Best Samsung 55 Inch TV

Samsung TVs have been one of the most prominent brands in the market for a while, and they have not shown any sign of giving up soon. One of the numerous products made by this brand is the impressive Samsung 55 inch TV.

As you may have noticed, the size of a television matters a lot when it comes to viewing quality. Little wonder the popular parlance is the bigger, the better.

Samsung 55 inch is not the biggest size of the television. Several sizes that have been made in recent times are bigger. However, there are so many impressive features that can not be overemphasized with the Samsung 55 inch TVs.

If you have decided on purchasing a Samsung 55 inch TV, this guide will reduce the stress of making a choice on which one to buy. We will highlight some of the best Samsung 55 inch TVs that are available and some of their unique features. We believe this will help you make a better decision.

Some amazing features of Samsung 55 Inch TV

Wide Screen Size

One of the amazing benefits of opting for the Samsung 55 Inch TV is the big screen. The bigger the screen, the better the quality user experience. You don’t want to always stay glued to a particular spot so that you can see the screen. With this product, the screen is large enough for sight from any place you are standing or sitting.

4K Resolution

Most of the Samsung 55 Inch Tvs come in 4K Resolution. With this, you are sure to have a more crystal picture. Whatever content you are viewing on this screen will be top-notch.

Interestingly, some streaming services also support the use of 4K resolution—the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. You can easily playback videos and still watch them in their original quality. You can also play exciting and adventurous video games that support 4K Resolution.

Higher Dynamic Range (HDR)

This is one of the rarest features you would find in most Tvs. Most High definition of Samsung TVs are enhanced with Higher Dynamic Range. This facilitates the TV to playback supported content.

These contents will be displayed with a full range in color, brighter and crystal visuals. It helps produce bright colors during the playback of supported content.

Smart TV

It is important to note that not all users need a smart TV, so not all Samsung, 55 inch TVs, are Smart TVs.

However, for television enthusiasts who always want to get the best user experience, there are many Smart TV made by Samsung with 55 Inch width.

With a Samsung 55 Inch Smart TV, you will not only boast of high-quality images, but you will also have the ability to connect to the internet to get content.

The connection is 100% wireless. You don’t need any cable. You can access streaming sites like Netflix, YouTube, and a host of others with your TV. This allows you to enjoy a full-fledged theatre experience from the comfort of your living room.

We understand that deciding on which Samsung 55 Inch TV to buy can be quite tricky due to the number of products in the market today. We will highlight some of the best that we have reviewed through the information supplied by the manufacturer and actual user reviews.

1. SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Crystal UHD

The Samsung 55-Inch Class Crystal UHD is an excellent collection for your living space. Gone are the days when you had to move closer to the TV set to catch a full glimpse of the visuals it is displaying.

With this collection, you will have a crystal clear image from any angle you are seated. Whether you want to watch the news or you are keen on seeing your favorite show, this 4k UHD will transmit every image into vivid colors and fantastic quality.


  • It has an ultra-fast processor that displays everything you watch in powerful picture quality with its stunning 4k resolution.
  • It is a minimalistic design to bring you closer to the screen from any angle.
  • It has a high High Dynamic Range, which transmits a spectrum of color and visual quality.


  • Long term use can become flimsy
  • You might need a sound bar if you want top-notch sound output

2. SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q70T Series – 4K UHD

If you plan to replace your old Samsung TV, get the SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q70T Series – 4K UHD. The fantastic Samsung product uses a high-end artificial intelligence to transmit all you see on the screen to a stunning 4k resolution.

When you see an action-packed movie on this television set, all scenes and pictures remain smooth and crisp. This is enabled by the impressive Motion RATE 240, which reduces motion blur in fast scenes.

Just when you think things can’t get any better, this product wows you with an ambient mode. This allows it to blend into your space automatically.


  • Quantum Processor 4k
  • Motion Rate 240
  • Ambient Mode
  • Dolby Atmos with and DTS:X
  • Syncs your Q-Series Soundbar speakers with your Samsung QLED TV
  • Alexa Built-in Voice Assistant


  • It is made of an edge-lit backlight system (Q70T) which is low in standard to the full-array system

3. Samsung 55-inch Class Crystal 4K UHD HDR Smart TV

Samsung 55-inch Class Crystal 4K UHD HDR Smart TV is one of the best smart TVs. The constant demand by users for a better TV experience has greatly called for improvement in television quality.

You can connect your internet to this television to have one of the best user experiences.

You would not need to always connect your device with Television before accessing services like Netflix, YouTube, and many others. With this smart TV, you can easily see movies online. It has an ultra-fast crystal processor that transforms everything you watch into stunning 4K.


  • It transforms everything you watch on the screen into stunning 4K
  • MULTI VOICE: Smart TV with Alexa and Bixby.
  • It is Bluetooth enhance, which allows you to connect via Bluetooth to enjoy content without using any cables
  • Amazing sound quality.


  • You might need a sound bar to get quality sound output
  • Typing with remote can be quite difficult

4. Samsung QN55Q900RBFXZA Flat 55-Inch QLED 8K Q900 Smart TV

This is one of the best Samsung 55 inch TV you will see in the market. While other Samsung TVs possess stunning 4K resolution, which guarantees a high-quality image output, the Samsung QN55Q900RBFXZA Flat 55-Inch QLED 8K Q900 Smart TV possesses 8K resolution!

If Crystal stunning 4K could produce such a high-end picture quality, imagine what the output of Crystal 8K would do. Additionally, this product comes with up-firing rear speakers, which deliver quality overhead audio in your space.


  • It possesses a real 8K resolution, which produces full HD pictures.
  • It has a Quantum processor 8K
  • Up-firing rear speakers
  • True 9.1.4ch Sound

5. SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q60T Series – 4K UHD Dual LED 

A combination of smart sound and robust picture quality is the pride of SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q60T Series – 4K UHD Dual LED. It possesses Quantum HDR, making it possible to view images in a range of color and detail, which is quite impossible when using HDTVs.

You would anticipate playing your favorite video game on this amazing crystal screen. The television output is amazingly crystal clear, and the sound production is top-notch. Also, you can connect via Bluetooth connection to listen to or watch your favorite movies without using a cable.


  • Bluetooth connection for connecting without using a cable
  • Optimized sound quality
  • Quality Bass sound
  • Quantum HDR


  • The screen is quite fragile. Any reckless touch can damage it easily
  • Motion artifact is not impressive

6. Samsung QN55Q80RAFXZA Flat 55-Inch QLED 4K Q80 Series Ultra HD Smart TV

The essence of getting a Smart TV is to ensure that it can perform other functions that regular TVs can’t. Samsung QN55Q80RAFXZA Flat 55-Inch QLED 4K Q80 Series Ultra HD Smart TV is one of the Smart TVs produced by Samsung.

Aside from performing all Smart TV functions, it is relatively cheaper than other products that serve almost the same purpose. It operates with a wireless connection.

With this, you don’t need any form of cable before you can connect the TV with any gadget or device you want to use with it. With its 4K QLED screen, you will enjoy a screen that produces dazzling color from all angles.


  • It has a quantum dots which guarantees 100% color volume
  • It offers billions shades of brilliant colors
  • Direct full array backlight 8X
  • Quantum Processor 4K
  • Ultra Viewing Angle

7. Samsung UN55JS7000 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

Having a fantastic home theatre experience in the house would not cost much. That is if you opt for the Samsung JS7000 55-Inch 4K SUHD Smart TV.

It has a tremendous feature of 4K UHD resolution and Nano-crystal technology, which helps produce crystal pictures. It has a unique way of absorbing ambient lights to reduce glare. With this, you can see top-quality images on the screen from any angle.


  • Refresh Rate: 120CMR (Effective)
  • Backlight: LED
  • Smart Functionality: Yes, Built in Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 48.9″ x 28.3″ x 2.5″, TV with stand: 48.9″ x 30.8″ x 12.2″
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 3 USB. Please refer the User Manual before use.


  • Long term use can become difficult


If you have not decided on which Samsung 55 Inch TV to buy, we recommend that you consider the Samsung QN55Q80RAFXZA Flat 55-Inch QLED 4K Q80 Series Ultra HD Smart TV. It offers great features and a fantastic TV experience for a cost that is relatively affordable.

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