RTX 2070 Super: A Worthwhile Upgrade or Not?

The RTX 2070 Super is relatively new to the market, and since its launch, it has enjoyed reasonably positive reviews. Its introduction into the graphics card market is to fill the loopholes of the 2060 Super version. Answering the question asked overhead is a little technical because we have our individual preferences for graphics cards.

Is RTX 2070 Super Worth It?

RTX 2070

From an expert’s point of view, the RTX 2070 Super has not disappointed.

The RTX 2070 Super, RX 5700 XT, and RX 5700 XT are arguably the best graphics cards in the industry, and they remain significant to date.

Some experts claim that the RTX 2070 is not as fast as the 5700 XT and is $50 less expensive. This assertion has opened the debate, “Is the RTX 2070 Super worth it?”

A quick test on the RTX 2070 Super shows that it is better than the TU104 GPU; it has more cores and performance. On the downside, it is pretty expensive, starting at $499.

From a neutral point of view, the RTX 2070 Super uses the same Turing architecture as the regular RTX cards. What makes it stand out is the additional higher clock speeds and CUDA cores that make it faster than others.

Features of The RTX 2070

Features of The RTX 2070

The manufacturers built the RTX 2070 Super on an utterly new architecture, and instead, it makes the existing Nvidia Turing architecture more accessible. It uses the existing Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070’s 2,304 CUDA cores and raised it to 2,560. That’s not all; it has higher clocks with a 1,770MHz boost clock.

Based on a test we carried out, we can say that the RTX 2070 Super offers more Tensor and RT Cores than its predecessors. It also enjoys a better ray-tracing performance with 7 Giga Rays, and these improvements offer better performance. However, it consumes more power at 215 Watts.

The only similarity between the RTX 2070 Super and the previous version is the memory size of 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM.

The RTX 2070 in use

The design is also not overly different from previous Nvidia Turing Founders Edition cards. If you look closely, you will notice a chrome design just beneath the logo; this gives it a prettier and shiny look. The looks of cards, of course, are insignificant because they are always within the computer’s case, but it’s still an excellent detail.

Many people hoped that the RTX 2070 Super would be less heavy. Unfortunately, the manufacturers didn’t do much about its weight forcing the motherboard to add extra PCIe support.

Overall Performance

RTX 2070 GPU

As pointed out earlier, the RTX 2070 Super has a better amount of CUDA cores and increased clock speeds; this makes it a better option than its competitors.

Here’s what we mean: With Metro Exodus, you may be able to run consistently above 70 frames per second (fps), at least for the starting section at 1440p. If you switch on the DLSS and Ray-traced global illumination and turn all graphics options to Ultra, you will still enjoy a smooth gaming experience. 

We experimented with Tomb Raider to see how its pace fares; we also considered how it would improve when DLSS has enabled ray tracing. We noticed a performance improvement; this improvement from the previous version may not be significant, but you’ll see how significant the RTX 2070 Super is with original cards.

To directly answer the question: Is the RTX 2070 Super worth it? The answer is yes, especially if placed side by side with original cards; they have impressively improved performance.

RTX 2070 Time spy scores 11,277

For instance, if you play 3DMark FireStrike Ultra, the RTX 2070 Super is way better than its competitors scoring 5,942 vs. 5,532 that most of its competitors offer. Also, testing TimeSpy, RTX 2070 Super scores 11,277 instead of its competitors’ 8,805.

How Does The RTX Compare With Other Graphics Cards?

Although we’re trying not to be too excessive, there are instances where the RTX 2070 Super functions like the RTX 2080.

For instance, the RTX 2070 Super allows users to run Metro Exodus at 4K on Ultra settings. It enjoys between 35 and 38 fps, just like the RTX 2080S.

This graphics card has many unique features, impressive improvements, and benefits.

However, we will still not recommend it for 4K gaming because it may not give you your desired smooth experience. It is an excellent option for 1440p gaming.


  • It offers users a fantastic gaming experience similar to the RTX 2080, which costs $700.
  • This comes with a trimmed-down TU104 processor and a GeForce RTX 2080-sized cooler; this gives users a better operating clock, lower operating temperatures, and slower-spinning fans. 
  • It has a Superb Founders Edition design.


  • It is heavy and consumes lots of power.
  • Despite running 4K, it won’t give users a smooth experience.


You can categorize the RTX 2070 Super under the post-AMD Navi world. One of its strongest competitors is the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, which offers similar features, but the RTX 2070 Super still has an edge.

The team behind this graphics card launched the RTX 2070 Super in October 2018, and within that period, it sold for $499. It also has a Founders Edition that costs $100 more at $599. From afar, you might assume that it is a little bit on the high side compared to the GeForce GTX 1070. However, a thorough review reveals that it offers features proportionate to the price. 

You cannot compare the RTX 2070 Super with RTX 2060, as the former is ultimately a better option for gamers. The RTX 2070 Super is also better than the RTX 2070 even though they have almost the same price tag – both valued at $499.

So, with the RTX 2070, you get more performance at the same price. Don’t forget that you’ll also enjoy its performance with ray-tracing and DLSS. This graphics card is perfect for its price, especially when you consider what it offers.

The RTX 2070 Super has both power and affordable price compared to its predecessor, coupled with better performance; despite its unique features, it comes at a favorable price, making it a significant investment.

You will see many negative reviews associated with this graphics card, mainly due to its inability to play 4K smoothly. Still, this feedback is unfair because, considering its price, it is a fantastic bargain.

While we wish the RTX 2070 Super offers that level of performance, its current offering is still a great bargain.

Final Verdict

The RTX 2070 Super is around $499, making it a very affordable option. It has improved performance, offering a much better value than its competitors. This means that you will be enjoying a better user experience for a pocket-friendly amount; this is a good thing.

Graphics cards like the “Nvidia Turing” came with a lot of optimism; people hoped they offered quality gaming performance. These cards did not meet our expectations, the best we got from these previous cards was a high frame rate within just 1440p, but users can now go beyond that with the RTX 2070 Super.