4 Ways To Use Roku TV Without Remote And Wifi

It’s good to use a Roku device to stream your favorite movies on your TV, and it has more streaming apps than the majority of other devices. One of the most frustrating aspects of using Roku on television is misplacing your remote control or not having WiFi, a typical case of double trouble.

Let’s say you lost your remote control and suddenly, your TV got disconnected from the WiFi, what can you do?

How to Connect your Roku Device to WiFi Without a Remote

Nearly all Roku devices use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. This usually works perfectly, but things might get complicated if you don’t have the remote and need to connect to a different WiFi network.

Download the Roku app on your smartphone or tablet to use your Roku device without a remote. Connect the app-enabled device to the same WiFi network as your Roku. On the app, click Devices and tap the remote icon.

You must link your Roku device to the same WiFi network as your smartphone for these instructions to work.

  • From the Google Play Store or the App Store, download and install the Roku app on your phone.
  • Open the app and follow the directions on the screen. If this is your first time using the Roku app, you will be required to accept the terms and conditions and complete a brief tutorial.
  • Select Devices from the drop-down menu. You can find this at the bottom of your screen. If you’re using the app for the first time, you’ll need to hit OK to enable it to discover your Roku devices.
  • After that, choose your Roku device.
  • Tap on the Remote icon.
  • Finally, you can operate your TV with the app’s remote.

How to Use Roku Without WiFi

How to Use Roku Without WiFi

Although Roku’s basic operation is to stream movies and TV shows via the internet, you can use it without the internet, depending on your preferences.

If you don’t have access to a WiFi network, you can still watch videos on your Roku by using one of the techniques listed below:

1. Download Content From Streaming Apps For Offline Use

Streaming services allow you to watch online content while downloading it for offline viewing. By selecting a title and pressing the Download button on the title screen, you can download offline material to your device or an external storage device if your Roku device has enough memory.

2. Download Videos on Your Phone and Use Screen Mirroring

Popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video only provide offline content watching on mobile devices. Although these providers do not offer streaming devices with similar capabilities, you can still use them to watch offline material on your Roku.

You may download movies and TV shows from Hulu, Amazon Prime View, and Netflix on your smartphones instead of streaming them online and then playing them later by mirroring your smartphone screen onto your Roku device..

  • Choose a title from your phone’s streaming app and hit the Download option to save the material to your phone.
  • Enable screen mirroring to link your Roku to your smartphone where you downloaded the offline material.
  • After setting up screen mirroring, go to the streaming app, download the selected title, and play it.
  • The Roku will play the downloaded content.

3. Using an SD Card to Store Offline Content

A micro SD card slot is available on some Roku players. You can use a micro SD card to expand the internal memory of a Roku and store extra data from channels and games. However, unlike using a USB storage device, you cannot immediately load movies and TV episodes from the SD card.

On the other hand, you can use this SD card to save additional data from downloading content. You can do so by formatting a micro SD card and plugging it into a compatible Roku player.


Check out how to replace your Roku remote if you still have it, but it isn’t working.


Is it possible to connect your Roku to a different Wi-Fi network without using the physical Roku remote?

Set up the Roku app on your phone to connect your Roku to WiFi without a remote. After connecting the Roku app to your Roku device, you may use your phone as a virtual remote. To achieve this, you must link your Roku to a WiFi network. You’ll need an actual remote if you don’t have one.

How can I pair my phone with my TV?

You can pair your phone with the TV after installing the companion app.

Ensure that you connect both devices to the same network.


Do you have a Roku device that doesn’t have a remote or a WiFi connection?
If so, did the strategies listed above help you get the most out of your Roku player? Did you find an alternative solution?

Please let others know in the comments section below.

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