Fix Samsung TV Not Recognizing HDMI Input 

The Samsung brand has built a reputable name. However, sometimes their TVs can develop some faults, like the Samsung TV not recognizing an HDMI input. 

HDMI ports are for connecting other devices to your TV; when your Samsung TV does not recognize this input, there are various fixes you can try to salvage the situation. So continue reading to see the causes and fixes for a Samsung TV not recognizing an HDMI input.

Why is My Samsung TV Not Recognizing The HDMI Input?

Various reasons could cause Samsung TVs not to recognize HDMI inputs, and some of the most common ones are: 

  • Damaged cables
  • Insufficient power supply
  • Input source issue
  • Outdated firmware

How To Fix Samsung Not Recognizing HDMI Input

One user’s difficulty could be from technical malfunctions, a defective HDMI port, or a damaged HDMI cable; various fixes could correct your Samsung TV not recognizing the HDMI input.

First, take one end of the HDMI cable, disconnect it from the TV, and disconnect the other end from the external device.

Then, reconnect the HDMI cord to the external device.

Connect the contrary end of the line to the TV. 

Note: If you have a Samsung TV model from 2016 or earlier, you must manually pick the relevant source on the TV.

Here are some of them below: 

1. Check The Condition of Your HDMI Cable

If you link your PC to your TV through HDMI, your Samsung TV will not recognize the input if the HDMI cable is bad.

To remedy this situation, you need to check the condition of your HDMI. However, before you can accuse your cable of being faulty and want to check its condition, connect your Samsung TV to another HDMI input. If your device works with another HDMI input, that cable is bad.

Also, plug additional devices into the faulty HDMI port to see if your external device is the source of the problem. If it works, your external device may be the problem.

If it doesn’t work, the issue is with the HDMI cable or the Samsung TV.

2. Update Your Samsung TV

“I’ve completed all the tasks you listed, but my Samsung TV continues to refuse to identify the external device.” 

If this is you, there could be issues with your device; your device’s software may be outdated. Check to see if there is a software update available for your device.

If there is an available update for your device, update the device using the following steps below: 

Step 1: Connect your device to a strong Wi-Fi network. To update your Samsung TV, you need a strong data connection. 

Step 2: Click on the Settings button on your remote and choose Support.

Step 3: Select Software Update, then Update Now. You’ll also see a toggle on/off for Auto Update. 

Note: When your TV starts updating, do not turn it off. 

3. Check the HDMI Source

If your HDMI cable is connected to the wrong source, your Samsung TV will not recognize it. 

How to fix it: 

Ensure that the HDMI cable is connected to the correct source on your TV. 

4. Change HDMI Input Source

If the HDMI cable is connected to the right source, and your Samsung TV still doesn’t recognize it, its input source must be faulty. 

How to fix it: 

To fix this, you need to change your HDMI input source. To change the input source on a Samsung TV, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Select “Source” on the TV remote.

Step 2: Click the HDMI port you’re using and disconnect it.

Step 3: Select a new HDMI source.

Step 4: Connect the HDMI cable to your devices to see if it helps. 

This fix will help to refresh and restart the device’s connection. As a result, it will assist your Samsung TV in recognizing the external device.

5. Reset Your Samsung TV

Soft resetting the Samsung TV is another option for resolving the problem, as it will clean up the device’s system by erasing temporary files (RAM). 

This reset includes any potential flaws or minor issues your TV may have. To soft reset a Samsung TV, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check that the TV is turned on.

Step 2: Unplug the TV from the wall outlet. 

Step 3: Allow for about 30 seconds of resting time.

Step 4: Unplug the TV and turn it on. 

Or you can also use another method: 

Step 1: Press and hold the POWER button on the remote.

Step 2: Change the TV’s input source to allow the external device to function.

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