How to Rotate Videos in VLC

One of the best features of VLC players is their no-ad policy, their beautiful interface, and their ability to play various video formats. It also allows users to convert videos or stream them online. However, the feature that stands out is the “Rotate Video” feature, which allows users to rotate videos while playing them.

From your VLC player, you can flip, rotate, and even transpose based on your preference. You can rotate the video 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 270 degrees clockwise. Or you can make the rotation by arbitral angles like 1 degree, 27 degrees, etc. You can also flip a video vertically and horizontally.

You will be surprised at the flexibility that VLC affords its users.

How to Temporarily Rotate Videos in VLC

In many ways, VLC gives users the liberty to customize a video differently, including rotating it within the VLC player itself. It is not permanent when you rotate a video; it is just a good way of showing what the video would look like if you rotated it.

Once you open your VLC player on the menu, go to Tools next to Effects and Filters, or you can use the shortcut by pressing CTRL + E. Once you are in the “Adjustments and Effects,” click on the “Video Effects” tab and Scroll to the sub-tab of the video effect that states “Geometry.” You will see a text captioned “Transform.” in the checkbox in this section. Click on it. You will see the following: 

Select “Flip vertically” or “Flip horizontally” to flip in either direction when clicking on the drop-down menu.

Other Ways You Can Rotate a Video on VLC

VLC Video Player gives users lots of options to rotate a video. Because we all have our different preferences, some options are easier to get the perfect angle than others:

Rotate by Fixed Angle

Click on “Transform.” You can rotate to your taste between 90, 180, and 270 degrees, and you can select from the drop-down of your transform button; it’s as simple as that.


Another way to rotate is by clicking on either “Anti-transpose” or “Transpose” from the drop-down menu, and the video will flip and rotate. Transpose will help you rotate your video 270 degrees clockwise and flip it horizontally.

On the other hand, anti-transpose will help flip horizontally and rotate the video by 90 degrees clockwise, depending on how you want it.

Rotate by a Certain Angle

You will see a text that says, “Rotate.” Turn it to the angle dialer around. The video will rotate to a certain arbitrary degree.

The rotation settings listed above are not permanent. However, it will remain the same way when you go to a new video. You need to go over the settings again to uncheck the boxes and disable the rotation.

Some Reasons to Rotate a Video

There are different reasons why people will want to rotate videos; they include:

  • Adjusting a video facing the wrong way or angle: For instance, if it is a homemade video and the person behind the camera rotates the camera wrongly while taking the video, you can watch it in a regular format by rotating it back. 
  • You can be creative about your viewing experience by rotating it to a certain angle. 
  • Using the settings to make the video a portrait and cover the entire widescreen: If its height is more significant than its width, black areas will be displayed on the right and left sides. In this situation, rotating the video by 270 degrees and 90 degrees will help fill the whole screen with more width than height.

Final Thoughts

The above information is all you need to know about rotating a video on your VLC player. However, you should know that users have complained that rotating videos do not work on specific versions.

The steps above worked fine when we used the latest VLC version. If you have issues rotating a video on your VLC player, try upgrading to the latest version.