, minimalism, and to reduce overuse of these buttons to navigate menus.


This is true of a variety of smart televisions, not just Roku. This isn’t to say that you can’t use these buttons for navigation when the situation calls for it, like losing your remote control or a remote control that just won’t work.

Modern TV power buttons are cleverly disguised to the point that you might miss them entirely or even think that your TV has some manufacturer’s defect. We understand that your patience is wearing thin, so let’s get started!

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A TCL Roku TV would usually have the power button under the TV power indicator light, right under the TCL logo in the bottom middle of your TV. There are usually three other buttons under the light too alongside the power button depending on the make of your TCL Roku.

Where is the Power Button on TCL Roku TV

Don’t get flustered yet just if you still can’t ‘see’ the Roku tv power button. As we said, modern tv power buttons are very cleverly hidden. With the Roku TV, you’ll need to feel under the TCL logo area to find something that looks like a white, transparent panel.

TCL Roku TV Power Button

The TCL Roku power button looks nothing like a regular TV power button but once you find it you can’t miss it ever again…or so we think.

If you’re still unable to find your TCL Roku power button, watch this helpful video!

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