How To Use Samsung Smart Switch

Today, we use wireless transmission effortlessly. Instead of going through the painstaking process of transferring data over Bluetooth and spending the next couple of hours or days doing that, you can download and install all your files using an app.

For iOS users, the process is pretty easy as long as you have an iCloud backup. However, the case is the same for Andriod users, especially Samsung device users.

Not to worry, Samsung as a brand offers unique features that make using their gadget easy. One of these features is the Samsung Smart Switch. This article will be reviewing what Samsung Smart Switch is and how to use it.

What is Samsung Smart Switch?

Samsung Smart Switch is a tool developed by Samsung that aids the swift transmission of data.

The application scans for old and new devices and helps you transfer data, including contacts, call logs, media, user account, etc., from your old device to your new Samsung device. This tool is available as a mobile and desktop application, and it features a user-friendly interface.

Once you download and install the app, you can transfer content seamlessly to your new Samsung device. In addition, the Smart Switch app lets you back up vital data from your old device to a MicroSD card or computer.

How to Download and Install Samsung Smart Switch

The process of transferring data between two Samsung devices is pretty straightforward. You can transfer data using a wired connection through a USB cable or wirelessly via a wifi connection.

It is always advisable to back up your data on an external storage device or cloud application before starting the process. Below is a guide on how to download and install Samsung Smart Switch:

  • Connect both devices to Wi-Fi
  • Download and install the updated Samsung Smart app from the Google Play Store or Galaxy store
  • Launch the app on both of your devices
  • Click on Allow on both devices to grant permissions for data access

How to Transfer Data using Samsung Smart Switch App

Once you have successfully installed the smart switch app, you can proceed to transfer your data by following the steps below:

  • Open the Smart Switch app
  • The app will automatically scan for devices with a range
  • On both devices, tap Connect – usually a pop-up prompt
  • Then tap Allow to your old device to establish a connection to your new device
  • On your new device, select Galaxy/Andriod as the type of OS
  • Then click on the Wireless connection option on both devices
  • Once both devices connect successfully, you will see a list of transferable data from your old phone
  • Click on the files you want to cop and tap transfer
  • Tap Receive Data on your new Samsung phone
  • Click on Send Data on your old device
  • Then click on Done once the data you are transferring is complete

How to Transfer Data using Samsung Smart Switch on Desktop

Aside from the mobile application, you can also use the Smart Switch on your Desktop. The desktop version is available for both Windows and macOS. Download and use the app by:

  • Going to the official Samsung website from your desktop browser
  • Download the Smart Switch app for your OS
  • Installing and launching the Smart Switch on your PC
  • Then connect your old device to your PC using a USB data cable
  • Once your device is connected to the PC, you will see a list of data from your old device that can be backed up on your PC
  • Select the items and click on Backup on the desktop app
  • Once the backup process is complete, click on done to disconnect your device from the PC

With the process above, you have successfully backed up your data. Now you can proceed to transfer the data to your new device by:

  • Connecting your new device to your PC using a USB cable
  • Click on Restore and select your backup data to retrieve the latest backup files
  • Select the items you want to restore and click on OK
  • You can safely disconnect your new device once all data transfer is complete


Finally, you can start enjoying your new device. Note that sometimes you might encounter some issues with Smart Switch. It is nothing to worry about as it is most times a minor issue.

Some of the most common issues you might face include functionality, connection, and installation issues. You can troubleshoot these issues by checking your wifi connection, device storage space, or the app’s compatibility with your device.

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