Best Samsung TV Mount

Samsung TV is probably one of the best televisions you could purchase. The picture quality is excellent, giving you super clear HD images preventing glare. The high-tech VA panels grant a better quality color production, brightness, and optimal viewing. Samsung goes for a low to high price range. Whatever the cost, your best bet is to invest in a Samsung TV mount.

Nowadays, it is essential to have a wall mount in your home. The perfect tv mount will change the game of your entertainment experience—a complete transformation of your home.

But, of course, no one wants to purchase an expensive TV and have a faulty wall mount. That would be a disaster! So the best TV mount should be able to secure your Samsung TV in place. But don’t worry, we got your back; let’s take a look at the ten best-selling Samsung TV mounts on Amazon.

Best Samsung TV Mounts

1. Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Mounting type: full motionWeight limit: 132 lbs
VESA: 600X400mmUnit Size: n/a
TV Type: 37-70TV Size: 16-24

If you’re looking to save space and avoid buying unnecessary TV accessories, well: The Mounting Dream TV Mount qualified for the job. It fits 16-24 on Samsung tv. In addition, it will reduce glare due to the low brackets. 

The mount is a top seller on Amazon. Complete steel! The VESA sizes are (600x400mm) and can safely secure the capacity of 132lbs. This mount is an easy fit and will go perfectly in a bedroom. 


  • Affordability


  •  Not versatile enough.
  • It may not be as advertised.

2. Fleximounts TV Wall Mount Bracket

Mounting Type:  Articulating design extendWeight  Limit: 220lbs
VESA: 75x75mm up to 200x200mmUnit Size: n/a
TV Size: 17-42 

Fleximounts TV Wall Mount Bracket will allow your Samsung TV to be positioned perfectly. In addition, the mount can be set up in the bedroom (corner) and living room (center), which will add to a clean space between you and your Samsung TV. 

The Fleximount retracts to ensure your TV stays protected. The mount also extends up to 15.4°. You can see the high quality of a Samsung television up close. For the best fit, Samsung TVs that are around 17 – 42 inches are ideal!

This TV mount is also tiny. It does not take up a lot of space, and it’s perfect if you want the total aesthetic of your Samsung TV and 4k images to highlight your living room. 


●      Underwent a weight loading test 4 times to make sure the mount is sturdy

●      It comes with a 4D HDMI cable

●      Ten-year warranty 


●      The product may have a slight defect: holes are too small

●      You might not get that HDMI cable.

3. Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket Articulating Arms


Mounting TYPE: articulating/ swivel/ full/motion/ tilt rotationTV Size:  16-24
VESA: 200x200mmWeight Limit:  44lbs
Size of Unit: 

Full Motion TV Monitor Wall Mount rotates for tv sizes that are 13-42. VERS (200x200mm) and the maximum weight capacity is 44 lbs. The affordability and easy installation are top-notch.

Types of Samsung TVs to fit on this mount is approximately 13 -42 inch. The mount is very inexpensive and straightforward to put together.

The articulation arms will lockdown on the TV and hold it in place. This tv monitor is perfect for someone that wants a quick and affordable wall mount to secure their tv.

The wall mount moves at 360°. So yes, you will have to bore a couple of holes in the wall. However, the foundation of the wall mount is thin rectangular hardware that’s hardly visible. So a more seamless look.


  • All extra pieces of hardware are sold together
  • Simple step-by-step installation
  • Excellent quality for an affordable price


  • Don’t buy if your Samsung TV is too large. You will not get the full benefits of the wall mount.
  • Installation may be an issue.



Mounting Type: Single Stud Concrete BracketWeight limit: 88lbs  
VESA: 400×400Size of Unit: n/a
TV Size:   26-55 

PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount can extend 19.26 inches. Twist and turn as well. From small to more significant in size, Samsung TVs can fit on the wall mount 26 through 55 inches, to be exact.

The VESA standard is (400x40o) fit and Curved with swivels and LED TV. The weight capacity for PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount is 88lbs. The VESA for this mount is (75x74mm up to 400x400mm). The support mount has a built-in arm retract of 2.3°.

For maximum viewing, shift the arm to your desired point of view. For example, say your home layout is set up where the TV is in the living room, and the dining room is adjacent (left side).

The PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount expands at 6.3°/16. 6° tilt. The people in that dining room will be within full view of your Samsung TV positioned in the living room. This feature solely depends on the size of the Samsung TV.


  • There’s a customer service team available.
  • Sturdy and versatile
  • Easy installation
  •  Excellent quality for low cost


  • It probably requires two people to install this wall mount.
  • When the TV is pushed inward, it tilts right or left.

5. PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion


Mounting Type: Wood stud concrete wallTV Size: 50-90
VESA: 800x400mmWeight Limit: 165lbs
Size of Unit:  n/a 

Samsung TVs that are curved or flat screen can PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion. The TV must be 50 through 90-inch with a 23.64 extension. The Wall mount tilt angle is 15° and goes backward 5°.

The wall mount bracket full motion is perfect for a giant Samsung. The robust steel material provides heavy-duty support to your TV. Although this wall mount is on the pricer-end, it is well worth the money because of the weight capacity.

To prevent glare, tilt the wall mount downward. Then, turn the TV to your liking. The wall mount will add a minimalist vibe to your home.


  • Easy to install may require mounting hardware
  • US customer service based company that will answer all questions


  • It needs another mounting slot.
  • May does not work for 82 inch Samsung Television.

6. Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket Dual


Mounting Type: Articulating/full motion/ swivel/ tilt rotationWeight Limit: 132 lbs
VESA: 200x 100mm600x 400mmUnit Size: n/a
TV Size: 37-70 inches 

The Ultra strong Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket Dual is a reasonable price wall mount. This heavy-duty wall mouth can hold up the heaviest of Samsung TVs. The TV mount is incredibly sturdy and comes with all the hardware.

The VESA patterns are (200x100m up to 600x400mm). Shift and adjust as you please for full viewing. With this mount, your Samsung TV will tilt up at 10° and downward at 10°. With a swivel that turns 60° in both directions. Make adjustments for 3° for better viewing. 


  • Holds tv in place 
  • Great price for the quality.


  • Never install drywall

7. Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket Dual Articulating Arms


Mounting Type: extend, full, motion, swivel, tilt, articulating, rotatingWeight limit: 100 lbs
 VESA: 600x400mmUnit Size : n/a
 TV Size: 42-70 inches 

If you just purchased a large Samsung 4k or 8k tv? Then it would help if you had this universal, heavy-duty Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts TV Bracket. The compatibility of this TV mount is impressive.

The Mounting Dream can hold a SAMSUNG TV up to 42 up to 70 inches. The maximum weight is 100 lbs, and the VESA range is (200x100mm) to the max (600x400mm). With a +5°/ -5° tilt and a 45° swivel. For full panoramic benefits of whatever movie or show you choose to watch with this wall mount.


  • Sturdy and reliable
  • very flexible product


  • Never use on drywall

8. ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount


  Mounting Type: Wall mountWeight limit
  VESA: n/aUnit Size
   TV Size : 30-75 inches 

Moving away from the traditional TV stand could be a daunting task.

The original  ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount makes an easy transition. The TV mount has a simple design yet such a critical job. The three-step setup process for the Do it yourself or (DIY) person.

The echo gear tilting wall mount will secure your Samsung in place and hold it 2.5 inches from the wall. This wall-mount will enhance your TV experiences and make your Samsung television look even more pristine!


  • Fast setup
  • Ensure compatibility
  •  Excepts almost all VESA patterns


  • May not accept more than 50 lbs
  • Unnecessary hardware

9. ECHOGEAR Swivel, Full Motion TV Wall


 Mounting Type: Wall MountUnit Size: n/a
 VESA:  n/aWeight limit: n/a
 TV Size: 32-60 inch 

The excitement of purchasing a brand new Samsung TV is a joyful experience. But no one wants to think about the installment process. Most of us would like to hire an expert, but that is a bit pricey. On the other hand, the new and improved ECHOGEAR.

Full Motion TV Wall Mount is easy to install. A video shows you how to install the mount and the TV if you’re a visual learner and easy-to-follow instruction manual.

The Echogear TV mount is fully functional. Place the versatile TV mount on any wall in your house or apartment. Adjust your Samsung TV by tilting 5° and 15° to the desired position. The articulating arms move smoothly. The TV mount is made out of alloy steel.


  • His cable wires and built cable holders


  • A little pricey
  • It might have a design flaw

10. USX MOUNT Full Motion TV Wall Mount


 Mounting Type: Wall MountWeight limit:  132 lbs
 VESA: 200x 100mm up to 600x400mmUnit Size:
 TV SIZE : 47-84 

USX MOUNT Full Motion has a universal design with a green logo. The flexible wall mount fits 47-inch up to 84-inch television with a maximum size of 132 lbs. The VESA standard is (200 x 100mm up to 600 x 400mm). The articulating arms can move up 5°and 15° back. With a 45° squeal angle, turn the television right or left.

The best part is a helpful video on to show you the setup process. This wall mount allows you the luxury of saving space, and you don’t even need to buy a TV stand.


  •  Video on how to install on Amazon
  • Flexible angles
  • Good quality


  •  Hard to extend out.

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